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The Real Story of a Design Team Which Became the Largest Web Templates Marketplace

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

It all started back in 2004, back then nobody knew what a website template is. Most developers were building websites that looked really awful [by today’s standards].

At that time TemplateMonster was a team of five, we’ve been developing custom websites for people all around the world. Due to our partner, living in the US, we were able to target Western countries. He provided us with clients, and our duty was to make them happy.

Now, I can truly say that TemplateMonster’s success was a mix of luck, perseverance, and professionalism.

Regarding the luck thing, there was a guy on our team who could design not even one, not even two websites a day. He had a collection of DIY design elements which he used to compile website layouts. Comparing to other designers he did it remarkably fast.

This led us to the understanding that this is the product everyone needs. On the early stages, those were PSD templates [do you remember this was 2004], nobody could imagine having an out-of-the-box-fully-functional website template.

After testing this theory, we started producing and selling PSD templates.

The Template Era Has Begun

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

In the next few years we’ve experienced massive growth accompanied by numerous ups and downs, this is where our perseverance has paid off. Our team grew exponentially, so as our product range.

The worst thing that happened to us was the death of Flash. Even though I’m a fan of Apple Inc products, this Flash thing still bugs me. Just because Steve Jobs decided to kill Flash, we and the rest of the world, had to focus our energies on something else.

For us, this meant teaching our team new technology in the shortest time span.

And you know what?

We made it, no matter what!

We’re a team of persistent professionals, if we were miners, we would break that granite formation no matter how deep it was.

For the last years, the most burning question I’m asked is: “How did you manage to grow your Monster?

Well, actually, the credit goes to the whole TemplateMonster team, not just the managing partners. I love analogies, so here’s another one for you.

Do you have a car? I ride BMW, and if someday I lose my mind deciding to take it apart, I’ll get a huge pile of details. So here’s an analogy itself: every working unit is a team member, if you take one out, and will assemble the car without it, it will either fail to start, or some adjacent units will stop working. I love my team, and I can’t imagine TemplateMonster without them.

Let’s Get Back to The Marketplace Thing

Since our first days online we’ve been producing templates on our own and did not want to apply the marketplace business model. No matter how high was our rejection of this, the market forced us to change, and in mid 2016 we’ve begun all the necessary preparations to become a marketplace.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

From now on we’re open to third-party developers, designers, and digital product manufacturers.

Welcome, everyone!

For the first few months, this worked as an invite-only system. We’ve handpicked guys we liked and offered them become vendors on TemplateMonster marketplace. For all of them this news was out-of the blue.

So you could understand how awesome it is to be a vendor on our marketplace. In May we’ve come across some really sleek WordPress themes, a guy from Belarus developed them. Since then he’s selling his templates on our marketplace. In the last few months his total income exceeded 20K, how do you like it?

Some Q&A just to be clear on this marketplace thing

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Q. Are you accepting all digital products?
A. Our marketplace team researches the market and accepts only the most demanded products.

Q. How do you know if some product is good enough?
A. We have a review team that inspects the product’s ins and outs. If it’s a WordPress theme, it will be “taken apart” just to be sure that it works perfectly fine, and can do everything that is described in its documentation.

Q. What’s the cut?
A. Exclusive products [which are sold only on our marketplace] get up to 70% cut from each sale, non-exclusive – 40% cut.

Q. Why TemplateMonster but not ThemeForest or MojoMarketplace?
A. On TemplateMonster marketplace every vendor will get a range of benefits.

  • They can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products, while ThemeForest allows vendors to sell either exclusive or non-exclusive.
  • Our team made it possible to review each digital product in 12 hours on average. More complexed digital products are set to be checked for 1-3 days, ThemeForest will review your product in 2 weeks or even longer.
  • We didn’t set any limitation as for the number of products one can submit for a review, whereas Themeforest allows only one product submission to one category at a time.
  • We have a “Quick Start” thing. It helps vendor earn higher commissions from each sale (up to 70% for exclusive digital products) which is a much faster way comparing to ThemeForest.
  • Vendors can easily interact with our review via ticket system.
  • Vendors can assign more than one category to their digital products from their profile.
  • Payments can be withdrawn via a great number of payment systems, no matter which is the country of residence of a vendor.

In the near future, we’re going to implement a Quality Index system. Basically, it’s a ranking that every vendor will get. This ranking is calculated on the basis of several indicators.

Shortly, we will start accepting digital products from greater number of vendors, and this Quality Index will be a decision-making leverage for our clients.

▪ ▪ ▪

The last thing I would like to say, it that selling your products on TemplateMonster marketplace is your thing if you are sure that your product is the next big thing.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Welcome Aboard!

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