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LogoMyWay Review: An Affordable Way to Crowd-Source Your Next Logo

LogoMyWay aims to be the go-to online destination for anyone seeking a new logo for their on of offline project.

The service allows you to create a logo design contest that the 20,000+ designers registered at the site can enter. Those designers put themselves forward for a chance to win the contest by submitting a logo based on your design brief.

Your job is to then rate the designs and submit feedback to the designers as the contest unfolds to help you find the perfect logo or graphic for your project. By selecting your favorite design at the end of the contest, the winner is announced and they are then awarded the prize in the form of the payment you defined when creating the contest.

While there are a number of other crowd-sourcing websites that allow you to start a design contest and then choose your favorite design from the entries, LogoMyWay aims to stand out from the competition in a number of ways.

These areas where the service attempts to differentiate itself from the competition include the skills and abilities of the designers working through the site, the process for launching and managing your contest, and their commitment to your satisfaction as a customer.

So to help you decide if this is the right way for you to commission the logo for your next project, here is our review of the LogoMyWay design contest service.

LMW Sample Logos

How the Process Works

As briefly mentioned in the introduction to this review, the process for commissioning a new logo involves creating a contest that states your requirements in as much detail as possible.

The designers registered at the LogoMyWay website will then be able to view your design brief and decide whether to enter the contest or not. Rather simply submitting an application to work on your project as is the case with a traditional freelancer website, the designers actually complete the work and create your logo, which is then submitted into the contest for your approval.

The main advantage for you as the client or customer is that you don’t have to spend your time reviewing resumes, or sifting through applications and portfolios, and instead the designer’s work speaks for itself, and becomes the main factor for deciding who the contest winner and successful applicant is.

LMW Logo Contest

The contest is timed, with a clear end date which should ensure you get your new logo as quickly as possible. However, if you don’t find the perfect logo by the contest end date, LogoMyWay will extend your contest for a further seven days, free of charge to help you find what you are looking for.

During the time the contest is live and the designs are pouring in, you can leave feedback on the submissions, stating your thoughts and opinions on each piece of work. The benefit of this interactive process is that it not only helps the designer refine their work to more closely match your requirements, but other designers can too learn from this feedback and factor that advice into their contest submissions.

LMW Contest Submissions

Once the contest is closed and you’ve selected a winner, your payment to them is released, and the files are made available to you. You also get the opportunity to request variations on the logo at no extra charge. The file formats you will receive include a high resolution EPS master file, as well as a selection of web-ready versions including JPG, PNG, and GIF.

This master file of your logo can then be sent to the printers for offline work, such as business cards, brochures, or t-shirts; while the web-ready versions can be uploaded to your website or social media profiles.

While the prospect of evaluating the countless applications you will receive, as well as providing helpful feedback to the entrants of your contest might sound overwhelming, LogoMyWay has a devised a solution to overcome this. Once your contest goes live, you will be assigned a dedicated design specialist who is on hand to deal with your queries or concerns via telephone or email, as the contest unfolds.

LogoMyWay are definitely attempting to differentiate themselves from the competition by strongly focusing on customer service to ensure they offer 100% satisfaction to everyone who starts a contest on their site to find a new logo for their project.

LogoMyWay Customer Reviews and Testimonials

To provide reassurance that LogoMyWay offers a high quality service, they have published a large number of reviews from the customers who have used their service to commission a logo.

LMW Customer Review

The reviews from customers not only include their feedback and appraisal of the service and their experience, but also include the publication of the winning logo from their contest. Browsing these reviews is a great way to not only get a better understanding of what to expect from running your own crowd-sourced design contest, but also gaining an insight into the quality of the work being completed by the designers working through the website.

LogoMyWay has also been mentioned in the press a few times over the years since the creation of this value crowd-sourcing logo design service. If you feel more comfortable trusting your brand with a company you feel you know, then reading the press clippings can help you learn more about the inspiration and backstory of the service.

Design Contest Winners Showcase

As well as the customer reviews and testimonials from those who’ve used the LogoMyWay service to find a low cost, high quality new logo for their project, the website also include an online showcase of 1st place winners.

LMW Winning Designs

Taking the time to view this mammoth portfolio of winning logo designs is another great way to help you decide if this service is the right choice for you and your requirements. There are over 300 pages of winning logos to browse at your leisure, but by just randomly dipping into the pages, you can quickly get a sense of the level and quality of the work being created and submitted through the website.

From the winning designs showcase, you can click through and view the individual portfolios of the designers who are responsible for creating the winning logos. From the portfolios you can view some statistics for the designer, such as how many contests they’ve won, as well as other contest results, plus of course the ability to view all of their logo submissions.

Furthermore, if you find a designer with an impressive portfolio, you can then invite them to participate in your contest once it’s been launched. You can also send them a private message or follow them through the site.

To make it easier to find designers that you’d potentially like to work with, you can also view the designer leader board. From the leader board you can view the top ranked designers on the site and then access their portfolios, with the option of inviting them to participate in your logo contest.

By giving you the ability to view completed contests and browse the portfolios of the designers working through the site, you can increase the chances of receiving a logo that you are happy with and fully meets your needs.

Creating Your Logo Design Contest

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of how the process works when it comes to commissioning your new logo, let’s take a look at some of the specifics involved in creating your first design contest at the LogoMyWay website.

If you do decide to start a contest to find your next logo, then the process requires you to complete a three step form to submit your application.

LMW Start a Contest

To increase the chances of you successfully finding a logo that matches your expectations, the contest launch form, despite being pleasingly brief, prompts you to enter information that any would-be entrants will find useful when creating your logo.

This includes information about the organization the logo is for, who the target audience of your business and logo will be, and the style and concept you are envisioning for your new logo. You can also include links to some of your favorite logos from elsewhere, as well as those from completed contest on the LogoMyWay website.

Finally you can set the contest length from the available options, which range from 5 to 10 days (plus the free extensions if you don’t find a suitable design in that period), as well as setting the prize amount that is awarded to the winning designer.

This prize amount can vary from $200 to $1,000 and the application form includes some helpful advice on what to expect in terms of the number of entrants for the different price points you can choose from. The guidance notes explain that the higher the prize amount of your contest, the more designs you will receive, and that the higher prize amounts also attract more of the higher quality designers.

While this isn’t too surprising to learn, it’s good to know that you can both improve the quantity and quality of the entries to your contest at the same time, by upping the prize on offer.

How Does the LogoMyWay Payment System Work?

LogoMyWay aims to sit somewhere between the lower cost options, and the high-end crowd-sourcing graphic design contest sites. However, by allowing you to submit a prize amount for your contest in the $200 to $1,000 price range, you do have a good amount of flexibility in the number of entrants your contest attracts, as well as the skill level of the designers who enter the contest.

A 10% administration fee is also added to each contest, which can range from $20 to $100 depending on your contest prize amount.

There are also two optional upgrades available that can be applied to your contest. These include a $50 fee to make your contest private. This results in the contest being hidden from search engines like Google, as well as the general public. If you are representing a sensitive organization, or you don’t want your competitors to know where you found your awesome new logo, then this might be a worthwhile upgrade for your contest.

The second optional upgrade marks your contest as featured. For a $39 fee, you can expect to receive 100% more entries to your contest, making it a worthwhile extra investment for those who want the most diverse selection of logos to consider.

Once you’ve completed the form to start your contest, you can make the payment via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

After the contest has ended and the winning design is chosen, the payment will then be released to the successful designer in 24 to 48 hour to conclude the transaction.  LogoMyWay point out on their website that they are not an escrow service and do not hold property on behalf of any person.

LMW More Winners

LogoMyWay Review Conclusion

The completed contests that have been held on LogoMyWay were undoubtedly won with some high caliber designs. The fact that you can easily view the wining logos on the site, as well as view the most successful designers, and browse their portfolios allows you to get a great sense of the type of logo you can expect when using the site.

Being able to invite the designers whose work catches your eye to participate in your contest is another great feature to have at your disposal. This gives you the option of either taking a passive role and reviewing the entries as they arrive, or being more proactive and ensuring that your contest is noticed by the designers you’d like to work with.

With a flexible pricing scale that starts from just $220 including all fees, LogoMyWay is a highly affordable way to commission a new logo, with a large selection of high quality designers who are standing by to work on your contest.

To find out more, or start a contest today, visit

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Angry Designer says:

    This online repository for designs, in specific logos, makes me very angry as a professional designer who went to school for design and who runs a business. It devalues the art of graphic design making it nearly impossible to make a living doing what we love because a client comes along and says “well I can get a logo online from 20k+ people and state my price and get what I am looking for…Why would I pay you?”

    The fact of the matter is, graphic design and specifically branding is an art. It should involve the designer and the client to create the final look that is unique and completely perfect for the needs of the client. This junk about finding the cheapest work online is bunk!

    Most of the time these online graphic repositories are not even started by designers but by someone who has never designed anything and just thought of a way to make money. In turn it makes the Graphic Design industry irrelevant.

    In the long run, remember, you pay for what you get. That doesn’t mean you should be charged for every last penny you own to get design that you deserve, but it does mean that it is a sale and a contract between client and designer. One that should be respected. Not everyone is a designer even though they certainly would like to think so.

    1. Thank you for your feedback!

      There are always two sides of each story. Serious companies with money to spend will never use crowd-sourced lego design service unless they are actually hiring multiple agencies to do the job and then choose the right one for them but of course all of those agencies will get paid for their work. But if you are looking for a simple logo for a non-profit organization, sports team, personal website or other similar purpose then hiring professional designer makes no sense at all. This is where services like LogoMyWay will help a lot.

      Why would you need to work for LogoMyWay and compete with others? I don’t think that you should but designers who are still in school and looking to make some extra income as well as master their skills this service would be the best fit. You can learn new things with a chance that you will get paid afterwards. I learned programming by creating websites for my friends and family, I got paid only if they liked my works and I got paid most of the times. When I didn’t get paid I walked away with knowledge and no hurt feelings because I was there for knowledge and not money.

      if you are serious designer with good portfolio you need to prepare an answer for your questions: “Why would I pay you?”. i used to work for international recruitment company and we charged up to 10 times more than some of our competitors but we still got clients. Why? Because we could explain why we are better than others (personal attitude, attention to detail, communication, we pay taxes, experience, professional team, track records, testimonials, warranty and other aspects). Some clients are looking for the best quality but some are looking for the cheapest price, so keep your prices high but make sure that it reflects in quality and in your portfolio. Keep in mind that you don’t need to accept every project if you think that you will be wasting your valuable time.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. I work as a freelancer so I can see where you are coming from. But I am still busy as I don’t compete on price and have tried to make sure I offer something above and beyond the run of the mill freelancers in my area of business.

    If you offer a better service and product, and can demonstrate that to your potential clients, then there is no need to be afraid of crowd sourcing services.

    Maybe in an ideal world, skills and services like Graphic Design would be ring fenced to keep out the untrained and inept. But as we live in a fairly free world, anyone is free to try their hand at most tasks, and offer their services.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. AnonymousD says:

    From a designer’s point of view, these crowdsourcing sites are mostly of waste of time. I’ve been a member of several over the years and Logo My Way is by far the worst when it comes to designers. The sites admin could care less about the hard working people spending their time to try to make some extra money. They’re main concern is customer satisfaction and repeat customers, regardless of how they stick it to the people doing the work. They know that for every 1 decent designer that quits, 10 more are in the door. They’re usually Indonesian’s who are just hacks and thieves. The site has thousands of them who call themselves graphic designers. And they have no idea what being a graphic artist is all about. They just do what needs to be done to win a contest. Whether it’s ripping off another logo or making off-line deals, it’s all about the money.
    These so-called contests can take months before a winner is selected. Some sit completely idle for upwards of 6 months (some longer) and others, a great many of them, end with the contest holder (the logo my way customer), getting their money back. So not only have they gotten their money back (even though the site claims is does not give refunds), they also have hundreds of logos they can easily have recreated at a cheaper price or perhaps free.
    There are lots of logo competition websites out there and if you’re a designer who wants to earn some extra cash, or perhaps just polish your skills, stay away from Logo My Way. You’ll be treated far better at a couple of the others.

  4. praveen kumar says:

    I worked so many project from logomyway. But there has big power of design community and the place of conspiracy. I vote out without any reason but while I was suspended I seen I got rank one and two in a project “Beaver Mountain Lodge” after few day I seen my design in rank one but this showing another designer. This is complete case of design stealing . When I informed it they close my account permanently and make project as private contest so no one can knows this. Please beware from this site . They steal design and sell to others.

  5. From the designer point of view LogoMyWay is a scam. The designers are not respected neither by the site owner who does not care about time or skills put into designs nor the customers who demand logos made to their likes and don’t care about esthetics or composition and accept cliparts or stolen ideas and very often don’t pick a winner. As mentioned above 60% of all contests are never judged so there is no winner of the contest which means all designs, time, effort, skills are wasted. Churlishness, rankness, cheapness, lack of professionalism rule the website. Professionals please stay away and don’t waste your time.

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