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Magazine Cover Mockup

23 Best Magazine Cover Mockup Templates 2020

You are only a magazine cover mockup away from realizing your fresh project or a new issue. You are in luck since we have very many variations here for you to take to your total advantage. Instead of sending a magazine straight for print, first, see its realistic version with a mockup and go from there. And today, you can get things moving forward in a snap.

All the mockups will beautifully display either the front or the back or both covers of the magazine design you are currently working on. Sometimes, you can edit and adjust the entire mockup online, using an in-browser editor. Additionally, we also have quite some PSD magazine cover mockup templates here for you to use with Photoshop. Pick accordingly and create a life-like presentation that will blow everyone away.

The print medium will never go out of trend. Sure, folks are more prone to using tablets and smartphones to skim through a magazine, still, there are millions of folks out there who like the feel of the images and content. If you truly want to immerse yourself in the content, you definitely want to go with a copy of a real magazine, not the app or online version.

Now go ahead, create the necessary magazine cover and make a difference.

Mockup Featuring a Vertical and a Horizontal Magazine

mockup featuring a vertical and a horizontal magazine
If you are coming up with a design for a magazine, however, you do not know yet whether to go with a vertical or horizontal version, this mockup will do the trick. It features both options, allowing you to style them according to your liking. You can also change the color of each magazine individually, as well as alter the background. In little to no time, you can now create a life-like version of the fresh magazine cover that you are working on. Feel free to try all bunch of different variations before you pick the winner and finalize the presentation.

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Mockup of a Pile of Magazines on a Plain Surface

mockup of a small pile of magazines
This magazine cover mockup features a stack of three magazines over a solid surface. Both the cover and the spine of the magazine are editable with custom color and design. The dimension of the cover is 700 x 1000 px and 35 x 1000 px for the spine. If you have the artwork ready-made, the procedure of enriching the mockup will take you little to no time. After all, you only need to undergo a few clicks to have it all set and ready to impress your client or potential buyers. What’s more, you can also add text and graphics if you would like to spice up the demonstration.

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Magazine Mockup Featuring a Woman Reading in Bed

magazine mockup featuring a woman reading in bed
Step things up with a photorealistic mockup of a magazine cover featuring a woman reading in bed. This one offers you to include both the front and the back design of a magazine in just a few clicks. With the design that is of 700 x 1000 px dimension, you cover the entire space of the cover. However, you can also include a smaller one, crop and reposition it, as well as change the color of the magazine. Moreover, if you would like to add a call-to-action text, you can do that, too. Finally, you can complement your creation with a graphic from the Placeit’s archive or a custom one.

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Young Man Holding a Magazine

young white man holding a magazine
To get a magazine cover straight in their face, this realistic mockup will do the trick with ease. It features a young man, sitting on a set of stairs, outdoors, holding a magazine. Have in mind, you can easily and effortlessly employ this one for both front and back cover presentations. With the quick upload function, you can add your design (1220 x 1650 px) and have the outcome ready to go already. Additionally, you can also change the color of the magazine and add a text overlay. In just a few clicks, you will have the finished product available to attract.

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Over Shoulder Mockup of a Young Woman Holding a Magazine

over shoulder mockup of a young girl holding a magazine
Another outstanding presentation of a magazine cover is this over the should look of a young woman, sitting by a table, enjoying her magazine and a cup of coffee. While the image itself is already amazing and life-like, you can quickly spice things up with your outstanding design. Just slide the magazine cover and have it appear on the mockup immediately. The dimension of the cover is 850 x 1100 px, however, you can crop and reposition it, too. Did I mention that you do all the work in-browser yet? Well, now you know. Instead of using expensive software, you use Placeit and call it a day.

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Woman Reading a Magazine Mockup

woman reading a magazine mockup
What’s the best time to read a magazine? Well, everyone has his or her own ritual, but at a cafe, while sipping on your cup of joe is sure a preferred time and place for many. If you would like to establish this same atmosphere when it comes to presenting your or your client’s magazine cover, you can do it now. Instead of rocking a blank cover, let this lady present your magazine. Use the end product for social promotion, on your website, blog, you name it. Of course, share it with your client, too, and put on display your idea.

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Magazine Lying on a Wooden Table Mockup

magazine lying on a wooden table mockup
While we have many magazine cover mockup templates here for you featuring people, we also have many without. First on the list is this nifty image of a magazine on a wooden table, surrounded by many other objects. One thing is for sure, if you would like to implement real, home-vibe in the presentation, this is probably one of the best solutions for you. Instead of scouring the web, you better enjoy using this one right off the bat. You will only truly understand the simplicity of the process once you visit Placeit and put the template to use.

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Woman Showing a Big Magazine Cover Mockup

woman showing a big magazine cover mockup
While this might be a mockup ideal for luxury and fashion magazines, you can go entirely against the norm, too. The template features a lady, in the back of a car, sitting on the leather seat, showing you a large magazine. By activating the upload function, you can now attach your design and have the finished product available and ready to roll in little to no time. With the design ready, you do not need to be an expert to have a chance to use the mockup. In short, anyone can do it, as Placeit is very user- and beginner-friendly out of the box.

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Young Guy Reading a Magazine

young guy reading a magazine
You see, I told you many prefer sipping a cup of their favorite drink while enjoying the new issue of the magazine they are subscribed to. And this particular gentleman is all about the outdoors. For a photo-realistic presentation of a magazine cover, you know already that you can now get things moving in the right direction with ease. Especially with any of the Placeit mockups, you can make things happen sooner rather than later. After all, you only download the finished product, no need to make any offline steps earlier. In other words, with a Placeit mockup, you do all the work online.

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Woman With Pink Hair Holding a Magazine

woman with pink hair holding a magazine
A wonderful, fun and engaging magazine cover mockup featuring a woman with pink hair, holding a magazine. She stands in front of a brick wall, near a mirror, which makes the overall presentation even more exciting. If you would like to have this lady present your magazine, of course, you can do that without a hitch. Along with uploading your image, you can also change the color of the magazine, as well as add text for a call-to-action. To give your fans a sneak peek at the upcoming issue cover, you can now do it like a pro swiftly.

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Mockup of a Magazine Cover Lying on a Wooden Table

mockup of a magazine lying on a wooden table
When the new magazine comes out, you definitely want to share it with your friends. Instead of blabbering about whatever at the cafe, you can enjoy examining the magazine instead. With that in mind, you can now establish a similar situation with a magazine cover mockup that you can fine-tune over on Placeit. Three clicks and you can tweak the default look entirely. You can change the tint of the magazine by using the handy color picker. Moreover, upload the cover design, as well as crop and reposition it. Lastly, you can attach a text overlay, too. Many simple functions for a striking outcome.

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A4 Magazine Cover Mockup

a4 magazine cover mockup
If you are looking for a complete presentation of an A4 magazine, this is the bundle of mockups for you. In the kit, you will find twelve PSDs, all fully editable and adjustable. Along with changing the magazine design and the background, you can also alter shadows, reflection and global illumination. In short, you can style the presentation exactly to your professional needs and wants and make it yours speedily. From front and back covers, as well as the inside of the magazine, this set of mockup templates will do the trick and set your right on track.

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Magazine Mockup V.1

magazine cover mockup set
Demonstrating a magazine design in the best possible light should not be too big of a deal anymore. As a matter of fact, it is a piece of cake, once you gain access to the right and easy to use tools. With this full-blown set of magazine mockups, you can put on display both the cover and the inside pages. Use just one scene or all five of them; one thing is for sure, you will spark everyone’s interest with the outcome. By having a mockup at hand, you can also play around with all sorts of different variations and possibilities before you find the right look.

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Hand Holding A4 Magazine Mockup

hand holding a4 magazine mockup
With the hand holding an A4 magazine mockup, you can make a creative and catchy presentation like a champ. It is an editable and adjustable template that helps you present your design idea creatively. You can use the tool both for light and dark layouts, as it caters to all intentions without effort. Moreover, you can change the color of the background or add a texture/pattern. Moreover, by using the convenient smart object layer, you slide in your design by a simple process of dragging and dropping. Presell your upcoming magazine issue or share the design with your client for easier visualization.

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megumi magazine cover mockup
Designers, fashionistas, photographers, agencies, you name it, anyone can profit greatly from Megumi. This all-around magazine mockup is packed with goodies for your convenience. It comes with a total of 24 page designs in A4 and US letter formats. Have in mind, there is also a 5 mm bleed, making it entirely print-ready. Replace the designs with your own, alter the color scheme and have a presentation of a magazine ready to go quickly. Before you send it out for print, this is the last step you should take, to make sure all is in perfect order. Without further ado, dive all-in and make things happen.

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Magazine Mockup Bundle

magazine mockup bundle
Of course, creating a magazine cover does not start with a mockup. It is just a medium that creates a realistic presentation. With the life-like demonstration, you have a better understanding of whether or not the design needs additional editing or not. Not only that, but you can also use the photo-realistic mockup to share it with your client, as well as on social media and portfolio. In total, you get eighteen files that cover all sections of your magazine. Moreover, the mockup kit also treats you to ten textures, smart objects, three types of paper and more.

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A4 Landscape Magazine Mockups

landscape magazine mockups
If you are taking a different approach, aiming to differentiate your project from the masses, use this landscape magazine mockup. It is an A4 format of a magazine, perfect for design and photography magazines, but others can take it to their advantage, too. There are six scenes to choose from, ten shadow overlays and six basic color drops. Each template also comes with the smart object layer, offering you to enrich the magazine cover in just a click. You can also alter the background design and make the presentation pop. A quick and easy task that guarantees a striking end product.

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kristin magazine mockup cover
While Kristin might be more a lookbook type of a mockup, you can still effortlessly use it for your magazine presentation. The kit of goodies features loads of pages (40!), coming both in A4 and US letter formats. Have in mind, a help file is also part of the bundle for you to fully get the gist of it first and go from there. Create a magazine cover, front and back, as well as inner pages if necessary, that follow the necessary branding regulations to a T. With the material ready-made, you do not need to start from scratch, meaning, you can save yourself a ton of time and energy.

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Magazine Template

magazine template
This is a multi-functional magazine template, offering all and everyone to create a presentation, before releasing the final product, in a small breeze. In the kit, you will find a collection of thirty page templates, all editable and adjustable. Moreover, each page also comes in A4 and Letter paper sizes with bleed. Indeed, this is a print-ready solution. If you would like to put together a professional and sophisticated magazine quickly, you can now do it like a champ without a sweat. For your information, the template is also based on the twelve-column grid.

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Top collection of free magazine cover mockup designs

Customizable Magazine Mockup

customizable magazine mockup
When you are in the process of designing a magazine cover, you do not always need to go straight to premium mockups. Instead, we have a collection of free magazine cover mockup templates alternatives here that will get you going, too. This nifty solution is a layered PSD file that you can quickly tweak accordingly. By sliding in your design via the smart object layer, you can complete the project in a click. Yes, using the mockup actually is just as simple as it sounds. Use it for presenting both front and back covers of the magazine. The outcome will be nothing short of spectacular.

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Front And Back Magazine Cover PSD Mockup

front and back magazine cover psd mockup
Instead of using two mockups to demonstrate front and back covers of a magazine, you can do it in unison with this alternative. It is a simple to use mockup template that allows you to create an eye-friendly demonstration of the upcoming magazine issue. Just like any other PSD mockup that you find on this list, this one is also fully layered and smooth to use. Anyone can get the most out of it, regardless of your skill level. You attach both cover designs and voila, the outcome is ready to roll and attract your loyal subscribers, as well as the client.

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A4 Sized Paper & US Letter Sized Magazine PSD Mockups

us letter sized magazine psd mockups
If you would like to take the realistic presentation of a magazine cover to the next level, this is the mockup for you. First and foremost, you do not need to spend a dime to use it – it is just a click away! Moreover, the mockup features a hand holding the magazine by the edge, presenting it at an angle. It is a fully customizable template, allowing you to change the cover, as well as the background. The dimension of the template is 5000 x 4000 px, ensuring a crisp clean presentation even when with comes to close-ups.

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Free Magazine Cover PSD Mockup

free magazine cover psd mockup
Minimal, elegant and sophisticated, those are the three main characteristics of this next magazine cover mockup. It features a centered magazine which you can style and alter according to your taste speedily. You can now showcase a cover design that will spark everyone’s interest immediately. Win the game with a fresh new issue that everyone will absolutely must-have. Let’s face it, if someone is not familiar with the magazine, it’s the cover that will capture their attention first and foremost. With that in mind, use a mockup first to see the life-like presentation before you send it out for print. Also, you can come up with all sorts of different variations first before you pick the winner.

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