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Top 31 Free & Paid MailChimp Email Templates 2019

Top 31 Free & Paid MailChimp Email Templates 2019

Email marketing is the new gold standard for creating a community of brand-aware customers that are eager to learn more about your products, on top of being existing users of them. With traditional advertising slowly decaying into the abyss, it will become imperative for marketers and bloggers alike to focus their efforts on a concise email marketing strategy, whereas a few years ago you could get away without having to create meaningful connections with your readers, the new paradigm of web media challenges all authors, journalists and bloggers to establish a solid foundation for the future of their brand, and one such way to create a solid community is through email marketing.

It all starts with users freely giving you access to their email address through a subscription module that you’re using, this is the first indicator that users are truly interested in your content, products, or services that you may be offering. Acknowledging this first step can help you tailor a strong brand message for any future emails that you’re to send. Begin by acknowledging why your users are signing up in the first place — what message did you use to onboard them? — and then focus on crafting email marketing campaigns that reinforce your strong message.


MailChimp is one of the most affordable and most easy to use email marketing platforms on the market right now, and with their free plan — anyone who has less than 2,000 email subscribers can enjoy the service of sending free email campaigns (up to 12,000 emails) to their subscribers. So, to best prepare your own campaigns it pays to look into the ways that you can design your email campaigns because design is often the determining factor of how users are interpreting your message. Having a clunky theme / template can have detrimental effects of readers wanting to read your emails in full, not to mention that you could be losing out on things like click through rates because of lack of consistency in design colors.

Taking this into consideration, we have put together an amazing collection of free MailChimp email templates that are going to amplify your campaigns with solid design symetrics, whilst giving you top of the line features to make your emails stand out from the competition. All these templates are optimized for mobile design and are fully responsive, don’t worry yourself about having to create custom responsive design queries.

The MailChimp Inspiration Center is an epic resource to learn about the capabilities of modern email marketing, this resourceful page is packed with examples of how other media publishers and bloggers are using MailChimp to create stunning and flexible templates.

Colorlib Email v1

If you run a restaurant, this is the everyday MailChimp email template you can use for sending out newsletters of all sorts. It is a full-blown layout which you can use for an assortment of different needs. From sending out a full introduction of your fresh new restaurant or food business opening to regular weekly newsletters, pushing special deals and events, whatever you are in need of, capture their attention with Colorlib Email v1. By the way, whether you run a pizzeria, a steak house or any other foods and drinks location, even fast food, this design is ready and set for you to go live with it.

Download   Preview

Colorlib Email v2

Corporate and small businesses, agencies and pretty much anyone out there who is pushing some sort of services, Colorlib Email v2 is the MailChimp email template to go with. However, to be entirely frank with you, use your imagination and employ the email canvas for something entirely different. You have the power to stuff the design with your portfolio, stats, links to blog posts and more. In fact, you can use the tool to create a landing page style email template where they can learn all and everything about you and your business. Needless to say, the template has a modern and responsive layout which works beautifully on all devices, handheld and desktop.

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Colorlib Email v3

You have a subscription box on your page which keeps on collecting your emails regularly. But what to do next? Use your list wisely and strategically for sending out frequent newsletter and keep them aware of your existence, services and whatever else you have in store for them. Colorlib Email v3 is a beautiful, professional and sophisticated MailChimp email template for agencies and freelancers. With the minimal style, all your works and projects will appear stunningly whether they use a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Of course, Colorlib Email v3 template also comes with footer section where you can link your newsletter to different sections on your page and offer them to unsubscribe.

Download   Preview

Colorlib Email v4

Colorlib Email v4 is a MailChimp email template for when you would like to send out a newsletter with your latest or most read blog posts. Whether a blogger or an agency who is regularly updating their followers with new content, spread the word out with a neat and clean email template. You can structure the design similarly to how your blog looks and keep the branding intact. You can add multiple blog posts or even promote the current one, you can make it happen with Colorlib Email v4 template without a hassle. In the footer area, the email canvas also has a place for your information, contact details and useful links. It is important to add additional details so you do not appear spammy to email service providers and services like Gmail. You should always aim for the inbox tab.

Download   Preview

Colorlib Email v5

For travel agencies specifically, here is Colorlib Email v5. This MailChimp email template rocks a striking and very eye-catchy design that will impress everyone that receives a newsletter from you. If they did not book a trip yet, sending out hot deals and images of beautiful destinations is important. With a clever approach to your email campaigns, you can win over more customers and grow your travel agency to new heights. And if you are a tourist guide with a decent email list, by all means, use this nifty layout and start informing your subscribers about the next exciting adventure you are preparing.

Download   Preview

Official MailChimp Templates


You should always explore the official templates of MailChimp before jumping to any other conclusions or choices, the thing about seeing a fancy email template is that it might not be compatible (not fully) with MailChimp’s template editor platform, and you may find that you’ve spent a substantial amount of money for no apparent reason. The MailChimp directory of templates provides a selection of boilerplates that act as email templates which you can further edit using MailChimp’s built-in software for creating newsletters. This software allows you to manage custom elements of the newsletter, so you can easily add text, images and videos depending on the initial style that you selected. Sometimes, as many have said before, less is truly more.

Bloggers with frequent content updates should focus on using templates that are easy to read and digest, versus using a business-class template that’s obviously built for the purpose of brand promotion, just because it looks nice to the eyes doesn’t mean it adds the same level of functionality for basic needs.


Monthly Contest


The Monthly Contest templates is a perfect solution for platforms and websites that utilize the power of social promotion in order to attract customer engagement and additional readership. Designed as a two-part template, the Monthly Contest theme can be used to announce important news, and encourage newsletter subscribers to participate in a contest that you’ve created. Using MailChimp’s tools you can edit the colors and appearance of the fonts on all of the elements. It’s worth noting that MailChimp also integrates features like social media sharing, and general social media information so that despite it being an email, subscribers can still share your latest updates with their friends and associates. Because this template comes from MailChimp’s own selection, it will be easy to modify and get up and running.




eCommerce is an exploding industry where email is becoming the standard method of product announcements, offer promotion, and general proposal of discounts. So it pays to look around and weed out any poorly designed Ecommerce email templates in exchange for professional and well-designed themes that represent your own brand. Cutout will be a useful addition to those email campaigns where you plan to reward loyal long-term customers with special offers, and the text block below the offer can be used to throw in some extra news of what you have been up to lately in terms of your business. An email template this simple will without question attract attention, and customers won’t have to hold on to the offer for long because it’s so simple to utilize.


Shopping Bag by Creative Media Farm


A slightly more stylish choice, the Shopping Bag template is the ultimate compliment to the upcoming holiday season. Everyone is starting to save up anything they can to have an amazing holiday experience, so why not use this creative template that resembles a shopping bag to promote your latest holiday offers?

The header leaves room to insert a custom icon, and announcement text of what your plans are for the holiday season, whilst the bottom of the newsletter gives you plenty of room to list some of your latest product additions, or if it comes down to it — just use that space to promote special offers that customers without a doubt will be interested in. The creamy colors combined with the internal widgets make this a stellar choice for any eCommerce business out there that values their customers needs during the special holiday season period.


Invitation by Terris Kremer


What better option is there to promote an upcoming event? Writing a blog post about it might get you a reasonable amount of viewership, and perhaps social media posts might bring a little extra more, but ultimately you’re doing events for the people who’re already a part of your brand, and in that case your best bet of getting real and interested people to attend your events is to send out your existing user base an email newsletter update letting them know that it’s time to plan ahead for the event that you’re hosting.

Invitation makes the process of sending out an invitation extremely flexible, since you won’t be able to squeeze in the whole registration form into the email itself, you can write a quick announcement outline of what your event is about and provide a Registration button as shown in this template. Easy, but ultimately flexible and convenient.


Color Tab


Color Tab is an absolute gem of a template for writers and creative thinkers who want a unique feel to their newsletters, if you’re someone who loves to share long-form stories and need a newsletter template that reflects your creative mind, then Color Tab compliments that desire really well. You can use the main text area to show a few intro paragraphs to your latest piece, while at the bottom the color separated content area helps you to show more informational links related to what you’re writing about. It’s common to see journalists and passionate writers to use templates like this to send out an occasional update of their latest writing, with a little bit of optimization you could tailor this unique color scheme to be used in any context whatsoever.




Being junkes of minimal design ourselves (once again, less is more) we couldn’t resist to include the Minimal template from MailChimp’s own template directory. Minimal allows you to create a roundup of your latest publications and include them in a single to browse grid setting. Avoid including clutter like images, videos or any interactive widgets and stick to what’s important to you: writing. The color scheme might be a little bit bleak for your own needs, so don’t hesitate to change the colors up to reflect the color scheme of your own website, it will make it that much more enjoyable for your readers to switch from email to your blog, without invoking a transition of attention — sometimes using design psychology can really help in keeping readers engaged.


Green Village


We are going to start to change gears with the templates here and begin to switch over to freebies and free MailChimp template downloads that have been provided by the courtesy of third parties. We’ve tailored our list to reflect easy to use templates that won’t be hard to import into your own MailChimp campaign editor, and we will start off with the Green Village template.

This succinct hipster-feel template covers the main areas of what a professional email looks like: you’ve room for a big header image (quotes, anything you like), then comes a selection of textbox widgets (using images) for showcasing your latest content updates, and last but not least you have a professional footer at the bottom to show your business information (like address), and a few social media icons to let your subscribers know that they can follow you or your brand on social media. The use of appropriate line-heights and soothing colors makes this template great for health news publishers, and anyone who’s writing or sharing information about environmentally friendly living.


Email on Acid


Once in awhile you will stumble upon email templates that provide an email editor capability, these are basically templates that allow you to customize their appearance without having to use an external platform such as MailChimp, however upon finalizing the design of your choice, you can still easily import these design into your MailChimp account and use them for sending campaigns. Email on Acid provides such a suite of templates that have been carefully tested to work with the most commonly used mobile and tablet devices.

What we liked about Email on Acid package is that it gives you a rundown of tips and tricks on how to create email newsletters that truly deliver clicks, and exposure that you require, on top of including studies and whitepapers on how other successful businesses have used email marketing to take their business to the next level. All that’s required to gain access is an email subscription, which at any point you can discontinue but still use the templates regardless.


Responsive Email


Derek Punsalan has built himself a successful career in design, and has taken his expertise in user interface and experience design to deliver this simple Responsive Email template you can use is any context you desire. We like Derek’s choice of using the green colors to instill soothing emotions, because email should never feel overwhelming; poor choices lead to poor conversion rates. Responsive Email is suitable for mobile devices, whilst being a good choice for sending desktop-newsletters with the latest announcements. There’s just enough room to discuss what’s happening in your world, and you can direct readers to specific page using the big share button that Derek has included in the design. Once you download the template, you can load it into MailChimp and it’s ready to go, whereas experienced developers can further play with the code to create unique customizations.


Creating a Simple Responsive HTML Email


Nicole Merlin from Tuts+ wants you to take charge of your email campaigns by delivering a flawless tutorial on how to create your own personal responsive HTML email template. This beginner-friendly tutorial takes you through the steps of learning how to use media queries in order to structure a template that would be appealing to any device type. End result is a creative execution of modern design interface types, whilst sustaining an ease to read.

The great thing about tutorial such as this, is that you can go through the tutorial of building your own template, and during the process gain a better understanding of how other templates have been built, at which point you have the ability to make customizations that are far more complex and far more precise than those that you’d be able to create with email template editors. Knowing a little bit of CSS and HTML can go a long way towards your ability to stand out from the crowd with a unique and beautiful design.


Creating a Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media Queries


Design is always changing, and while it’s good to know how media queries work (above tutorial) it’s also crucial to learn how to code for the web without using media queries, whilst creating something that would be displayed equally well amongst desktop and mobile devices. Nicole Merlin has taken her time to extend the initial tutorial she wrote about email template design, and has built a new alternative that doesn’t use media queries whilst still providing a way to create email templates that show-up on mobile devices.

This kind of approach utilizes grid and table designs to better understand the dimensions of the device that is viewing the particular template, and once you have that figured out the rest is a piece of cake. This tutorial might take slightly more time to finish, but as you can see in the preview snapshot the final results are nothing short of amazing.


Foundation for Emails 2


We wrote an extensive roundup of the best HTML5 frameworks you can get your hands on, and the Foundation HTML5 Framework earned a worthy mention in that list, not because it’s an established brand, but because the team at Foundation has continiously embraced the evolving web technology, and with each new release has been able to deliver on the promise of being one of the most advanced HTML5 frameworks on the market.

Today, we’re featuring the Foundation for Emails (2nd release) framework that is going to aid you in crafting the perfect email template for your newsletters; fully compatible with MailChimp! What’s so appealing about Foundation Emails is that this engine carefully tailors to your needs, so whether you’re looking to create a new marketing newsletter, or want to promote your latest products, the in-built algorithm technology helps you to utilize the given tools to their most optimal potential so that each design comes out with pristine and impeccable precision. The provision of email template boilerplates enables you to select the perfect grid layout upon which you can start to build a professional looking template that’s going to bring in the conversions that you’ve always wanted to have.




Zippy Pixels has worked on providing stellar design choices for the last several years, and in order to promote their own selection of premium email templates, they’ve chosen to make Kreative — one of their flagship templates — a freebie for anyone to download and use in their campaigns. Kreative not only works with MailChimp, it can be quickly integrated into other email marketing platforms like Campaign Monitor, Litmus, and other platforms that allow you to import custom HTML templates. What makes Kreative to stand out so much from other templates we’ve seen is the impeccable attention towards detail of design. Each of the content layers and widget areas have been carefully optimized to reflect truly sensational design standards.

You can see in the preview demo just how precise these designs are, take for example the blog post outlines — each blog post mention gets its own unique grid box, while managing to integrate a “continue reading” button on top of including social share buttons for each of the individual grid boxes. You can use Zippy Mail template editor to tailor your template as best suitable for your current demands, but even with the default setup this template manages to make a lasting impression.




PixelHint’s responsive email template Passion storms through the competition. It has a flat, fluid and smooth design that’s going to inspire creative artists to do more with their newsletters. The preview snapshot above shows you the design style that Passion uses throughout the whole of the template.

Features include a full-page header to show an attractive image (quotes work really well). Also, a business company could utilize its features. They can use it to talk about upcoming product releases. Even the creative themselves can enjoy features like an organized segment to show your favorite quotes. The easy to add blog content widget ensures that all your best blog posts will be noticed and ultimately read. Lastly at the bottom, you have a neatly-organized gallery widget to show your latest photos from your gallery. You can apply this to your social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram. Passion has that distinct feel of creative minimalism that manages to sustain a certain design element of fashion and style.




Surely enough.. Passion wasn’t the only email template that PixelHint is giving away, and Bella is another contender for an amazing choice for businesses and creatives that can appreciate a fashionable and minimal approach to web design. What’s more is that Bella template also includes the PSD files so you can take full control over how the email template looks from top to bottom.

If you are a startup that wants to use email marketing for the purpose of advertising and promoting new products, then Bella will help you send out a newsletter that can cover the aspects of product features, customer testimonials, and if you’re into content marketing — you can enlist your latest published content using a flexible blog content widget. The big spaces between each of the elements really helps to capture readers attention of each element individually, but if viewed from a desktop computer — then simply encompasses all of the newsletter into a single, sleek template.




Some like to keep it classy, so if you’re amongst those who do you might find Fabulous to be the perfect compliment for how you perceive a modern, yet simple design to be. Brought to you by CakeMail, this responsive template uses colored grid blocks to stitch together a newsletter for the purpose of announcing news, sharing blog posts, and with a little bit of modification could easily compliment an Ecommerce newsletter as well.


Premium MailChimp Email Templates

That’s about it, that’s as far as the free selection of email templates goes. It’s vital to remember that MailChimp does provide a sustainable email editor platform. So, any of these templates could be further modified and perfected based on your current needs. Sometimes all you need is a boilerplate template and you’re good to go. As per our tradition, we’re going to include a number of MailChimp email template selections from the private sector. These templates will require an affordable monetary investment in exchange for a template that was built by a professional designer. These designers should have a deep understanding of design standards and techniques.

Take a moment to sweep through these, you never know when you might come across a particular gem, but when you do — don’t hesitate to hit the purchase button, these premium templates are one of a kind and are typically packed with unique features that free and traditional resources don’t usually provide.



Dolly from Sobasign does an excellent job at combining together extensive business and creative-type modules for crafting the best newsletters. Dolly’s modules are configured so you can talk about your business (whenever you like). You can use Dolly to showcase your product features and to have standalone widgets for showing blog and content updates. The portfolio module uses a stunning design primer to show off your best work (or whatever you’re working on currently). Additional modules include the ability to show your team members in a newsletter. Dolly also contains outline answers to frequently asked questions in an actual FAQ style widget. You can go as far as including a Google Maps of your business location. You can advantage of the pricing widget so you can show the pricing plans of your products in the newsletter.

Overall, Dolly is a magnificent example of how a lead-oriented conversion page can be integrated into an email newsletter.




It’s a well-tailored responsive email theme that uses the concept of FLAT web design. It can provide your page with that extra spark when you provide support for Retina-ready displays. The developers built Retinadore’s core files where you can directly import them into your MailChimp template campaigns. From there on, you can just use the editor to align each of the elements as you see fit.

The creator of Retinadore put together an extended demo preview page that shows you a selection of designs. You can select from different color choices, up to ten unique colors for each design; how’s that for saving you some time in the design process? We scoured through the all the demo templates available. We can conclude that this is a template can kick some serious butt in terms of conversions and onboarding rates. Use it to promote apps or to outline your latest content. There’s a feeling of versatility that’s accompanied by a modern design integration.




Lastly, we have Kent. It’s a responsive email templates that’s ready not only for MailChimp, but also MyMail, Aweber, SendGrid, iContact, Active Campaign. Kent features a responsive design with a huge library of over fifty unique modules to make each email special. It’s suitable with the StampReady email editing software. The developers included all PSD files and you have full access over the appearance of each of the files.



neo mailchimp email template
Neo is a multi-purpose MailChimp email template builder for everyone. With its integrated editor, you can create custom layouts, but you can take to your full advantage all the ready-made designs, too. Instead of doing all the heavy work yourself from scratch, have a convenient and user-friendly tool that will help your hammer out your brand specific email templates in a small breeze. No need to have any prior experience either; with Neo, you can all build the right layouts for your target audience. Some of the features include Mymail, Campaign Monitor compatibility, drag and drop editor and help document.



marion mailchimp email template
Marion is a contemporary MailChimp email template that quickly adapts to your needs. It does not really matter what your project or business is, Marion will assist you in creating the best possible email campaigns. Sending out newsletters should be fun and exciting. Not only that, but the email your subscribers receive should be highly clickable, boosting your open rates and click-throughs through the roof. With Marion, you can expect fantastic results with your emails, and when you introduce your creative spirit to the design, you unlock even more possibilities. Marion includes over nineteen blocks which you can mix and match until the overall layout matches your heart’s content.



bolt mailchimp email template
If you are on the hunt for an all-around MailChimp email template, chances are high that you will fall in love with bolt. This powerful, beginner-friendly and fully adjustable email skin is an ideal fit for all your needs and requirements. It comes with a whopping collection of over fifty blocks which give you the freedom to design and create unique and striking email newsletters. No email that you send out will be similar to the previous one. Of course, you want them all to follow your branding in the first place. For your information, bolt is compatible with all email service providers; just import the HTML and you are ready to roll.



kira mailchimp email template
Agencies, startups, small businesses, KIRA is the MailChimp compatible email template for you. In fact, with its modern and customizable layout, KIRA works with all sorts of different intentions. In other words, you do not need to limit yourself in any way, shape or form. Let the first email newsletter you send out be of the highest quality, presenting your services, portfolio and brand in the best possible light.

With the drag and drop technology, beginners and pros can craft outstanding emails that will keep subscribers engaged each and every single time. KIRA is also entirely documented so you will never find yourself lost in case it is your first ever email campaign you are setting up. Besides, KIRA also comes with free support for any additional questions and concerns you might have.



candy mailchimp email template
Candy is a sweet treat when it comes to email newsletter templates. First and foremost, Candy is compatible with all the popular email service providers, like MailChimp, Aweber, iContact and Stampready to name a few. Moreover, Candy rocks a responsive and mobile-ready layout to ensure it displays your stunning content on all devices like a dream. Besides, it is also perfectly in tune with retina screens and popular web browsers. Extra goodies come in the form of changing background images, hiding and duplicating modules, documentation and an HTML version without tags. Start building your newsletters with confidence and keep your subscribers updated with what is hot.


Krit Mail

krit mail mailchimp template
Krit Mail is a MailChimp email template but it works with other ESPs (email service providers), too. This comes helpful when you are in the process of testing out different ESPs figuring out which delivers your emails better, but that is more advanced stuff already and might not fit you right off the bat. However, it is good to know that you have all sorts of different options and do not need to stick only to one for the rest of your life. Krit Mail is compatible with all browsers, ensuring you that your emails look on all channels beautiful and of the highest degree. You can also design and fine-tune the layout of your email and make it follow your regulations.


Email Marketing Templates for MailChimp

We sincerely hope that this collection of email marketing templates for the MailChimp provider was helpful. We hope that you meet your current needs of the stages that your business or project is currently in. Do not hesitate to gives us feedback in terms of how you found this collection. Feel free to share an inspiring theme of your own in the comments.

Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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