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KnowAll WordPress Theme Review
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KnowAll Theme Review: Create a Knowledge Base Website with WordPress

KnowAll is a powerful knowledge base WordPress theme from the HeroThemes team. If you need to create a knowledge base website, then our hands-on KnowAll theme review will tell you everything you need to know about this product.

A knowledge base website can provide information about a product or service, support your customers or clients, and a whole range of other purposes. While you could publish your articles on a regular website, there is a better way to support your community. That better way is using a purpose built knowledge base theme.

By the end of this KnowAll theme review, you’ll have a good idea of what this WordPress knowledge base theme can do and, more importantly if it’s the right option for your project.

Who Should Choose the KnowAll Theme?

KnowAll Review Home

As the KnowAll WordPress theme has been created to help you build a knowledge base website, it will appeal to a certain type of reader. While obvious candidates for creating a knowledge base website with KnowAll include support providers, there are plenty more potential users for this theme.

Whether online or off, you could benefit from creating a knowledge base website with WordPress and the KnowAll theme if you offer any service or product. Freelancers, the self-employed, small business owners of all kinds, and anyone else who fields regular questions from their target audience could benefit from having a knowledge base website.

Having a user-friendly place to answer frequently asked questions, publish instructions and other useful information can greatly reduce the amount of time you have to answer questions via email or telephone from individuals. With a feature-rich knowledge base website, you can publish this information once. Your audience can then search and find the information they are looking for. Alternatively, you can send them a link to the relevant information when they contact you for assistance.

KnowAll Clients

Some well-known names use the KnowAll theme to power their knowledge bases.

In short, if you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly, you could benefit from using KnowAll to create a knowledge base website with WordPress.

KnowAll WordPress Theme Features

KnowAll Theme Review Features

So now we know what this theme can do and who it’s for, it’s time to look at the KnowAll features. This part of our KnowAll theme review should provide you with a better understanding of how this theme works. It’ll also help you decide if it’s the best option for your website.

Create Helpful Content

Example Article

KnowAll features a fully mobile responsive design to ensure your visitors on the go can find the answers to their questions. Not only that, but this theme also makes it easy to publish truly useful content.

Attaching files to your articles is very straightforward with this theme. If there are any downloadable items you’d like to make available to your visitors, you can easily share them on the relevant article of your knowledge base. This could include software driver files, a PDF document, or anything else that will help your visitors.

You can also embed videos into your articles to make them even more digestible by your audience. Both YouTube and Vimeo can be used to source your video content.

Thanks to the library of shortcodes, you can add useful elements to your content to help catch the attention of your visitors.

KnowAll Alerts

As well as using the different message box shortcodes to highlight important information, you can also use the tab and accordion shortcodes to organize your content more efficiently.

KnowAll Review Tabs Shortcodes

KnowAll is also fully compatible with the powerful WPML WordPress plugin. Thanks to this, you’ll have the option of creating a multilingual knowledge base website with WordPress, helping your visitors in a range of different languages.

Make Your Content Easy to Find


Having useful content online doesn’t mean much if it’s not easy to find. KnowAll understands this and includes lots of useful aids to help your visitors navigate their way around your knowledge base. One particular feature is the selection of widgets that come with KnowAll. These widgets can be added to your site’s sidebars and other widgetized areas. Giving you the option of displaying your knowledge base categories, a list of articles, links to articles written by specific authors, and the search tool, your visitors will find it easy to reach the articles they’re looking for.

You can also categorize and tag your articles, giving your visitors another way to find and navigate your content.

Actionable Analytics

To help you make your knowledge base website as useful as possible, KnowAll includes an analytics tool. You can find out what your visitors are looking for through this tool, then ensure your website has the content to help them. An impressive feature of the KnowAll analytics tool is seeing which articles are generating the most queries from your visitors.

Is there an article that not only doesn’t solve your visitors’ problems but also causes them to get in touch and contact you directly? You can now find out with KnowAll.

Stats are also provided based on user searches. To help you evaluate your website, your knowledge base will be given a search effectiveness score. This indicates how many of your visitors were able to find what they’re looking for.

You can also get feedback on your articles from your users. Through the up and down voting buttons, your visitors can instantly let you know whether a particular article was useful to them or not. Now, with KnowAll, you’ll be able to discover which articles could do with improvement.

All the Documentation and Support You’ll Need

It should be no surprise to learn that this theme is well supported. Thanks to the HeroThemes knowledge base you should be able to find answers to any questions you might have about this theme. The online documentation covers everything from installing the theme files to setting up your knowledge base website. Once you’ve purchased the theme, you’ll be able to open a support ticket if any issues arise or you have any unanswered questions.

Other Features of the KnowAll WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

As well as all the above features, KnowAll also includes:

  • Easy website personalization through the customizer.
  • Live search for providing instant answers.
  • Search suggestions to help visitors find what they’re looking for.
  • Ability to restrict access to logged in users only.
  • Optional article commenting and replies.
  • Revision history for articles.

As you can see, KnowAll is packed with useful features.  Now let’s find out how easy it is to use in the user experience section of our KnowAll theme review.

KnowAll WordPress Theme User Experience

To help you get a better idea of how this theme works and if it’s the right choice for you, let’s quickly run through importing the demo content, customizing your website, configuring the knowledge base settings, and creating content.

Demo Content Import

You’re prompted to import the demo content during the theme installation procedure. This is a nice aspect of using KnowAll as it makes it much easier to launch your new knowledge base.

Demo Import

It’s recommended that you do import the demo content. Even if you don’t want your website to look exactly like the demo version, having a foundation for your custom site can help you save lots of time. When importing the demo content, you can choose which types of content to import.

Demo Import Done

Once the import has taken place, the KnowAll setup guide provides you with further steps to carry out. Again, this aids the user experience, giving you a clear idea of what to do next. If you click on the customize link, you’ll be taken to the theme customizer interface.

Customizing Your Knowledge Base Website

KnowAll Customizer

You can modify many aspects of your knowledge base website through the WordPress customizer. Some of the aspects of your site you can quickly customize include the header, footer, typography, homepage options, and more.

Customizer Options

Clicking through to one of the sub-settings, such as header, reveals the detailed options for that area of your site. They are displayed in real time as you make changes, giving you a live preview of your work.

Customize Header

When you’re happy with your customizations, you can click the Save & Publish button to apply your changes.

Configuring the Knowledge Base

Once you’ve taken care of how your website looks, it’s time to configure how it works. You can access these settings through the Knowledge Base area of your WordPress Dashboard.

KB Settings

The KnowAll settings control some aspects of how your articles are displayed. This includes the number of articles to display at a time and how they are sorted. It’s also easy to restrict access to your content or leave it open to everyone. Other options and settings include enabling feedback and up voting and down voting of articles.


The other configurable elements of your knowledge base website include the article categories and tags. These taxonomies are used like regular WordPress tags and categories to help you organize your content more effectively.


Once you’ve decided how you’ll organize your content, it’s time to start creating knowledge base articles for your website.

Creating and Managing the Knowledge Base Articles with KnowAll

If you chose to import the demo content, you’d have a selection of sample articles to examine. Opening an existing article can give you a good idea of how the system works. However, even if you don’t have any sample articles about working with, you shouldn’t find it difficult to start creating content for your website.


As well as the WordPress Editor area, when creating or editing an article from your WordPress Dashboard, you can also customize how it functions and add extra content to your articles through the control panels added by the theme.

Article Options

KnowAll WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The KnowAll WordPress theme is available directly from the HeroThemes website. To keep things simple, there’s just one pricing option available:

  • KnowAll theme single site license: $99

$99 is a little more than the average WordPress theme price.  However, as KnowAll could be considered an “app theme” in that it’s been created to help you build a specific type of website, and includes all the features you’ll need without any extra plugins, it does represent good value for money.

The $99 price tag includes one year of updates and support. After this period, you can renew your license for a further year of access to theme updates and support. You also have the option of using the theme unsupported if you wish. However, you will miss out on new features and improvements provided via theme updates.

KnowAll Theme Review Final Thoughts

Suppose you want to spend less time answering questions, receive fewer support tickets, and generally help your audience to help themselves. In that case, creating a knowledge base website is a proven solution, with KnowAll being just the theme to help you build a professional knowledge base website.

Getting started with KnowAll is incredibly easy. Creating and managing your knowledge base articles is very straightforward too. Whether you’re new to WordPress or an experienced website manager, you should have no trouble starting and managing a useful knowledge base website with KnowAll.

The HeroThemes team are so confident their product will help you that you’ll be able to see for yourself how much your new knowledge base website is being used through the integrated analytics system. Your visitors will be able to give you feedback on your articles at the click of a button, indicating how useful this theme and your content are. As mentioned, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee in place too.

Almost anyone can benefit from having a knowledge base website. If you’ve ever been asked the same question twice, why not save yourself some time by publishing the answer on your very own KnowAll-powered WordPress knowledge base website.

Find out more about the KnowAll knowledge base WordPress theme now

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