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Most Popular WordPress Themes

20 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020 to Redefine Your Website

Our planet moves around the sun and across the universe. the result? Our world becomes technologically advances day by day. As time progresses, people find it easier to make different things. And building websites on their own is one of those. Today the following list of the most popular WordPress themes has a lot you to offer. Crafted in line with the best website design standards, each option is more likely to help you build an efficiently-run website. So, if you want to help your customers enter a whole new world, head on to these most popular WordPress themes below.

Without a doubt, WordPress occupies the biggest piece of that site-building pie. As such, it’s tough to imagine the platform with so many low-cost WordPress themes. Yet, with so many WordPress themes out there, finding the most popular ones doesn’t need to be a pain. Moreover, doing so won’t take much time because we’ve already done the hardest work for you. Known for simplicity and flexibility, the following options are considered one of the best ones.

Jam-packed with its own set of customization options, each solution lets you improve your website design as per your taste. No tricky coding issues will make your head spinning. Fret not. Just take the time to dive into the collection below hand-picked for you today. A bit of exploring is never a bad idea.

The List of the Most Popular WordPress Themes to Explore

Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog

Is building a website not your cup of tea? You’re not alone. Even for technical people that can be a tough gig. Yet, here is a solution for you. Gutentype is one of the most popular WordPress themes built on the Gutenberg page builder. What does it mean for you? Well, nothing but the best. First, Gutentype fits all kinds of niche blogs, business, cryptocurrency, media or reviews websites. Second, thanks to the flexible Gutenberg blocks, it’s easy to build page after page with no one’s help. Also, it features a Yellow Pencil front-end style editor to help you customize every CSS element on your site. Want to sell things online? No problem, WooCommerce integration comes included in the package. What’s more, you can even accept payments in cryptocurrencies thanks to the Elegro plugin functionality.

Gutentype 100%-min
More info / Download Demo

Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme

There is a lot of hype over the most popular WordPress themes and Jacqueline is one of those. It could be your best bet when it comes to health & beauty websites. Crafted with care, it comes with advanced functionality and beautiful responsive design. It means that your site responds to all modern mobile devices that exist today and down the road. So, if you’d like to build a website for a massage salon, physiotherapy or wellness center, there’s nothing to stop you from that. At first, take advantage of WPML integration. As such, you get a solution that is completely localized in Spanish. Need any other language? No worries, translate Jacqueline into a language you want. Also, it comes with the spa salon booking appointments, premade pricing tables, and gift certificates. All in all, it’s up to you to decide how creative you wish to get, Jacqueline has no limits.

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Alliance | Intranet & Extranet WordPress Theme

Are you blogging or selling something online? No matter, your website should always match your objective. Alliance fills a need. Modern and fresh, this WP template is designed for intranet/extranet websites. So, if you need to improve communication inside your company, Alliance would be right at home. Crafted with the accents on performance and usability, it allows you to build a site on your own like a pro. It comes with everything you might need to build a corporate community. As such, it suits any business company or education center. Administrations, ministries or NGOs are no exception, too. A wide range of features for both intranet and extranet projects make Alliance the top dog. Post events, notifications or corporate news. Need more goodies? Schedule, arrange and manage appointments & meetings, run quizzes and tests, share files & documents. At the end of the day, enjoy it.

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Windsor | Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme

Customers want to feel like they have entered a whole new world when they open your website, so do your best. Consider using Windsor if you’re a part of the real estate industry. Modern and stylish, it fits a newly built apartment complex, office center or a corporate page. So, anyone in the rental, construction or building business can take advantage of Windsor. It’s not just the other popular solution but the theme that will go beyond the scopes of your initial expectations. Built with WPBakery page builder, it doesn’t limit your site-building experience. As such, you can easily add as many new page layouts and don’t bother with coding issues. Also, it features bbPress and BuddyPress plugins to help you build hype around your site. Involve visitors into discussions and see what problems they want to solve with your site. Finally, it’s WooCommerce ready.

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FC United | Football, Soccer WordPress Sports Theme

Owning a website is one of the most important aspects of branding, whether it is a personal or corporate one. For those in sports, having a website is no strange. This is especially true for football clubs. Whether you’re a sportsman, trainer or runner, FC United would be your perfect match. Designed for football/soccer websites, it fits also sports clubs, sports magazines, sporting health stores or sports blogs. First, it comes compatible with the SprotPress plugin, which is great no matter what. Check how easy it is to turn your site into a full-fledged sports spot with team, club and lead management. To generate boatloads of qualified leads add match reports, team & player profiles with stats, sell sports clothing online. At last, built on Elementor, FC United can save you a ton of time & effort right from the start. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of exploring.

FC United-min
More info / Download Demo

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

Drone Media is one of those popular WordPress themes ready to save you a bundle right from the start. It’s a great option for aerial photography & videography websites. Those in the photo shooting & video recording will also appreciate Drone Media. Fully responsive and editable, it comes with an easy-to-use admin panel. The result? Getting started is not all that difficult. Describe and expose your projects to stand tall against competitors. Compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, it allows you to maximize your profits. Also, take advantage of the WPBakery page builder to see that even a newbie can create new page layouts like a pro. Of course, forget not to use custom shortcodes to save a ton of time & effort. Finally, the Booked Appointments plugin comes as a cherry on top. Missed something? No sense to left it to chance.

Drone Media-min
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Rhodos | A Colossal Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business & Portfolio

No matter your business, looking for ways to reduce costs and save money is always smart. Using one of the most popular WordPress themes lets you do just that. Rhodos is a multipurpose solution that fits all kinds of business websites right off the bat. Whether you need a website for a law firm, financial company or marketing bureau, Rhodos might come quite handy. First, it’s WordPress 5.0 compatible, which is great. Second, it’s built with Elementor, so your site-building experience will be nothing but surprise. Just because it’s multipurpose, 10 unique niche skins would be right at home for any business. What else? Well, Rhodos has a fast page load, which will make your visitors happier. Sell things, keep your visitors informed, let them take part in your events, and much more. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of exploring. Rhodos has a lot to offer.

More info / Download Demo

AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme

To make the most of your website, it must be mobile-friendly. Google rewards mobile-friendly sites, so consider using the most popular WordPress themes. Why? The reason is all of them come with a fully responsive design that allows your site to respond to any modern mobile devices that exist today. AlphaColor is one of those mobile-friendly WP templates you can’t miss out on. Crafted with care, it fits modern printing business organizations, print shops or graphic design studios. Fresh, colorful & vibrant, it’s second to none for any kind of creative web project. Indeed, WooCommerce compatible, it allows you even to make it big in sales. So, isn’t it worth exploring? In fact, to make your site-building work fun & enjoyable, the WPBakery page builder will come to your aid. Got some special offers to advertise? Revolution Slider lets you do that smartly.

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Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

The beauty of popular WordPress themes is that they are quite flexible for different websites. As such, Cloe Brooks can be a big blow to your psychology business. Designed fresh and nice, Cloe Brooks fits all kinds of hospital, clinical or psychiatrists web projects. Aside from being WordPress 5.0 compatible, this WP template is GDPR compliant. To help your medical practice to stand tall against competitors, see how much Cloe Brooks can help. Thing is, it features the Booked Appointments plugin, so no problem with online reservation. Keep your visitors tuned to your site. Inform them about your pricing policy before making an appointment. Just because psychology niche is full of questions, BuddyPress and bbPress plugins would be especially right at home. Build a community around your site and help your visitors solve problems. Final thought – invest in optimization and see how much you can win.

Cloe Brooks-min
More info / Download Demo

CleanSkin | Handmade Organic Soap & Natural Cosmetics Shop WordPress Theme

Once you go for CleanSkin, you can do a lot. As such, change fonts, colors, menu setup and so much more, without boring you too much with coding. Modern, stylish and fresh, CleanSkin comes with everything you might need right from the start. What’s more, it allows you to skip all those tricky issues. Also, a set of custom shortcodes would be especially great for those who’d love to save time. It fits organic handcrafted product shops, jewelry or accessories stores. Got a collection of handmade things to advertise? There is no better time than now to get as many eyeballs to your products as possible. First, choose between several pre-designed page layouts and grow from there. Add, change or delete any design elements you need to make people talk about you. Create an outstanding gallery of your products and let your visitors enjoy them on any modern mobile device.

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Vihara | Ashram Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme

Vihara sits high on today’s list. Designed specifically for Buddhist websites, Vihara can give you the marketing push you need. It’s a great solution for an Ashram and Buddhist website of any kind. So, whether you want to represent your retreat center with yoga or meditation classes, consider using Vihara. Aside from representing your inspirational classes and workshops, display what’s coming up. Notify your users about the time, place and the fee of your workshop. On top of that, Vihara is WooCommerce compatible, so you can sell things online and earn extra money for your Buddhist community. Looking for more? Well, don’t stop yourself and start raising funds online. Thanks to the Give – Donation plugin, it’s easy as one, two, three. Finally, forget about coding issues, Elementor page builder is here to save you from that misery. So, don’t touch a line of code if you don’t want to.

More info / Download Demo

Honor | Shooting Club & Weapon Store WordPress Theme

The reason why Honor makes this list of the most popular WordPress themes is simple. It’s responsive and comes with unrestrained capabilities. It will perfectly fit an online weapon shop, shooting club or fireman training website. Whether you plan to sell hunting equipment or military accessories, the WooCommerce plugin will come to your aid. As such, you can easily launch your own e-store and make profits online. No matter what type of events you may have, let your visitors stay tuned to them. When it comes to adding new page layouts, the power of the WPBakery page builder will handle it expertly. To save yourself from coding misery, take advantage of a set of custom shortcodes. Of course, take time to make sure your site is SEO optimized, so you can get as many eyeballs on it as possible. So, ready to see how far you can get with it?

More info / Download Demo

Frank | Jewelry & Watches Online Store WordPress Theme

Weighing in as one of the most popular WordPress themes for jewelry websites, Frank has a strong advantage. It can be easily put to good use for any eCommerce corporate business company site. Whether you need to build a site for a jewelry store, watch or jewelry repair service, consider using Frank. It does its job better than any other solution out there. First, it comes with 7 unique homepage layouts, which can be easily tweaked with the WPBakery page builder. Also, you get a set of custom shortcodes to get as creative as possible with your page design. Second, it features currency & language switcher, which can spoil your visitors by convenience. To showcase your products in the most appealing way possible, make the best use of stunning galleries. Finally, don’t forget to go social. All in all, the Instagram Feed plugin might come quite handy.

More info / Download Demo

HotLock | Locksmith & Security Systems WordPress Theme

HotLock might be your natural pick as one of the most popular WordPress themes for locksmith services. Easy to manage and edit, HotLock gives you easy content editing ability. Built with WPBakery page builder, it allows you to add new page layouts like a pro without boring you too much with things like coding. Indeed, integration with WooCommerce allows you to launch your own e-store, which sells things online. Without a doubt, your site will respond to all modern mobile devices, generating boatloads of qualified leads. If you want to make your site memorable, take advantage of the Parallax effect backgrounds. It’s that very option that can make people talk about you. Need more goodies? Well, there is a lot inside. Booked Appointments, Revolution Slider and MailChimp for WP are just a few of them.

More info / Download Demo

Booklovers | Publishing House & Book Store WordPress Theme

Booklovers ranks high amongst the most popular WordPress themes for publishing house & book store websites. The reason henid its popularity is quite obvious. It’s one of the most light-weight and high-performance WP templates out there. All in all, almost 1K of satisfied users can’t go wrong. It has a modern and functional design that fits publishing houses or bookstore sites best. In fact, you can easily use it for a library, literary club, digital or media store, or book-author official site. So, as you see, the door is wide open. Start from choosing between several pre-designed homepage layouts to see which one fits you best. Then, add the WooCommerce functionality to start selling things online within minutes. Of course,e make the best use of the events calendar functionality to keep your visitors informed about what’s coming up.

More info / Download Demo

Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Blabber makes our list of the most popular WordPress themes because it can be used to create blogs and websites of any kind. Being more than just a WP template, Blabber has something for everybody. It comes with a comprehensive package of powerful features necessary for setting up a modern-looking site. Built on Elementor, it’s a true bounty for blogs, reviews, news magazines, personal or even cryptocurrency websites. No matter your niche, give Blabber a shot and you’ll see that it can make your advantages stand out. Easy to install, edit and manage, Blabber lets you build your entire site, not tomorrow but today. Also, it’s compatible with the Instagram Feed, MailChimp for WP, and ThemeREX Addons plugins. So, the next step? Carve out your niche and expect nothing but a smooth experience designing your website. Finally, there’s something for Gutenberg lovers.

More info / Download Demo

MaxiNet | Broadband & Telecom Internet Provider WordPress Theme

Head over to MaxiNet. That’s the other modern solution built specifically for Internet, broadband or telecom websites. Do you provide telecommunication bureau services? Or maybe you deal with computer networks? That’s okay. MaxiNet is one of the best options that come to mind. Want to skip as many coding issues as possible? No problem. The powerful drag and drop web page builder will make the process of building your website extremely easy. Also, MaxiNet is compatible with Gutenberg and is GDPR compliant, which is great. To help you make your company presentation memorable, the Revolution Slider & Essential Grid plugins come included. Indeed, you’ll get a set of pre-designed pages to save a ton of time when designing your site. When it comes to managing your custom post types. ThemeREX Addons is the very option that saves the day.

More info / Download Demo

Royal Event | A Wedding Planner & Catering Company WordPress Theme

Royal Event is known as one of the most popular WordPress themes built for event planning & catering websites. With a whooping number of competitors who’ve built their strong business, there’s still a place under the sun. Your website just needs to shine as close to the top of the search engine results as possible. All in all, the better your site ranks, the higher your pages will appear for relevant search keywords. With Royal Event, that could be easy. Clean, nice and sleek, Royal Event works great for a professional event managing website or a catering company. You can easily use it for a decoration firm, wedding planner services, or restaurant rental. No matter what niche you’ll end up with, Royal Event comes with everything you might need to set up an efficiently-run website. Of course, it’s compatible with the WooCommerce plugin to help you make it big in sales.

More info / Download Demo

Chrimson | Windows & Doors Services + Store WordPress Theme

Chrimson is growing in popularity for a reason. It fits construction & architecture websites. Are you a blogger who is into interior design or home renovation? No worries, Chrimson fits right off the bat. Need help in building a fully-functional website for a maintenance services company? Again, Chrimson is definitely worth the effort. It’s not just the other popular WP template out there. Instead, it’s a powerful option that allows you to turn your site into a viable online business. WooCommerce ready, Chrimson lets you sell affiliate products, collect payments, and much more. On top of that, it features an advanced quote & cost calculator, and dozens of premade shortcodes & pages. The result? You save time & effort. Thing is, Chrimson comes with a strong SEO foundation, which is the other huge boon. Ready to unlock more functionality of Chrimson? Then no time to waste. 

More info / Download Demo

Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

Car Parts Store is a stylish and fresh solution built for a contemporary online auto parts store. In fact, you can use it as a foundation for a car accessories store, car repair shop or mechanic firm. Selling things online becomes possible thanks to the WooCommerce integration. So, it’s up to you how creative to get with your page layouts. You can even switch to the Gutenberg editor if you wish. It goes without saying that your site responds to all modern mobile devices that exist today. Still afraid of a skill gap? That’s where a set of custom shortcodes & widgets will do the hardest work for you. Save your time for your customers, not coding issues. In addition, built-in SEO optimization features will help boost your rankings. Well, no need to put your dreams on ice when they come true with Car Parts Store.

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What Are the Most Popular WordPress Themes for You?

All things considered, the web is a pretty big place, and there’s room for a wide assortment of options. What do you think about this list of the most popular WordPress themes? These are the best and you’ll find one to suit your needs. Consider this list when starting a new website or looking to redesign your existing one. Have you already experienced any of them? I would love to know your thoughts!

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Julia is a creative writer at ThemeRex, she's in love with WordPress themes and knows how to pick the best design for any niche and purpose.

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