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20 Useful Paper Bag Mockups That You Must Check In 2020

20 Useful Paper Bag Mockups that You Must Check in 2020

The popularity of paper bags is increasing day by day throughout the world. Undoubtedly, as compared to plastic bags, paper bags have better quality and lifetime. Be it shopping, storing items, wrapping gifts, using in art and crafts, packing food items,  paper bags have many usefulnesses in people’s daily life. People just love paper bags because of their durability, high-quality material, capacity to lift heavy goods and dustproof features. Moreover, these bags are eco-friendly too. Keeping the usefulness and popularity of paper bags in mind, many companies are opting for paper bag packaging for their products, Even they use these bags for promotional purposes as well. If you are also planning to design a paper bag to sell items or promote your designs, then here is a chance to do that easily. Today’s post will talk about 20 best paper bag mockups that can help you design a customized paper bag in a quick and easy way.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these mockups.

Paper Bag Mockup Set

There is no doubt about the fact that packaging design is an important part of the marketing and promotion of a product. If your packaging design is attractive, it can easily drive the attention of your consumers towards your product. Therefore whenever you choose a packaging design, select a mockup that can do things for you easily and quickly. And such a perfect mockup is here – a paper bag mockup set. It includes 2 easy-to-customize PSD files. You can find the designs of a brown colored paper bag and a custom colored paper bag. There is also a white background. You can easily edit the design. Add your own design, brand logo, and text, modify the background and change colors as per your preference. Get this mockup set now and design a customized paper bag for personal or commercial purposes. 

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Paper Bags Mockup Set

This is another beautiful set of paper bags mockups, including 13 high-resolution PSD files. Here you can see 3 different sized paper bags designs. Together with advanced transformations, warping, and 3D functions, this mockup set has an amazingly realistic effect. Thanks to its smart object layers, you can easily apply colors, designs and other necessary elements on the bags. If you are looking for a useful mockup to design a customized paper bag for your next project, this set of paper bags mockups will be the perfect choice for you. So, without further delay, get this mockup now.

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Paper-made Tote Bag Mockup

Tote bags look extremely fashionable. Also, they are useful for daily shopping purposes. Moreover, you can use tote bags as promotional items as well. They are durable and affordable. Also, they can add an aesthetic touch to an overall look. Designing a custom tote bag is now easier than ever, Use this paper made tote bag mockup. It includes one PSD file. You can change the bag’s color, add or remove design elements, and create a personalized tote bag in just a few clicks. The mockups come with three different backgrounds designs – custom, neutral and white. With the help of this mockup, you can also create designs for canvas tote bags. Get this mockup now and showcase your custom designs by simply editing the smart object and color layers.

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Paper Bags Mockups

This paper bag mockup displays two beautiful gold and silver bag styles. The styles are available in both horizontal and vertical designs. Here you can get 5 perspectives of the same paper bags. Editing the mockups is quite easy, thanks to its well-organized smart layers. If you still find any difficulty using the mockups, simply go through the guide file that comes with this set.

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Paper Coffee Bag Mockup Set

While people are habitual of seeing various items wrapped in air-tight plastic wrap, food and coffee should not be limited to only plastic. Especially for tea and coffee packaging, a paper bag is an excellent option. With an attractive paper bag, a company can advertise its brand and provide its customers with a free source of advertising and endorsement. Also, a paper bag has eco-friendly benefits to those who use it. People can continually reuse a paper bag. It is recyclable and biodegradable. So, if you are looking for the perfect option to design a coffee packaging paper bag, your search ends here. This paper coffee bag mockup set can meet your needs. It includes 8 high-quality PSD files. You can easily change the colors and designs of the bag and cup. The custom color background is also present here.

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Paper Bag / Pouch Mockup

Paper pouch packaging is now popular among consumers because of its sustainability, convenience, eco-friendly feature, and attractive look. Now you can design a personalized paper pouch bag easily with the help of this mockup. This mockup helps you create a realistic Paper Bag Mockup presentation in just a few seconds. It includes 7 PSD files and a simple structure. Its well-organized smart layers make the editing process quick and easy. The mockup comes with 4 premade color filters. You can change the color of the bag, add your design elements, modify the background and create a smart presentation easily. With such a paper bag, you can promote your tea or coffee packaging in a professional manner.

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Simple Paper Bag Mockup

This simple paper bag mockup includes high-quality PSD files. It is perfect for making any sort of paper bag design presentation within just a few seconds. If you have a creative design idea for paper bags and want to show your designs in the most effective way to the world, choose this mockup. It has excellent quality, awesome creativity and a high level of usability to transform your regular work into something amazing. Its rich and advanced functionality, powered by the smart object, helps you place your own designs in the template. A realistic design presentation can be generated after that automatically.

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Paper Bag Mockup Vol 1

A bright colorful paper bag mockup set is available here. You can see here in the image how wonderful the bag design is. The set includes 6 PSD files for paper bag mockups. Its high resolution, perfectly balanced light effects and changeable background, reflections and shadows have made it simply hard to ignore. The help file, comes with the mockups, has everything to guide you throughout the designing process. No matter whether you are a pro or just a beginner at using mockups, you can easily use this paper bag mockup set and get something wonderful as a result. So, without making any further delay, get this mockup set now and impress your clients with your fantastic paper bag design presentation.

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Shopping Paper Bags Mockups

Paper shopping bags are useful for carrying items in malls and grocery stores. They are reusable and long-lasting. Branded apparel companies even design their own paper bags for selling items. Designing such a  perfect paper bag is easy now with the help of this shopping paper bags mockups set. The mockup set includes 3 paper shopping bags scenes in 3 different sizes, with craft paper texture. No matter what type of design elements you include in the layout, the end result will look natural every time. Thanks to its smart object option, editing it is really easy. The smart objects are present in the front and side of the bags. You can also edit the background. Readymade background options are also available in the set. Get this mockup pack now and enjoy customizing.

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Paper Pouch Mockup

Another useful paper pouch packaging mockup is available here. The mockup is completely photorealistic. Other than the pouch there is also a metal can and a  small plant with pot visible. All items in this set will allow you to create combinations in presentations for the best result. With high-resolution files, you can zoom and crop compositions until you achieve the desired result. It works via Smart Objects. So it is very easy to use. Just place your design into the Smart Object, and you will see that all changes reflect in the main PSD file. If you are not a pro in handling mockups for designing, get help from the instruction file that comes with the mockup set. So, what are you waiting for? Get this mockup now and display your work and web project design from an isometric perspective.

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 Paper Bag with Window Mockup

Do you have creative design ideas for paper bags? Do you have a packaging design project and want to showcase your brand through the packaging? You can easily do this with the help of this mockup. The mockups display a paper bag with a window design. Thanks to its smart objects, you can insert your brand logo, edit the layers of the graphic canvas or remove them completely and place your own graphics inside without worrying about the perspective, lights, shadows, and reflections. The smart-object in the main file updates itself automatically with any changes you make in it.

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Paper Bag Cutout Handle Mockup

This paper bag mockup displays a bag design that is commonly useful as a food packaging option. The mockup includes a high-resolution PSD file that you can easily customize as per your need and preference. Its minimalist background helps your final presentation stand out. Furthermore, the photorealistic effects can make your presentation look extremely professional. Choose the bag image visible and place your artwork on it. Get a flawless presentation of your paper bag food packaging design presentation in just a few clicks.

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Paper Cup & Bag Mockup

Paper cups and bags are immensely popular in cafes and tea junctions because of their durability, ease of use and eco-friendly features. Now you can design your own personalized brand-specific paper bag for tea or coffee packaging along with paper cups. Just use this paper cup and bag PSD mockup to do things easily. The mockups are fully editable. Use its smart object option and change the colors of the cups, add your logo and text on the bag, modify background just the way you want. The help file comes with this mockup, useful for all beginners.

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Flour Paper Bag Package Mockup

This is a food packaging paper bag mockup.Use this mockup to create a beautiful bag package design for your website or make any design presentation in just a few seconds. It has realistic effects. Also, it has rich, advanced functionality, powered by smart object. This means you can easily place your own design intuitive by automatic shadow and light management only. The final result will always be impressive.

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Square Paper bag Mockup

This is another colorful paper bag PSD mockup, displaying a square-shaped paper bag design. This kind of paper bag is useful for shopping. And as it is reusable, one can use such a bag for shopping for a long time. If you want to design a brand-specific paper shopping bag easily, use this mockup. The pack includes 6 high-resolution and easy-to-edit PSD mockups. Other than changing the color and design of the bag, you can also modify the reflections, shadows, and backgrounds. Get this mockup set now and create a flawless presentation of paper bag design to impress your clients and customers.

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Baguette Paper Bag Mockup

Bakeries and grocery stores often sell bread and sandwiches in baguette paper bags. This type of bag lets air into the bag, keeping the bread dry and the crust crisp and delicious. Now you can design such a paper bag easily with the help of this mockup set. This is a set of 2 PSD mockup scenes. You can easily edit the mockups by using smart objects. Minimalist background in the scenes makes your design stand out. Furthermore, its high resolution and photorealistic effects make your final presentation simply fantastic.

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Sandwich Snack Paper Bag Mockup

Paper bag packaging can be useful when it comes to carrying snack items, sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc. food items. Reputed companies often sell their food items in paper bags that have the company logo and name on them. Now you can design such a customized paper bag with the help of this PSD mockup. The mockup includes 14 high-quality PSD files. You can easily change the color and design of the bag as per your need and preference. Thanks to smart object option, the process of editing is quite quick and haslse-free. All the files work only in Photoshop. You do not have to be a pro in Photoshop to use this mockup. The mockup is very easy to use. Thus if you have basic knowledge about handling mockups on Photoshop, within just a few clicks you can get your presentation ready.

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Stylish Paper Bag Mockup Set

This is a stylish paper bag mockup set. It includes 5 PSD files, displaying paper bags in 5 different views. There are 3 types of background designs come with this set. These are custom, neutral and white. You can easily change the color and design of the paper bag. So, if you are in search of the easiest possible option to design a paper bag and showcase your design work to your clients, then this mockup is perfect for you.

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XL Paper Bags Flat Handles Mockup

Paper bags with flat handles are extremely popular for various purposes. People simply love these because of their usefulness and durability. You can showcase your design work on such a bag with the help of this XL paper bags flat handles packaging PSD mockup. It includes 3 high-resolution PSD files, all are equally easy-to-edit. You can add your preferred background image or change its color. You can also change the color of the inner , outer and handle of the bag. Moreover choosing different designs per bag is possible. To make your presentation photorealistic choose which items you want visible.

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Paper Takeout Bags Mockup

Many restaurants and fast food centers let their customers get takeout food in paper bags. These paper bags are certainly useful for carrying the food. Also, as these bags are recyclable and reusable, one can use these multiple times. Thus after bringing food in such bags from the restaurants, one can store these bags and use later for various other daily purposes. The paper takeout bag PSD mockup is simply awesome for designing such a customized paper bag. With the help of this mockup, you can design large, medium and small-sized paper bags easily. Get this mockup set now and design a flawless presentation of your paper bag design work in no time.

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Final Thoughts,

When you add an appeal to a paper bag, it makes your brand stand out. A custom printed paper bag looks attractive and is considered as a useful option for shopping, carrying items and much more. All the above-discussed mockups are equally useful for designing such a paper bag with ease. What are you waiting for? Get your favorite mockup now and enjoy editing. Share your satisfaction after seeing wonderful result.

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