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20 Eye-Appealing Pagewiz Marketing Templates 2019

20 Eye-Appealing Pagewiz Marketing Templates 2019

So since you’re here, you probably know what PageWiz is. But if not, I’ll give you a brief introduction. It’s the go-to solution for your marketing needs. It’ll turn your landing pages into profit margins you have never seen before. I hope so, at least. It’s all up to you in the end. You’re the boss of your business, and the effort you put into it will decide whether you are going to be a worthy competitor in your niche or not. Either way, PageWiz is here to help and so are all these Pagewiz marketing templates.

So you’ve got a business idea selling products or services. What’s next? Making an online presence is usually your best bet. Thankfully all these tools today make it much easier to get what you want whenever you want it. Crazy, right? It’s not so insane once you see it.

You too can have your fantastic website, ready to go online with a store that has all your products in less than a day! Doing business has never been easier. Set up your payment options, shipping methods and just add away. Introduce every last thing you can sell because you never know what people might want these days.

There’s a market for everything, and everyone’s trying to get a piece of the cake. So why wouldn’t you as well? Of course! And now that you want to do that let me explain to you the great features of all these marketing templates featured here.

Each one of the items below contains a free preview so you don’t need to trip at all about how the final product will look like. All that’s left for you is to change things to your liking. And that’s a thing you can certainly do with the powerful editor PageWiz has at hand.

One thing you can also do is optimize your site with appropriate meta tags and descriptions so that your potential leads can find your site much easier. If it’s too much of an issue for you, then you’re probably 80 years old. In which case you should get your grandkids to do this. But on a serious note, these templates will help you achieve success in your industry. They will help drive sales straight from your garage into your wallet.

Here are the best Pagewiz marketing templates we’ve found when browsing online for your marketing needs.


readymade pagewiz marketing template

A modernly built all-purpose landing page, ReadyMade will breathe new life into your business. With a clean and sleek design, this page’s elements are easily editable, and you can get the look you want within minutes. It also features both desktop and smartphone versions of your site. It is one of the colorful options among our Pagewiz marketing templates collection.

More info / Download Demo


avira pagewiz marketing template
Looking for a Pagewiz-ready template to take your real estate business to the next level? Avira is for you. Unlike the popular antivirus, this theme will bring customers to your website and keep them on it with its beautiful minimalistic design. It is an excellent solution in our collection of Pagewiz marketing templates.

More info / Download Demo


explore pagewiz marketing template
Explore features a nice list of customization options catered towards traveling agencies who wish to have a modern and sleek landing page that will attract the curious eyes of potential customers. There are many Pagewiz marketing templates out there, but Explore appears to be an excellent choice when it comes to its style and composition.

More info / Download Demo

JLanding Page

jlanding pagewiz marketing template
JLanding Page is for startups who want to attract as much attention as possible. It is composed of three landing pages that are ideal for new business opportunities. Jlanding Page is a template in our collection of Pagewiz marketing templates that seems like an excellent choice of real estate realtors and agencies.

More info / Download Demo


solara pagewiz marketing template
Solara is a modern, clean, and multi-purpose landing page. It can be used to publish landing pages for design studios, creative groups, and even freelance designers. With the help of its drag-and-drop builder, the possibilities are endless. This very template in our roundup of Pagewiz marketing templates is a very clean and minimalistic option that puts a focus on photography and imagery.

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remote pagewiz marketing template
Remote is ideal for apps and showcasing products, real estate agencies, and other professional organizations. It is the landing page template you’ve always wanted. Its minimalist and sleek design allows you to capture your audience’s attention and keep it. It is what a great example of what Pagewiz marketing templates should look like, which is why we recommend you check it out.

More info / Download Demo


bromo pagewiz marketing template
Bromo is a landing page template for Pagewiz users which offers unique customization options that can transform anything from a dull site into a very sleek design worthy of awards. The template is going to take your business to the next level! Make sure you use it to its full potential and see new successes come your way.

More info / Download Demo


vpropos pagewiz marketing template
vPropos features six pre-defined templates and a drag-and-drop style interface. It is an all-purpose landing page made for affiliate marketing as well as showcasing apps and products. It’s a template that will help you boost your site to the rocket age with its several customization options.

More info / Download Demo


gather pagewiz marketing template
Gather is a Pagewiz Template which utilizes features like styled Google maps, Working Event Countdown Widgets as well as a fresh and smooth design to back it all up. Ideal use is for concerts, exhibitions, meetups, and conferences. Gather’s main selling point is its intuitive interface and highly customizable elements. This template stands out from the rest.

More info / Download Demo


knights pagewiz marketing template
Knights features stunning hover effects and font icons and is an all-in-one template that will suit any niche or business you are trying to set up. For personal and corporate needs, Knights will do its things with all the included features and assets. Get your website sorted now and start taking new deals shortly after.

More info / Download Demo


mobis pagewiz marketing template
Mobis is a perfect multi-purpose landing page designed especially for almost all kinds of purpose out there, such as startups, app launch, web hosting, Software as a Service sites, and many others using Pagewiz platform. No coding skills needed.

Gone are the days where you have to wait for hours to make your landing page look good. With the help of Mobis, you can customize everything in a couple of minutes to publishing it online.

More info / Download Demo


climber pagewiz marketing template
Ideal for expeditions and private vacations, this Pagewiz landing page will undoubtedly embolden your brand with its unique customization options and a wide variety of custom features. Climber has a pixel perfect design, comes with mail integration, allows you to upload your own logo and helps you kick things off with just one click.

More info / Download Demo


kicking pagewiz marketing template
Boasting a plethora of customization options along with an easy to use interface, Kickin is the landing page you’ve always wanted. Every element is fully editable providing you with superior control over your website while still not having to write a single line of code.

More info / Download Demo

Travel Tour

travel pagewiz marketing template
A perfect template for all tour guides and travel agencies, TravelTour will guide your audience’s attention to where it needs to be – your services. Offering multiple layouts and high-quality PSD images make this eye-catching them a must try for anyone trying to kickstart their business to the next level.

More info / Download Demo


xplore pagewiz marketing template
Ideal for sites about travel, events, and coworking trips, this landing page will surely attract a wide variety of customers with its unique design and intuitive interface. Highly customizable, as well as highly attractive, Xplore is going to give you what you need and more than that.

More info / Download Demo


medio pagewiz marketing template
Making landing pages has never been easier, especially with a template like this. Medio offers a unique flavor on the market with an elegant user interface and gorgeously laid out design. Medio is optimized for performance and comes with real statistic to have complete control over your conversions.

More info / Download Demo


myearth pagewiz marketing template
Like playing around with endless features and customization options? MyEarth is a Landing Page for you! Boasting a unique design and seamless integration, make your new landing page in minutes with My Earth! That is very likely to happen due to the handy template you are about to get access to.

More info / Download Demo


adventour pagewiz marketing template
Adventour is a premium Pagewiz marketing template designed for vacation and travel landing pages. It has a high amount of customization options available which adds to its flexibility. Its design is also fully integrated with all screen sizes and devices. In the bundle, you get 475 icons, awesome CSS animations and a functional contact form.

More info / Download Demo


massketing pagewiz marketing template
Massketing will bring your website to life with beautiful design and a sleek user interface which offers a lot of customization options, ranging from drag-and-drop editing to a desktop and smartphone design integration; this theme will strive to bring your business to the top!

More info / Download Demo


flatico pagewiz marketing template
Want a new Pagewiz landing page that’s fast to setup and will look amazing when promoting your new smartphone applications. Easily customizable, quick to set up, Flatico a template you’ll want to test out. It comes with all the necessities and then some for a fast and reliable launch of your marketing campaign.

More info / Download Demo

How did you like our collection of Pagewiz Marketing Templates?

We have now concluded our list of Pagewiz marketing templates that you can use on your website straight away. Although the templates listed would work for nearly any niche, these specific templates have been designed towards the marketing niche. Therefore, expect to see many lead-grabbing forms, brighter colors and bolder typography.

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