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2020 Motivation WordPress Themes to Put Your Business on the Map

Do you provide the motivation, support, and products to your clients? Or maybe you help businesses to keep them moving in a positive direction? Do the same for your own by starting a professional website. The following most compelling motivation WordPress themes would be a huge help for anyone to get something like a website built. The good news is they can save heaps of time. Built by professionals, they include everything you might need when getting started. Indeed, there are thousands of premium WordPress themes out there. But only the best ones deserve attention. And the collection below is just a bright example of those solutions.

The best motivational WordPress themes can help create a strong visual narrative that engages visitors. Optimized for search engines, the best motivational WordPress themes help build high-performing websites. Needless to say about responsive design. It’ll also help you rank well in search results. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Instead, let your site visitors know the real you to build trust with you. When it comes to social media, the proper social media buttons are a part of your design. Well, enough talking. It’s time to pick the solution that ticks all the right boxes. Even though building a website might require some extra work, it can be a great way to put your business on the map.

PJ | Life & Business Coaching WordPress Theme

To propel your business to higher levels of success, a business coaching website is a must. With a whopping 1K of downloads, PJ could be a theme of your choice. It sits high on the list of motivation WordPress themes for reasons. Clean and fresh, it fits a professional life coach, business advisor, or consultant website. To help your business coaching services stand out, take advantage of advanced features jam-packed in PJ. First, choose between 3 beautiful homepage styles and grow from there. Then, add a shopping cart on the header and make it easy to find. Also, make it easy for your clients to schedule an appointment with you. Save time with custom shortcodes and widgets. Needless to say that PJ comes with a truly responsive layout that looks great regardless of the screen’s width.

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Melanie Hanson | Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine WordPress Theme

When you start a coaching business, a coaching blog is a smart way to go. Melanie Hanson is another excellent member of motivation WordPress themes out there. Designed for healthy lifestyle blogs, it can help your advantages stand out. Paired with WPBakery, Melanie Hanson becomes the one-stop solution for anyone with a skill gap. Thus, it fits a health coach, personal fitness trainer, sports magazine, or travel portal. Also, it’s based on the powerful ThemeREX framework that makes your website easy to operate. To help you make profits, it makes sense to take advantage of WooCommerce. Want to enlarge your customer base? Sure, you do. Then integrate your Instagram profile with your website. Stay connected with users even if they speak different languages. Melanie Hanson supports WPML plugin to help you go global.

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Consultor | A Business Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

The best business coaching websites and life coaching websites are easy to follow by visitors. Want yours to be the same? A piece of cake. Consultor is a premium specimen of motivation WordPress themes designed to keep a business website as simple as possible. It fits all kinds of business consulting websites right off the bat. In fact, it’s a multi-purpose WP template designed to ease your site-building pain from day one. That’s why it supports the WPBakery page builder. As a result, you create new page layouts, galleries & contact forms like a pro without anyone’s help. The design and layout are responsive, so the site looks great on any device. Want to see your website shine as close to the top in the search engine results? No problem. Consultor is coded in line with the best SEO practices.

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Jack Well | Elections Campaign & Political WordPress Theme

If you’re not sure about what option to pick, give Jack Well a shot. The design of Jack Well looks pretty unique and helps it to stand out from other motivation WordPress themes. First, it works for political web projects of all kinds. Second, it’s a great choice for non-profit organizations. Thing is, it helps raise funds. The Give – Donation plugin comes included in the package. Next, the Events Calendar functionality. It lets you inform your users about upcoming meetings or workshops. Jack Well features several unique demos with different theme features. Yet, who said you can’t create new ones? The power of the WPBakery page builder is here to help. On top of that, forget not about a pack of custom shortcodes that could dramatically save time & effort.

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Partiso | Political WordPress Theme for Party & Candidate

Running for Congress or for mayor? A website that reflects your campaign’s unique character is key. Partiso lets present you to the world the way you want to be introduced. It can help promote your election campaign, political review portal, or charity web project. Just because it’s compatible with the Give – Donation plugin it’s easy to raise funds. Start with 3 attractive homepage layouts to choose from. Also, you can choose between 20 great blog & portfolio styles to showcase who you are and what you offer. It’s a public showcase of your very best stuff. So, not time to shy. Besides, you can always launch an online store and make profits online. Keep your voters or users informed about what’s coming up. Finally, Partiso is a GDPR-compliant solution that keeps your site up to date.

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R.Cole | Life & Business Coaching WordPress Theme


Focusing on building a life coaching website in the health coaching niche? Consider using R.Cole. Clean and modern, it can help build an exciting website to promote your brand. Besides, it can work for multiple business projects, so it’s worth your time. Start with several pre-designed homepage styles. Also, a hero video background would be a huge advantage. That’s a way to tell a story of your business. A booking widget in the header makes it convenient for your site visitors to book an appointment. The WooCommerce integration is the other benefit jam-packed in R.Cole. The responsive design makes it easy to navigate your website on any device. Got some best-selling products to advertise? Place them on your homepage sliders to gain the attention you need. For more goodies, click the Details button.

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Jannifer Hamis | Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine WordPress Theme

When creating a business coach website, it is best that you build an easy to navigate website. As a health coach, you want your users to find information about who you are, what you can do for them, how they can reach you, and how much it would cost. A healthy lifestyle blog would be just the thing. Stylish & colorful, Jannifer Hamis stands out from motivation WordPress themes on the list. It comes with everything you might need to build a modern blog that is relevant to your end-user. A set of pre-designed pages can help showcase who you are and what you have to offer. The WooCommerce integration lets you maximize your profits online. Problem-solving is vital to winning your audience’s trust, so show them how you can help. The Before & After plugin would be a huge help.

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Rosalinda | Health Coach & Vegetarian Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

A great coaching website will help you grow your audience and get more clients. Rosalinda is a clean specimen of motivation WordPress themes to try. Designed for lifestyle blogs, Rosalinda is easy to use. It would be a great choice for health coaches, nutritionists, or fitness trainers. Jam-packed with WPBakery on board, it makes the site-building work a smooth track. Thus, you create, delete, or customize design elements as per your taste. Plan to have workshops or meetings? Great. The Booked Appointments plugin would help manage your bookings. Also, you can always save time with custom shortcodes and widgets. Whether you are an expert in health issues, nutrition, or lifestyle hacks, let your prospects know about you. Finally, the responsive design of your website will help you rank well in search results.

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Artrium | Creative Agency & Web Studio WordPress Theme

Unlock the potential of your business with Artrium. Creative and fresh, Artrium is a perfect option for a contemporary web design studio. It works also for a creative agency, marketing & advertising bureau, website building, and the like. The best thing about Artrium is that it comes with the Elementor page builder on board. For you, that means nothing but the best content- editing ability. Also, Artrium is based on the powerful ThemeREX framework that lets you manage the visual and operational sides of your website. And you don’t even have to call in for pros. Isn’t that great? No need to spend much time creating new page layouts, Elementor is the very option that saves you the day. On top of that, Artrium is a GDPR-compliant solution that ensures your website is up to date to matter what.

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Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

As a coach, you need a website that reflects you. It’s time to show off. With Helion, it’s easy to make your website look and feel just right. It fits all kinds of online and offline portfolios, personal blogs, or online magazines. You can use it also for CV, VCard, copywriter, photographer, or fashion web purposes. Responsive layout of Artrium lets your users access and navigate your pages from multiple types of devices. If you are brave to take more creative risks and push the boundaries, Elementor page builder is here to help. On top of that, make the best use of WooCommerce integration to make your Benjamins by selling things online. Enjoy a collection of pre-made page layouts to save time without boring too much with things like coding. And forget not about your blog.

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Rhodos | Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business

Your website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign. You can’t compete without it these days. Want to grab user attention & to get top rankings? Then, go for Rhodos. Elegant & clean, it shines bright amongst motivation WordPress themes on the list. Rhodos works well for any corporate and business website. Whether it’s a law, financial, or accountant consultant firm, Rhodos fits right off the bat. Aside from 10 unique pre-designed niche skins, Rhodos features an autoplay video background. That is a great way to tell a story of your brand in a more appealing way. Also, crafted with care, Rhodos comes with a fast page load. Building an online store on your site won’t require some extra work. The WooCommerce package will do the hardest work for you. So, take a look for yourself.

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M.Williamson | Lawyer & Legal Adviser WordPress Theme

Visitors will often make snap judgments about your business within seconds of landing on your site. So, make sure they do the right judgment about you. M.Williamson is a clean member of motivation WordPress themes designed to help you promote your brand online. It’s a perfect choice for a legal adviser agency, lawyers bureau, counsels, or attorneys company. Its clean and modern design can help show off all your major services. Also, it features two types of the menu and a handy ‘scroll to top’ button. There’re several pre-made pages for all occasions but you can create new ones on your own. Forget about coding issues and get your hands deeper into the web design with WPBakery. Want to sell books or services? M.Williamson is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Give it a check to see how great it adapts to any screen size or resolution.

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Pastor’e | Church, Religion & Charity WordPress Theme

Your web design has a huge impact on how people perceive your business and the quality of your services. This is especially true when it comes to religion, charity, or church. Pastor’e is the other member of motivation WordPress themes worth exploring. Easy to use and customize, it lets you build a modern website, not tomorrow but today. Are you a non-profit organization that aims to raise funds? Then Pastor’e can handle it expertly. When it comes to showcasing events, keep your users informed. The power of the Events Calendar would be a huge help. Indeed, you’ll want to sell Christian literature, apparel, or gifts online, so there’s nothing to stop you. Pastor’e also features a single page for pastors and priests that would be extra help for your users. Don’t be afraid to explore Pastor’e for more features.

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Revirta | Personal Virtual Assistant & Secretary WordPress Theme

Does an idea to build a website seem hard? Not with Revirta. Stylish and trendy, Revirta might come quite handy. It’s a perfect fit for those who lack motivation in website building. Want to get more creative? Give Revirta a try. Revirta is a huge help for a virtual personal assistant, advisor, or manager. It can help pitch yourself in a more appeling way. Also, it’s paired with the WPBakery page builder. As a result, you skip a ton of coding issues. Having a website that promotes your brand on all modern devices is a big advantage. Not sure where to start? Go for homepage layouts. There are 6 of them and at least one fits you best. If you want to expand the theme options, the functionality of ThemeREX Addons will come to the rescue. Stay motivated with Revirta to make your advantage stand out.

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Candidate | Political / Non-profit WordPress Theme

When searching for the best motivation WordPress themes, Candidate is the solution. Clean and stylish, it can help your site to rank well and attract organic traffic over time. People are going to access your website from multiple types of devices. That’s why Candidate comes with a fully responsive layout. Got a political party to promote? Candidate can help. You can choose between 2 layout options – one page and multi-page. If you want to save time, custom shortcodes and widgets would be a huge help. Make sure your website reflects your campaign’s unique character, making it clear to your audience what it’s about. Also, it’s easy to raise funds and accept donations online. Thanks to the Events Calendar plugin, keep your users updated about what’s coming up. For more goodies, click the Details button.

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MCKinney’s Politics | Elections Campaign & Social Activism WordPress Theme

Want to grab site visitors’ attention from the get-go? Explain to your visitors what drives you as a politician. MCKinney’s Politics earns your attention. Clean and modern, it can inspire you to build the top-of-the-line website. In fact, it works also for any non-profit web projects. Thus, enjoy 9 political news & gallery layouts. Even better, you can create new unique page layouts on your own. Learn how the WPBakery page builder can help. Next, this specimen of motivation WordPress themes is coded in line with the best SEO practices. As a result, your website is more likely to rank well and attract organic traffic. Want to raise funds or sell promotion stuff? The WooCommerce functionality will get you over that hump. What’s more, it’s easy to add CV Card functionality. ThemeREX addons plugin will save you time.

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Miller | Personal Assistant & Administrative Services WordPress Theme

If you’re ready to start designing the website of your dreams, Miller can help. Fresh and alluring, it could be the one-stop solution for you. It works well for a personal assistant, advisor bureau, or an aid agency. Also, Miller is a great choice for websites related to business assistance. For instance, correspondence, event planning, or phone support services websites. Well, it’s the other premium WP template ready to save heaps of time for you. Thus, it comes with the WPBakery page builder on its board. Next, it’s compatible with the Booked Appointments and Instagram Feed plugins. To help you expand the functionality of your site, make the best use of the ThemeREX Addons plugin. Do you have some special achievements or outstanding skills? Place it on your homepage sliders and let your site visitors know your strongest sides.

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S.King | Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger WordPress Theme

Ready to start building a site that drives real results for your business? S.King can help you build a personal website with responsive pages. Without a doubt, your website will respond to all possible mobile devices that exist today. Modern & feature-rich, S.King can turn the site-building work into a pleasurable experience. So, it features two types of menu – classic and pop-up. Next, it lets you create as many new page layouts as you wish. As a fashion retailer, you’ll want to sell your products or services online. And there’s nothing to stop you. Moreover, jam-packed with the WooCommerce plugin, S.King lets you sell within minutes. On top of that, S.King is compatible with the Events Calendar plugin. Give them a seamless, professional experience and they’ll stay with you longer.

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Right Way | Election Campaign and Political Candidate WordPress Theme

To start building an online portfolio that establishes credibility, give Right Way a check. All in all, a whopping 1K of downloads should be a big reason to do that. Right Way is one of the best motivation WordPress themes designed with care. First, it’s a multi-purpose solution. Its clean and responsive design lets you build a website that looks professional and polished. Second, it has a lot of you to offer. 15 attractive homepage styles would be a huge help. Right Way is a true fit for different business purposes. Aside from the powerful ThemeREX framework, it’s compatible with Elementor. Next, you can raise funds or access donations online to keep your campaign alive. What’s more, it comes with an SEO optimized code to help your website keep its rankings top & safe. Go ahead and build a modern website with GDPR-compliant legal pages on your own.

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Judie Larson | Life Coach and Psychologist Personal WordPress Theme

Looking for inspiration to put to use in the design of your own life coaching site? Let Judie Larson come to your aid. Whether you want to promote speaking engagements or help clients live happier lives, the time is now. Build a beautiful and inspirational life coaching website on your own and reach your goals. Clean and attractive, Judie Larson looks awesome on mobile devices. It’s a great fit for a psychologist, trainer, or nutrition consultant. A website that is easy to navigate will put your business on the map and catch the attention of prospects. Want to sell your own books? No worries. Judie Larson is a WooCommerce ready solution. Want to keep your users informed about the upcoming events? A piece of cake. That’s where the Events Calendar functionality can help. Now it’s time to find new clients and fill your calendar.

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Conclusion About the Most Compelling Motivation WordPress Themes

It’s not a secret, we all need motivation from time to time. Knowing the places to fill that gap can boost your creativity and health. For those in the web design, the collection of motivation WordPress themes above would be a serious help. Many great website design ideas never get off the ground, but yours could. So, wait no longer and build a website that shows what you can really do.

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