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postcard mockups
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30 Best Free Postcard Mockups In PSD 2022

We compiled a collection of the best free postcard mockups that are quick and effortless to edit in Photoshop. Thanks to smart object layers, you can swiftly add your designs and have a professional presentation ready in close to no time. Pretty much, drag and drop your artwork, and you are done. For your information, you do not need an advanced design background to make it happen.

In short, anyone can do it!

Moreover, postcards are becoming this unique way of sending messages to your loved ones and even business. To personalize it for each addressee, skip sending emails and send out a postcard. They will surely be surprised. And if you go on a vacation, you are still sending home postcards, love, and good vibes.

Postcard Mockups

This collection of the best postcard mockups is a mix of different shapes and styles. Whether you work as a freelance designer or in a company, you will benefit from these greatly. You can now have a photo-realistic demonstration of your creation quickly and efficiently while maintaining professionalism and seamlessness to the highest degree.

Look at the best postcard mockups you can use for your design today.

Mockup of a Postcard and an Envelope with a Desert Plant

mockup of a postcard and an envelope with a desert plant

Simplicity with a touch of creativity is the winning combination in every situation. This mockup template is all set and ready to push the boundaries even when it comes to presenting your stunning postcard designs, images, quotes, whatever. Why complicate things if you do not have to? Instead, stick to minimalism and put the extra shine on the design you would like to showcase without any distractions. Along with sliding in your image, you can also change the color of the postcard and the envelope separately. Access Placeit now, unlock all the features by creating an account, and you are ready to rock and roll.

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Mockup of Two Postcards on a Wooden Surface

mockup of two postcards on a wooden surface

Your beautiful postcard design needs some extra exposure, and you can give it to it with this stunning mockup. The template features two postcards, one on top of the other. This allows you to either display the front and the back design, or two entirely different ones. And if you decide to go slightly against the grain, you can even use the bottom for an envelope design. Hey, I am trying to help you with all your options. Moreover, you can modify each card individually, with custom designs and colors. Make it pop and create an impressive outcome.

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Vintage Postcard Mockup

vintage postcard mockup

If you are interested in a more vintage-looking postcard mockup, I am sure this one will grab your attention immediately. It is a stunning solution that requires little to no work to improve your artwork and custom color option. Remember that changing the color is unnecessary if you fill the working area of 1000 x 700 px. However, you can play around with different variations, reposition your design, include a paper color of choice and see the outcome immediately. You can also add a graphic or a text/message/call-to-action from within the Placeit platform.

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Close Up of a Pile of Postcards on a Wooden Surface

close up of a pile of postcards on a wooden surface

This traditional postcard mockup offers you two working areas to enrich your creations. The pile of postcards lies on a wooden deck, which makes the overall presentation more enticing. In this case, if you make both the front and the back postcard designs, this is the best way to showcase them. Or if you are setting up two different designs, display them in unison with a killer mockup template. With the included color picker, you can also change the shade of the postcard and even add additional text. Placeit is a platform you should not miss if you need just about any mockup or template you want. Also, the in-browser editing process is kids’ stuff.

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Horizontal Postcard Mockup

horizontal postcard mockup

If a postcard design is what you are currently working on, make a life-like presentation with a mockup. This particular template features a lady holding a postcard horizontally. The mockup allows you to change the background, the sweatshirt, and the postcard. Of course, with the simple one-click upload function, you can easily insert your design and see it in action in a snap of a finger. For your information, the postcard size is 1190 x 850 px. Play around with different options and possibilities and see what works best. And by changing the colors, you can truly create an attention-grabbing exhibition.

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Woman Covering Half Her Face with an A6 Postcard Mockup

woman covering half her face with an a6 postcard mockup

You do not always need to be so serious, professional, instead, keep things fun and engaging. Here is a perfect postcard mockup that offers you to enrich it with your design. This surely is a cool way of showcasing your design, featuring a (smiling) woman covering half of her face with an A6 postcard. For an exciting and realistic presentation, you only need to invest little time for its creation. As far as the Placeit platform goes, you upload your image (1000 x 700 px) and that is it. You can also change the color and if it is just a message or a quote, you would like to share, you can add text in-browser.

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Smiling Woman Pointing at an A6 Postcard Mockup

smiling woman pointing at an a6 postcard mockup

A dope postcard mockup of a smiling woman pointing at your marvelous design. Once you slide in your work, the outcome will be as photo-realistic as possible. Instead of keeping it dull, elevate your presentation with the right mockup and make an immediate difference. With the simplicity of Placeit, all it requires is a click on a button, and you can already see how the final product could look. After uploading your design, you can also reposition it and crop it, if necessary. Moreover, you can also play around with different postcard colors and add a text overlay.

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Mockup of a Postcard on a Round Marble Table

mockup of a postcard on a round marble table

A postcard mockup is on a round marble table if you want to keep things more basic, yet still with a distinct vibe. The blend of shades and sunlight makes this presentation appealing to the eye. However, once you attach your design, the template instantly levels up. Regardless of the main purpose of creating a postcard design, employ this marvelous mockup template and see how it would appear in reality. With a simple click on the upload button, you can now craft all sorts of different variations, which help you pick the right one effortlessly.

More info / Download

Real Estate Business Postcard

free realestate service postcard template

If you work with a real estate company, coming up with the perfect design for their postcards, this is the mockup you will want to use. No need to look elsewhere when you have it all here, ready for you to download for free. This mockup includes both an envelope and a stack of postcards with customizable areas via smart objects. You will see how simple it is to change the texts and the current artwork with your version. With no effort, you can have several variations prepared for the client to see how the final, printed version would look like.

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Folded Postcard PSD Mockup for Free

Folded Postcard PSD Mockup for Free

You can find high-quality and most effective marketing strategies for your business to shine on the market. However, not all schemes are cost-effective. So, you can do thorough research that will aid you with your journey. Luckily, a postcard is a cost-effective form of marketing that you can opt for your brand awareness campaign. Here’s a Folded Postcard PSD Mockup that you can download for free. It features two folded postcards displaying the font and back designs. It comes with smart objects to insert your designs on both sides. If you’d like to edit the background to your preferences, you may always do so very easily and quick. What’s more? This mockup also filters the scene using different photo filter styles it offers. All of the elements are placed on separate objects so you have the chance to edit each one.

More info / Download

Postcard Design PSD Mockups

Postcard Design PSD Mockups

Do you consider postcard as an effective tool for your marketing campaign? If you do then postcard mockups will be a useful tool for you! Here are Postcard Design PSD Mockups to guide you in your next postcard project. This free mockup comes with 2 useful and practical PSD files of postcards – the front view and the perspective view. You can use this for the front and back design presentation. This mockup has smart object layers, it’s easier for you to integrate your design into the scene and let it exhibit your brand. As this free mockup is fully layered, you can move or reposition the postcards according to your liking. You may also edit the background color to suit your style and remove or retain the texture for a more attractive design.

More info / Download

Colorful Postcard Mockup

Colorful Postcard Mockup

Postcards are not only useful for travels, for thanking someone but is also ideal to businesses. With such business scheme, you’ll have a cost-effective tool to utilize. If you’re planning to use it for your business soon, check out this Colorful Postcard Mockup. It’s a free mockup that lets you refine your postcard designs without difficulties. Each element of the mockup is placed on separate layers to be edited separately. You can now slide in your designs in front and back using the smart object layers and evaluate clearly. This mockup lets you move or reposition the postcards in the style you want. If you wish to modify the scene’s background, you may always do so without difficulty.

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Pretty Looking Free Greeting Card PSD Mockup

Pretty Looking Free Greeting Card PSD Mockup

Sometimes postcards can be a perfect medium for sending greeting cards. And if you’re designing one for your project or personalized card, this Free Greeting Card PSD Mockup can enhance the look of your design. With this mockup, you can create a flawless and creative design in no time! Just download the file in PSD and edit it using Photoshop. As it comes with a smart object, it’s a lot easier for you to insert your design into the card. So, make your designs perfect and impressive with this free mockup! Download it now!

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Beautiful Postcard PSD Mockup

free postcard flyer mockup psd for presentation

You can use postcard mockups and, of course, the final products for all sorts of occasions. While they are most common in tourism, you can also use these small pieces of paper with stunning designs for marketing and promotional purposes. Moreover, you can use horizontal or vertical prints just like the picture above. If you would like to stand out from the crowd with the presentation of your designs, use a lifelike template like this one and see the difference. You get two vertical and horizontal postcards to slide in your creative work and see it “live.”

More info / Download

Free Nature Style Postcard Design Mockup

nature free postcard mockup

So, you have this remarkable design ready for your client but you would like to approach presenting it to them differently. If that is the case for you, you must use this nature-inspired free postcard mockup. It is a simple and clean template that appears beautiful when put into play. No need to do the hard work yourself anymore, just download the mockup now and the next moment you realize, you already have the product ready for your client. And if you are a one-man-army, have your workflow at the highest level all the time, thanks to mockups of all different shapes and sizes.

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Postcard Design PSD Mockup

postcard design free mockups

You can now create a postcard design in a breeze and have a striking presentation ready. Just use a mockup template and most of the work is already done for you. In this example, you can create a complete postcard experience with the front and the back design. It is a fully layered postcard mockup that you will find a lot of fun editing and adjusting according to your needs. Change the color, the text, import your images and have the final version ready sooner rather than later. And if you need to design another one, the process will be just as exciting.

More info / Download

Hand Cream Postcard Mockup

handcream postcard mockup

Would you like to impress your customers but don’t know how to approach them best? Why not using a simple thing as a postcard? I know, postcards are rarely used these days, but that’s why you can differentiate yourself from the masses. This particular layout is exclusive for cosmetic brands and other creme-based projects. You can add your design both on the tube and on the postcard and even change the color, for example, of the inside of the envelope. Play around with different variations and you will soon have the desired outcome ready to hit the masses.

More info / Download

Free Postcard Mockup in PSD

free postcard mockup in psd

A postcard can be a powerful medium to send the message out, whether for personal or business use. Even if you are building brand awareness, this could be a great way to do it and see fantastic results coming your way. Just the other week, we were at a festival and a company had so impressive postcards, we decided to send it out to our families. You see, that powerful a postcard can be, and the random people do the marketing for you.

Anyhow, this exclusive postcard mockup allows you to create your version comfortably. You can change the front and the back of the layout. On top of that, you can also edit the color of the wall and make it stand out.

More info / Download

Free Postcard PSD Mockup

free postcard psd mockup

You can easily go against the norm and do things differently from your competition with a postcard. You can use this postcard mockup template to design a professional tool that can help you uniquely boost your brand. What’s cool about this mockup is that you can move around the cup filled with coffee, the pen, and the two cards. Of course, you can also create a custom background and add your exclusive designs to the front and the back of the two postcards. You can make different styles for the most effective outcome.

More info / Download

Beautiful and Free Postcard Mockup

beautiful free postcard mockup

You have been figuring out all this online marketing thing, social media, emails, and other whatnots, and we now hit you with a collection of postcard mockups. Always be ready for new opportunities and approach the world with an open mind. Who knows, maybe it is a simple thing like a postcard that will help start spreading your word out and help you grow your brand. You can use a postcard for a ton of different purposes. For instance, you can market your product and services, share a quote, or even offer a discount. Whatever you plan to do, you can now test it out with this template before sending it out for print.

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Free Envelope Set Mockup in PSD

free envelope set mockup

Sometimes, you send a postcard on its own, and you insert it into an envelope all the other times. Not only so it does not damage but to appear even more professional. We added an envelope mockup to give you more options when designing your complete postcard experience for your clients and business partners. Just download the template, use it with Photoshop and edit it according to your branding needs. You can change the color of the background, the color of the envelope, the pen, and even the inside. Have the freedom you deserve and craft something remarkable.

More info / Download

Invitation Card PSD Mockup

invitation card psd mockup

You can also use a postcard as an invitation card for your wedding and any other special events you host. Easily and quickly download this free mockup template, import it in Photoshop and start creating different variations. Via smart-object layers, you can modify the card and the envelope and customize the background. Feel free to personalize the experience and have a better image of the printed version. Now is the right time to make any last refinements before the final printed version. Or even use it as an inspiration when coming up with your custom design.

More info / Download

Free Envelope PSD Mockup

free envelope psd mockup

A very realistic, clean and elegant free mockup layout includes both an envelope and a card. You can use it to test the waters and see how well your artwork will appear after you fully realize the project. You are assured that the end product will be out of this world with the wood the wax seal details. Add your personal touch to it and go above and beyond without hassle. Like you are used to it already, changing the envelope, the card, and the background is child’s play via Photoshop’s smart object layers. Do not miss it and wow your clients with amazingness.

More info / Download

Flyer PSD Mockup

a6 flyer postcard mock up

A postcard mockup can also be treated as a flyer, using it purely for marketing purposes. Of course, using a postcard to advertise your products and services or simply for branding is something not many do today. You can stand out a mile with originality easily by utilizing this template and seeing your designs in action before you print them. There are two postcard flyers you get of which one could represent the front and the other the back. Alter, adjust them accordingly, and have a ready solution available swiftly and effectively. You can also improve the background if you need of.

More info / Download

Free Premium Bottle Postcard Mockup

free premium bottle postcard mockup

If you want to bring the demo to an entirely new degree, this bottle postcard mockup is a must. From the name itself and the picture above, you see quite a lot on the template. You get to design your postcard and a business card and a bottle. Use this neat sample for branding and other fun, entertaining and attention-grabbing aims. You can quickly drag and drop your artwork through smart object layers and see immediate results. Preset it to your client or even use it for marketing purposes, entertaining your users and followers.

More info / Download

Free PSD Post Card Mock-up

post card mock up free psd

With a comprehensive collection of postcard mockups that we have here for you, presenting your designs becomes as easy as pie. You can create your selection of the best ones that will help you enhance your workflow, impressing your clients and even users smoothly. Here is a cool, fully editable PSD mockup with well-organized layers and a professional design. On top of that, it is entirely free to download, so you can start using it immediately. The mockup consists of two postcards on a wooden desk what adds a distinct touch to the overall experience. You can even test it out and if does not meet your expectation simply move to the next one.

More info / Download

Postcard & Envelop Showcase Mockup

techandall postcard showcase mokcup

An advanced and superb full postcard and envelope showcase mockup freebie with four smart layers. The postcard and the envelope feature front and back views so you can go in-depth with creating the neatest postcard-envelope combination ever. Add your designs, change the color and play around with different variations to develop the best solution for your brand or your client’s firm. To bring your ideas to realization, you do not need loads of web design experience. The basic Photoshop skills will do the trick. Take it to your advantage and shine.

More info / Download

New Year Postcard

new year postcard freebie

With the New Year postcard mockup, you can invite your colleagues to your business event or your friends and family to the special gathering you host. It is a colorful creation that you can change to your needs and likings at free will. Of course, you can stick with the original settings but you do not have to. Make it your comfort with the least amount of time and effort involved. After all, the major part of the work is already done for you, all you need to do is to fine-tune it and you are ready to rock the online world with it.

More info / Download

Invitation Card Mockup Free PSD

free invitation card envelope mockup

When the D day is getting closer and closer, you need to figure out what would be the best way to invite your peeps over. Suddenly, you are running out of time although the event seemed to be months away. If you are in a hurry even as a designer, use a postcard/invitation mockup to see the artwork before you get it to print. You need to ensure that everything looks exactly as you imagined so there are no unexpected inconveniences later. With a template, you can A-test your creation and feel secure that all will work out smoothly, without a hitch.

More info / Download

Free Download Invitation Card Mockup

invitation card psd mockup free download

This fantastic, easy-to-use, professional invitation and postcard mockup will give life to your design. It features male hands holding the envelope in one hand and the card in another. You can change the card and the envelope’s outside and inside. In brief, there is a lot you can do with this tool and make it follow your regulations to a T. Moreover, you can either employ it for personal projects or commercial use so do not limit yourself. Put your creative spirit on full whack and wow everyone seeing and receiving your card.

More info / Download
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