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PromoRepublic Review FT
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PromoRepublic Review – Social Media Management on Autopilot

If you’re looking for a better way of creating social media posts, as well as a tool that can help you schedule your social media content more effectively, then this PromoRepublic review should be of interest.

PromoRepublic not only has support for all the most important social media platforms. but once you’ve signed up, you can begin creating eye-catching posts through the powerful browser-based editor. You can then schedule those posts for publication, through the online calendar system.

You can do a lot more with PromoRepublic than just that. However, this should give you an idea of what this platform is all about. And if you’d like to know more, this PromoRepublic covers the key features, as well as explores the user experience, to help you decide if this is a tool you should be using.

PromoRepublic Quick Overview

PromoRepublic Calendar

Social media marketing is a vast industry. There are lots of tools that have been made to help people promote themselves and their businesses on social media.

So how do you know if PromoRepublic is a service you should be using?

Well, to help you answer that question, this PromoRepublic review will explore some of the best features of this software.

By looking at features like the Smart Posting functionality that lets you schedule your social media content, as well as the graphics editor that helps you create high-quality posts, you’ll know whether this is the tool to help you master social media marketing or not.

Let’s get started…

PromoRepublic Features

As mentioned, in the intro to this PromoRepublic review, this social media marketing platform has been designed to help you create better social media posts and also schedule when they are published.

Whether you’re totally new to social media marketing, or you’d like to become better and more efficient at managing your current marketing efforts, PromoRepublic was built with you in mind.

By enabling you to create more effective social media content, in less time, and then automate when those posts will go live, you can almost put your social media marketing on autopilot.

Here are some of the best features of PromoRepublic that can help you get started with social media marketing or enhance your current workflow.

Smart Posting

Perhaps the key feature of PromoRepublic is the Smart Posting functionality. This part of the tool gives you access to a content calendar. Through this user-friendly interface, you can schedule posts for publication on the supported social media platforms. Not only can you choose which posts to publish and when, but you can also set the posts to be published to multiple pages and groups on the social networks you’re targeting.

Smart Posts

The PromoRepublic Smart Posting feature gives you the ability to set the time and date when the post is published. However, you also have the option of using AI to find the optimal time to publish, based on your audience. This feature can remove a lot of the guesswork out of scheduling your content. Letting the software determine the best time to post can also help you and your team save valuable time. Of course, you can override the AI suggestions at any point. However, if you want to take some of the essential tasks off of your hands, this feature can help.

To make Smart Posting even more valuable, you get insights into the performance of your posts. This can help you optimize your posts and fine-tune when they are published for maximum effect.

You can find out more about the Smart Posting feature on the PromoRepublic website.

Post Ideas Library

Another impressive feature of PromoRepublic is the access to the Posts Ideas library that you get once you’ve signed up.

With PromoRepublic, you can browse a library of over 6,000 ready-to-use templates for your social media posts. As these templates have been produced by the teams of creatives working for PromoRepublic, they should all be designs you can’t find elsewhere.

Not only that but as these designs have all been optimized for the supported social networks, they should increase your chances of getting results from your efforts. Instead of looking for interesting images online, PromoRepublic provides with you a large and growing library of purpose-built content.

Intuitive Graphics Editor

You’re not just limited to using the pre-built templates, though. PromoRepublic also includes an intuitive browser-based graphics editor. Thanks to this, you can easily customize the templates or create your own unique designs from scratch.

Post Editor

The PromoRepublic online editor is very easy to use. Simply click on a post slot on your schedule. You can then start producing a stunning visual display to publish on your connected social media networks. The presets make changing the dimensions of the post very straightforward. Some examples of these presets include Facebook posts, Instagram stories, LinkedIn posts, and Pinterest graphics. Of course, with PromoRepublic you can enter your own custom dimensions to create content for other networks or platforms.

Once you’ve set the dimensions of the post, you can choose a background image from the library of options. Alternatively, you can upload your own content into your own personal library that you can share with your team.

The post ideas feature is really handy as it doesn’t just provide you with a basic template. Instead, you get a fully formed social media post that you can edit to suit your goals. As all the work takes place through an intuitive browser-based editor, everyone should be able to use PromoRepublic to create effective social media content.

If you’ve tried other social media post creation tools, you should be pleasantly surprised by PromoRepublic.

Mentions and Comments Monitoring

One goal of social media marketing is often to start a discussion around your brand. So with that in mind, PromoRepublic has a useful feature that will help you keep on top of comments on your social media posts and mentions of your brand on the various social media platforms.

Thanks to this feature, you can get instant notifications of when this happens. You can then quickly respond to these comments and mentions to continue the discussion or step in to protect your brand.

As you can see, PromoRepublic isn’t just about posting content to social media. It also has features to help you connect with your target audience. If you’ve just been publishing posts to social media and then moving on, PromoRepublic could be the tool to help you engage better with your followers.

A Tool for Freelancers and Agencies

If you’re a freelancer or an agency offering social media marketing services, then PromoRepublic can help you perform better. One way it can do this is by letting you manage all of the social media accounts you control through one PromoRepublic account if you choose the appropriate plan.

You can also invite team members and clients to sign in and view your work. Alternatively, you can all work together through one collaborative dashboard. You can then get their feedback and support when it comes to creating and scheduling their marketing campaigns.


These features make it much easier to show your work and also get feedback as you go. Not only that but by having access to everything through one dashboard certainly makes thing easier to manage. Another nice feature of PromoRepublic is the option you have of white labeling the interface with your own branding. Thanks to this, you can present a much more professional image to your clients.

Support for Multi-Location Brands

If you’re running a franchise or a multi-location business, then PromoRepublic has some features you should find interesting. Not only can the right PromoRepublic plan ensure that all of your teams can access your account, but you can also brand the platform to make it look like a core part of your in-house suite of tools.

Thanks to this, you can coordinate your brand and marketing materials across all of your locations to deliver a cohesive social media marketing strategy. Some features of this aspect of PromoRepublic include the ability to deliver mandatory posts to all of your branches or locations and organize calendars across multiple teams. Those in the head office or the main marketing department also get access to the analytics. This allows them to see how the content has been performing and make any necessary adjustments based on this data.

So if you have multiple products, teams, or branches, but want to control the social media message that’s being put out, PromoRepublic gives you the tools to do so.

PromoRepublic User Experience

As this PromoRepublic review has hopefully demonstrated, this is a powerful tool with lots of useful features. However, PromoRepublic is also very easy to use too. That’s not always the case with these types of services, so it’s great to see that PromoRepublic has put just as much emphasis on usability as they have on features.

To get started, simply create an account, either by signing up for the 14-day trial or choosing a pricing plan.

Connect Account

You can then connect your social media accounts to your new PromoRepublic account. This gives the software the ability to publish content on your profiles. However, you always have control and the final say over what’s published on your accounts.

Create Post

Then it’s simply a case of checking out the calendar and creating some posts to fill the slots. As mentioned earlier in this PromoRepublic review, you get access to a powerful browser-based editor for creating the posts. Thankfully, you’re not left to come up with post ideas from scratch. Instead, PromoRepublic gives you lots of templates, graphics, and other assets to work with. The goal here is to help you to create the right content for your marketing campaigns.

PromoRepublic Editor User Interface

Once you’re done creating some posts, you can schedule them for publication on the connected social media accounts.  This can be done by either choosing the dates and times yourself or letting PromoRepublic select them for you.

Of course, as covered earlier in this PromoRepublic review, you can do a lot more with this service. However, this should give you a quick overview of how easy it is to use. Now let’s see how much it costs to use this timesaving and productivity-boosting tool…

PromoRepublic Pricing Options

PromoRepublic has been built to cater to everyone, from individuals and small agencies to large teams. This is reflected in the pricing plans. The plan you choose not only defines which PromoRepublic features you get access to but also how many users can access your account. Here are the options:

  • Solo: from $9 per month for 3 social profiles.
  • Standard: from $39 per month for 10 social profiles and 1 team member.
  • Professional: from $79 per month for 30 social profiles and 15 team members.
  • Advanced: from $182 per month for a custom amount of social profiles and team members.

It’s also worth mentioning again, that there is a 14-day free trial of PromoRepublic available. Thanks to this, you can try this powerful platform for free, before making a decision on whether to sign up.

More info and the details of exactly what features are included in each plan is on the PromoRepublic pricing page.

PromoRepublic Review Final Thoughts

PromoRepublic is a tool that should appeal to a wide audience.

For one, those who know they should be on social media but aren’t sure how best to go about it will find PromoRepublic hugely beneficial. Also, anyone who doesn’t have time to be active on all the social media networks will find PromoRepublic gives them the ability to do more in much less time.

Then there are those who are offering social media services to others, either in a freelance capacity or as part of an agency. These people too will find PromoRepublic an invaluable tool when it comes to creating premium content, handling multiple accounts, and managing publishing schedules.

Finally, there are those who are running large organizations and need a better system for promoting their branches and locations on social media. PromoRepublic has some great features for this type of user, too.

So to summarize, PromoRepublic is a social media management platform that will help you create eye-catching posts, effectively schedule those posts, and then get insights into how those posts have performed. Of course, PromoRepublic can do lots more than that. But if you want to get more from your social media marketing efforts, PromoRepublic is a tool you should try.

To find out more and sign up for the 14-day free trial, visit the PromoRepublic website now.


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