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Most Popular Money Maker WordPress Themes: Exactly What These Themes Should Be Called

Most Popular Money Maker WordPress Themes: Exactly What These Themes Should Be Called

On the whole internet, there are only two varieties of people.

One are those who see internet as a place of entertainment and information. Others are those who see internet as an
opportunity, a platform that can open the floodgates of money.

There are endless possibilities for every passionate individual.

Those who already have some business in existence can promote their existing business and give unlimited space
for their business to expand.

Those who are just startups can start an online business totally independent from offline existence. There are so
many brilliant ideas to start with, such as affiliate marketing, selling video and articles, teaching online, becoming
a blogger, and hundreds of ideas that can turn you from nothing into a self-developed millionaire.

So welcome if you are passionate to build a profitable online business. It’s a treat for both the two varieties
of people on the internet we were talking about.

WordPress themes listed below will give you some wildly stunning ideas to start your online source of income.


Musica WordPress Theme – WordPress Theme for Online Music Tutorial Sites

If you are a music expert and looking to earn money online through your talent. There are many ways to make money
online using musical skills and knowledge. Think about providing music lesson materials or teaching online then this
theme might help you. You can build online music tutorial site even if you are reserved in the various instrument
(like guitar, violin, drums, flutes, piano and keyboard, reed, octave, lyre etc.) can use this theme effectively.

The theme is incorporated with membership functionality to sell your music tutorials and courses online. Any paid,
or premium course in the form of videos, text, e-books can be sold easily with Musica WordPress theme. The skills and
ideas you can develop while at the same time making extra money will further help in your career in music. A real win-win

Video Theme

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SaleJunction WordPress Theme – WordPress Marketplace Theme

Do you have a vision of selling some amazing products? E-commerce stores can be an excellent business to go into, if
you do it the right way. And here’s the best way to build an e-commerce website without getting stuck down in the technical
aspect of web design and maintenance – SaleJunction WordPress Theme. This powerful theme allows you to build an extremely
appealing e-commerce site where you can sell multiple products.

Visitors can easily browse your product, see it’s specification, analyse quality and make up their mind to buy a product.
The theme offers three payment option PayPal, cheque payment or direct bank transfer hence making convenient for the buyer.
So create your website now and start selling your products with this amazing theme.

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Classicraft WordPress Theme – WordPress Classified Theme

Classicraft is a powerful theme to create your own highly profitable classified website like OLX, Quicker, etc.
Once you have a well-established classified website, you can make a passive income out of it. The theme allows you to
feature classified ads on homepage and category page for which you can charge small amounts from your visitors for placing
classified ads. You can also sell ad space in your site and charge it for monthly and weekly basis. You can also monetize
your website using Google Ads.

Just imagine a website where users can signup and post their advertisement. If you charge $5 for per advertisement
per month and have approx 500 paying customers, that means you make $2500 every month which keeps on growing with time.
Starting a classified ad website isn’t a way to become rich quickly… think about it.

Classified Theme

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Life Coach WordPress Theme – Theme for Personal Development Professionals

This theme is an excellent platform to launch or represent your business online and establish a foothold in the personal
development industry. Now you can reach to more customers than would ever before. The theme also gives ability to your
client to book for meeting with the help of it appointment booking features. You can see the booking information of the
users as well as accept the online payment.

We’ve become digitized and want a quick fix for our problems. Plus, you can’t argue that it’s pretty convenient too,
so it’s a win-win situation all the way around. You can earn and grow your business by presenting your service online,
and Life Coach fits that mold perfectly. Get your coaching website live today!

Booking Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


GeoCraft WordPress Theme – WordPress Business Directory Theme

GeoCraft theme is an ideal solution to create a directory listing site and start earning online. You can create an
online directory of hotels, restaurants, clubs, a list of shops, a list of colleges and universities, or any such directory
portal with this theme. All you need to do is setup a directory site and start selling the spot. You can charge from your
customer for listing their business. Depending upon your niche you can get a good amount of money from your customer.

The theme also allows to monetize your website through Google Ads and Ads from other resources. The theme provides you
with enough ads space to let you monetize your website traffic. You can also charge extra bucks for featured listing as the
theme gives you ability to arrange all the listings based on the prices the advertiser pay.

Directory Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Blogs Trend WordPress Theme – Best Blog WordPress Theme

Blogs trend is elegant and specially designed WordPress theme for blogging site. It has everything that you need to
setup a perfect blog site. Blogging can be a solid way to make long-term income. Just for doing some writing stuff that
you know and actually like and care about. The theme offers ads space that you can utilize to monetize your website. You
can place Google ads and take advantage of click to earn more money or sell you ads space to another resource.

Depending upon your niche you can earn even more. You can charge for a product review from your customer and they would
be happy to pay as your site gain credibility. If you do it in a right way, the work you do today will continue making money
for years to come. It’s an investment that is going to return more every passing month.

Blog Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Modern Therapy WordPress Theme – WordPress Theme For Spa and Beauty Salon

Want to earn extra $ from your massage therapy business, then think about expanding where, as well as what.
Think about how you could go to where the customers are, rather than waiting for the customers to come to you. This
elegant Modern Therapy WordPress Theme will help you to grow your business scope and reach to your targeted clients.

This fully customizable WordPress theme contains everything you need for your Spa and massage therapy WordPress website.
The theme is incorporated with booking and lead capture forms that will help you to boost your productivity. Now you can
take customer appointments and payments 24/7 through your website. Manage your services, resources, appointments,
confirmations and reminders all through a simple admin dashboard.

Beauty Salon Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Bottl’s WordPress Theme – Auction WordPress Theme

Bottl’s is a perfect theme to earn cash through conducting an online auction and reverse auction. With this theme, you
can follow the complete process of an auction just the same as offline auction. You can also offer the items for instant
purchase at the reserved price. In short Bottl’s is an ideal theme to create a site like eBay and make some money.
It is compatible with WooCommerce cart plugin and integrated with WooCommerce auction plugin.

Whenever, a person want to sell their item on your site you could charge an insertion fee to list their item and a
valuation fee if item gets successfully sold out. The theme also provide you with optional extras field that could enhance
the chance of selling, such as extra descriptions fields, extra photos or a ‘Buy it Now’ feature which allows you to buy
the item for set price instead of through an auction.

Auction Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Subscribely WordPress Theme – Membership WordPress Theme

There are lots of things that you can do to earn money from the internet but one of the quickest ways is to sell your
knowledge through coaching. Subscribely v2 is a WordPress Membership Theme designed for building sleek membership website
to sell your content online. Which means a visitor can access your premium video if they are paid member. The content may
be Membership Videos, eBooks, Articles, Reports or any other premium content.

You can collect a recurring revenue which means you can make more money by selling your services over and over again.
The theme is loaded with a feature that help you to easily setup your professional membership site. You can create a steady
stream of income every month with this subscribely membership theme.

Membership Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


V Production WordPress Theme – Video Production WordPress Theme

V Production is an excellent video WordPress Theme and a great tool to build video blogging and video featuring websites.
If you’re into making a video, then this theme can give you plenty of potentials to make money online. You can create
online course or training video like and get paid for it.

You can also monetize the V production Theme through built-in Ad Module, which supports any kind of Google Ads or Ads
from other sources. Once you are established, you can sell targeted advertising and offer paid promotions. Just grab this
theme and you can create one such website for you and can start doing wonders.

Video WordPress Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Black Horse WordPress Theme – Theme for Clubs and sports Academy

Using this theme you can take the hassle out of collecting membership fees. The theme allows you to collect online
membership fee for club and academy. You can configure with 18 different currency you wish. You will instantly see how
easy and fast it is to collect payments. With this WordPress theme you can do the endless things to explore your profession
or academy.

The black horse is a perfect theme for clubs, sports academy and dance academy. You can create a great website and makes
an immense impact with its home page. The Homepage Featured Section is created to display a different aspect of your club
and sports-based websites. This theme allows you to display many of the useful resources like academics, career, tips,
training, etc.

Sports Academy Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Eventory WordPress Theme – WordPress Themes For Events

One of the best ways to organize a successful event is having a great looking website that your audience would love to
visit and recommend to their peers. A statistic suggests that having an attractive event site embedded with smart ticket
selling system can help you to oversell your tickets. Eventory is an exact WordPress Theme to setup your event website.
It’s alluring design will help you to attract the visitors and make them remember for long time.

The theme is integrated with an event calendar and woo commerce ticket-selling system. You can schedule and showcase
all your past and upcoming events. Woocommerce ticket selling gives power to your customer to buy ticket online at anytime
and from anywhere, as conventional means can be expensive and time-consuming. Eventory is a perfect WordPress Theme to
promote your events and take it to all new level among your audience.

Event Booking Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Variant WordPress Theme – Landing Page WordPress Theme

Variant is powerful landing page WordPress theme bundle that consist 5 different page template. The theme let you
collect more leads and hence, increase your conversion rate. Variant is the best theme to represent your business or
service online. The theme would also be able to tell the story of your value proposition to your client. It makes your
website a great medium to successfully grow your brand and leverage all things required to drive results for your businesses.

Variant is integrated with effective marketing tool like FormGet which let you create any kind of lead capture form.
You can build your form according to your business requirement. By paying some extra bucks, you can also collect online
payment with this tool. I think the theme could do much better.

Lead Capture Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


CherryPlay WordPress Theme – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

CherryPlay is extremely remarkable, smart, professional Multipurpose WordPress Theme. The theme is highly customizable
and 100% responsive. The theme is exactly a testament for all business persons who want to grow their business scope.
You can perfectly frame any kind of website with this theme and show your vicinity on the internet that helps you impress
your prospects.

The theme allows you to showcase your services, plans and product and sell them online. You can collect payment as
the theme is integrated with three different payment method. Perhaps this can be the last theme you ever need to buy.
Take a look at sales page and see what all you’ve got in it.

E-commerce Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Rethink WordPress Theme – WordPress Review Theme for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has become one of the top business opportunities online because the startup costs are so low,
and the income you generate can be mind-blowing. Rethink is a perfect WordPress theme to build affiliate marketing or
product review site. The theme can cover product review with a rating system and affiliate description. You can earn
commission whenever sales have been made through your site by placing affiliate link.

Once you establish your credibility, you can also charge from customer to review their product. All the hard work you
do today will continue making money for coming years. Rethink allow you to display any number of product and also
add banner ads in your site.

Review Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Dekor WordPress Theme – Furniture WordPress Theme

Dekor is a complete solution for any furniture selling site. If you wish to start an online furniture selling business,
then this theme have all the desirable elements for you. The theme make it easy to build and manage your online furniture
store. Your customers will be able to quickly and smoothly browse or search through your entire furniture stock and make a
purchase. The theme is incorporated with woo commerce that allow your customers to place their order after they have decided
to buy.

You can give your customers the ability to furnish their homes right from their computers while your business make
profits. With this theme, you can run a high volume of e-commerce business easily. The theme is optimized with responsive
design to display beautifully on desktops, tablets, and smartphones; you can sell furniture wherever your customers go.

E-commerce Business Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


VideoCraft WordPress Theme – Video WordPress Theme

VideoCraft is an ideal theme to create a video sharing website. This theme makes it easy to build Video Submission
WordPress Platform. You can frame and run a user-generated video site like Youtube and Vimeo and earn money. VideoCraft
Theme is incorporated with complete registration module and video uploading module, registered users can either upload
their video or embed video URL from another site like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or MetaCafe.

You can monetize your site through built-in Ad Module, which supports Google Ads. The theme allows you to place the
ads at a most relevant position to get more users attention and give you the advantage of clicks by earning more money.
You can also offer ads space on your site and charge it for monthly or weekly basis.

Video Blogging Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Beauty Salon WordPress Theme – Theme For Makeup artist

If you own beauty salon and still working without online booking system? Now is the time to know the benefits of an
online booking system and go along start using it. Statistics shows that more and more bookings today are made outside
of business hours therefore, your booking services should always be open. An online booking system allows you to receive
booking 24 hours and leads to more sales.

The beauty salon is a responsive WordPress theme for beauty salon, massage therapist or cosmetic treatments. The theme
is integrated with the online booking system and allow you to collect payment online via PayPal. Moreover, your clients are
capable of booking your services or any online sales by a proper scheduling system.

Beauty Salon Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Simplre WordPress Theme – The Real Estate Agent’s WordPress Theme

Simplre is a real estate business WordPress theme for real estate business and also for real estate property listing
websites. You can collect property listings from various real estate agents and make them available for buyers at one place
and charge commission for referring buyers. You can also take an extra commission for each successful deals.

You can showcase any number of properties with all the required details, images and google maps.
The theme allows you to featured your best property according to your wish. So, you can also take an extra buck for
featuring the property and helps your agent to sell it fast. You can create an agent and assign the property to the
respected agent. Simplre is both powerful and flexible theme to build a property listing website.

Real Estate Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo


Yatra WordPress Theme – Travel Booking WordPress Theme for Destination Planners

Yatra is a WordPress theme for tour and travel planners, and travel agency businesses websites. It allows your visitors
to plan and book a perfect trip from your site and let you earn a certain amount of commission per vacation package.
The theme comes with in-built booking and payment system. Yatra makes the process of booking simple and easy for your

This theme allows you to display various plans with detailed description and images so that your client make an instant
booking. By selling a package, you can earn a good amount of money from the hotels or from the agents who are providing
this facility. As a travel agent, you can enter into a contract with the concerned parties and receive timely commissions.
You can make a lot of money if you can focus on your online travel agency and present your package effectively.

Travel Booking Theme

Theme Info | Theme Demo

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