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Giveaway – Win 1 Of 3 FREE 1TB KeyCDN Accounts [CLOSED]

Giveaway – Win 1 of 3 FREE 1TB KeyCDN Accounts [CLOSED]

We are pleased to announce a giveaway in which you can win 1 of 3 1TB KeyCDN service plans to speed up your website.

KeyCDN is a new and fast growing Content Delivery Network which will help to speed up your websites with ease. It works well with all major CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, IPBoard, vBulletin, Prestashop and, of course, WordPress. It has 20 datacenters in US, Europe and Asia and Oceania and more datacenters are added on regular bases. KeyCDN integrates with W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache that will make setup process much easier for all WordPress users.

Why you should use CDN?

Content delivery network services such as KeyCDN allow you to store the media, CSS, JavaScript and other content from your website on their servers. Servers are distributed all around the world, with your data mirrored across all datacenters. This then allows KeyCDN to serve your website files from a location that is closest to your users. If your server is located in the US but user visit your website from Australia then content will be loaded from a datacenter in Australia therefore offering faster load time.

KeyCDN server locations

Why is KeyCDN better than other CDN service providers?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose KeyCDN over its competition:

  • Scalability: You can scale up or down any time. You don’t need to change your contract. You always benefit from low prices with KeyCDN
  • No commitment and no monthly fee: It’s purely pay-as-you-go. This pricing model would come in handy for small website owners who want to speed up their website but don’t want to pay fixed monthly fee for data transfer they won’t use.
  • No overages: You don’t pay any overages. The same low prices always apply.
  • Security at no extra cost: KeyCDN offers a wide range of features that are all available for free such as Secure Token, Custom SSL and many more.
  • Pricing: KeyCDN offers one of the lowest CDN pricing in the industry with $0.04/GB or less. The same prices apply for AU, JP, HK and SG.
  • New POPs: More POPs will follow very soon (incl. Mexico, Canada and Turkey) for the same low price of $0.04.

How to enter this giveaway?

If you like what you have read so far and want to speed up your website using CDN, then simply follow these steps highlighted on Rafflecopter widget below. Three lucky winners will be announced next week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Will use KeyCDN to speed up my website, thus generate more traffic and increase sales of hoof products. Also creates positivity for my business.

  2. David Smith says:

    I have a giveaway and coupon blog that I am trying to make a source of income out of. I have WP Super Cache running, but it still takes 6-9 seconds to load the home page. I am also trying to put all the images that I can on my site instead of links to other sites so I don’t have to wait for their site to send the images. I am trying to get the load time down in the 1-3 second range and I really believe that KeyCDN would be able to reduce my sites load time by quite a bit. Thank you for the giveaway, KeyCDN would make an excellent prize to win.

  3. Albert T. says:

    I will use it for my website to speed up loading time of the homepage to lessen the bounce rate .

  4. Speeding up website page loads is a sure fire way of retaining visitors, and consequently earning more from your site. I want this so bad I could taste it! 🙂

  5. Daniel Robyn says:

    I WIll Use These Key To Boost Up My Website Load Speed 🙂

  6. i will to boost my site
    it’s still under development and i hope it;s come user friendly and easy to access

  7. I’Ill use to boost up and improved my site’s load speed

  8. when we make sites and it takes so long to load, that people navigate away, it means all the work done to create amazing design is pointless. Hence this would be perfect for all web designers & developers including ourselves

  9. I am an SEO professional and I would like KeyCDN this so that I could build on a quick platform that delivers speedy pages to my end users. quicker load time means better placement and rankings in google.

  10. Marcos Paniagua says:

    CDNs are becoming more and more important in the infrastructure of websites nowadays. They´re becoming a fundamental / key element for performance and security and more relevant to SEO everyday. As this happens, the average web designers and developers are in need of professional, top-quality and affordable CDN services. I am very happy to see offers such as KeyCDN´s and would really like to implement it on my work. This giveaway is a great opportunity for me to reliably test the service and become used to it in order to be able to easily implement it on my work with clients.
    I cross my fingers and wish to be among the lucky 3. (And in case I´m not I wish them a productive and successful use of the gift)

  11. I have developed a couple of Non-Profit websites without any charges due to challenges on budgets however the content delivery seems to be a little sluggish. I would like to implement CDN for these non-profit sites and help out by reaching out to wider audience efficiently.

  12. I will use it for my company website to speed up loading time. It’s a wordpress theme and it’s really slow.

  13. Thanks for this opportunity! I would love to be able to use KeyCDN to speed up my page load on various client sites. It would be great to use this for several non-profit and small business sites that I’ve developed recently.

  14. Chuck Morrison says:

    A FREE KeyCDN account would be a great way to get my new site rolling. HealthSystem.Expert is meant to be a free resource for independent healthcare consultant and I can think of no better way to start it off. I’m glad I stumbled upon this give-away opportunity while searching for free BuddyPress themes on Colorlib. Fingers crossed!

    1. Tristan Jones says:

      Will use KeyCDN to speed up my website, and to learn traffic

  15. Leandro Fernandes says:

    Will use KeyCDN to speed up my website, thus generate more traffic and increase sales of hoof products.

  16. Steve Diện says:

    I will use CDN to accelerate my website

  17. Thank you for the opportunity. My site is still under construction and will be dedicated to presenting folklore content. Given that there will be more multimedia materials, speeding through your offer will be welcome.

  18. Explore Theme says:

    This is my blog, and i think using KeyCDN will make it even more faster and accelerate my blog speed..

  19. I will use it to optimize my website loading time

  20. Wp Themes Daddy says:

    I love this article

  21. I would use the CDN for speeding up the blog of my sister, now hosted in Blogger but I’m migrating it to a hosted WordPress.

  22. WP Abhishek says:

    I think KeyCDN will be a Rocket Booster for my site..

  23. Dileep Betina says:

    I will use to supercharge my website, waiting for a right CDN like KeyCDN.

  24. I would love to use CDN to make my website more faster and increase user experience.

  25. My aim is to utilize key CDN to better optimize the usage of our website. Hopefully it will improve the user experience of the website. As it is a relaunch I feel it is best to try and get the proper infrastructure in place from the very beginning of the new lifespan.

  26. krisna bara says:

    very nice this program to save bandwidth website

  27. I volunteered marketing services through an awesome charity that lends personnel help to small business owners. I’m really pleased with the site I edited for a small business owner I worked with however the site is photo driven due to the industry standard and is slowing down SEO progress. I’d love to use KeyCDN for that client to finish off a well done job.

  28. KeyCDN is the best!

  29. Alessandro says:

    KeyCDN is the faster and best service for CDN!!!

  30. I’Ill use to boost up and improved my site’s load speed and to use it to make more profit from customers!

  31. I would really like to test a service like that for my personal blog and later for my advertising agency – and clients. 🙂

  32. Well I am 14 years old and I am really looking forward to be developing a career in Web design, and this would help me learn more about the whole processes and tools used to create a successful website. I did some research, and this KeyCDN sounds like something really useful and I am really hoping I win this! My website:

  33. Martin Steiner says:

    I will Youse for my new App ! That i’m working on!


  34. I’m going to enhance performance for my viewers and clients 😛

  35. Hi. I will use KeyCDN to speedup my website: 🙂

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