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Absolutely Best Industrial WordPress Themes

At last count, there were about 830K construction companies in the U.S. as of 2020. A huge number, right? But there’s trouble. The majority of them still struggle with crafting a successful online presence. If you want to skip that kind of troubles, the list of industrial WordPress themes below would be right at home. Without a doubt, the key to a successful website is to find a solution that fits your particular needs best. That’s the main trouble – the choice. There’s a big difference between premium WordPress themes and other solutions promising to solve your issues. Sometimes that difference can be as big as two worlds apart.

Having a website for your construction company can mean a lot. It is the best way to reach out to potential customers directly. So, once people start looking for your service, your job is to make sure they’ll come to you. The first place they look at is your website. They start the search and here’s the trick. If you can’t prove that your products or services are high-quality, reliable or competitive prices, they have no reason to stay with you longer. So, don’t take this risk and build an effective website that presents and promotes your construction brand.

So, it’s time to do a bit of exploring and find a solution that fits your particular needs best. There are a lot of industrial WordPress themes on the list below, but only a few can fit you the best. Now it’s time to take action.

The List of the Best Industrial WordPress Themes to Explore

Wegener | Construction & Engineering WordPress Theme

To make your construction business on a solid footing, a powerful website can make a difference. A website built with Wegener can make your advantages stand out. Modern & responsive, it fits construction & engineering websites right off the bat. In fact, it suits also a plumbing agency, roofing bureau, full-fledged online store or a handyman firm. Jam-packed with tons of pre-designed modules, Wegener allows you to represent your brand in a more appealing way. As such, you can showcase who you are, what you do, why you do business with you and who is your team. Full WooCommerce integration lets you start selling things online without anyone’s help. At the end of the day, your website will respond to all modern mobile devices that exist today. Now forget about all the tricky issues that could make your head spinning and get your modern site today.

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Hampton | Home Design and House Renovation WordPress Theme

It’s not a secret, your potential customers are spending their time online. It’s time to advertise your business. Your competitors have already built good, strong businesses? No problem, you still have a chance to stand out. Hampton is one of those industrial WordPress themes that could be the one-stop solution for you. Modern and sleek, it fits all kinds of contemporary home design websites from day one. As such, it’s a great choice for a home interior design bureau, decorating firm, construction agency, or architecture company. Just because it’s built with WPBakery, it opens up a flood of opportunities for you. Thus, it lets you do any changes you want to make sure your website serves your purpose. No matter how many new page layouts you wish to add, your possibilities are endless. On top of that, it’s compatible with the Booked Appointments, Instagram Feed, and WPML plugins.

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A.Studio | Interior Design and Architecture WordPress Theme


Your website gets more credibility by customers as well as the search engines if you present yourself as a brand. No need to put your dreams on the ice when everything is possible with A.Studio. It sits high on the list of the best industrial WordPress themes for a reason. Well, it lets you build your entire effective website, not tomorrow but today. Crafted with care, it’s a perfect match for exterior/interior design websites, architect’s portfolio, furniture manufacturing or passionate bloggers. Depending on what you need, choose between a one-page full-width design and classic boxed style. Also, poke around several types of menus to end up with the on that matches your needs. The best way to advertise your best-selling items is to place them right on your homepage sliders. Want to spoil your visitors right from the start? Let them book an appointment online.

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Line Agency | Interior Design & Architecture WordPress Theme


Don’t get overwhelmed with the number of the best house industrial WordPress themes out there. The choice is great without a doubt. Yet, when it comes to the interior/exterior design websites, Line Agency fits the bill. Modern & stylish, it works best for construction, building, architecture or exterior design web projects. It comes with 3 pre-designed homepage versions, so it’s up to you to choose. What’s more, it’s compatible with the WPBakery page builder, which is great. It gives nothing but an easy content editing ability. Give it a try and save a ton of time right from the start. Being a premium option, Line Agency is fully integrated with powerful plugins & extensions. Instagram Feed, Booked Appointments, and Essential Grid are amongst those. Crafting a successful digital presence could be a tough gig, doubt-free. Yet the right solution right at your fingertips can help.

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m2 | Construction Equipments and Building Tools Store WordPress Theme

No matter how good your marketing is, an amateur website can hurt your credibility and turn away new clients. Bad scenario? Sure thing. Go the other way. Start your online presence on the right foot with m2. Trendy & colorful, it comes with everything you might need to get your website off the ground. First, it’s a great choice for equipment & tools stores, construction equipment companies or building parts firms. Second, it features several pre-designed homepage versions, so you can save time. To help you showcase who you and what you do, a big number of pre-made modules would be a huge help. What is the best way to showcase your expertise? Indeed, with the help of your own blog. Remember that m2 is totally responsive, so your visitors will enjoy your site on any mobile device they are on. Finally, it’s WooCommerce ready and comes with free support and updates.

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RepairMe | A Vibrant Construction & Renovation WordPress Theme


A professional website shows that your business is legitimate. A website built with RepairMe clearly describes who you are, what you do, and lets you showcase your best projects. No wonder, RepairMe ranks as one of the best industrial WordPress themes on the list. Modern & trendy, it a great solution for all kinds of maintenance and repair business websites. Whether it’s plumbing, renovation, or roofing company, RepairMe fits the bill. As such, it comes with 4 pre-designed homepage styles to choose from. Also, it includes an online cost & quote calculator to help your visitors learn how much your service will cost. And that’s only the beginning. Thus, RepairMe is compatible with the Booked Appointments plugin, which gives an easy booking ability. Well, WooCommerce integration comes as a cherry on top. There are more goodies inside. Wait no minute time more. 

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Gravity | A Contemporary Interior Design & Furniture Store WordPress Theme

Get a mobile-friendly website yesterday! Don’t point your online leads to a website that doesn’t show off your work. It makes potential customers feel like you don’t care. Instead, give Gravity a chance to get your mobile-friendly site up and running in minutes. Clean & stylish, Gravity can be put to use for an architecture services firm, construction bureau, or furniture manufacturing. In fact, it’s the other specimen of industrial WordPress themes you need to try. Loaded with magnificent features, Gravity can be a big blow to your business. So, what you get with Gravity? Well, a lot. And WBakery page builder is one to mention first. Then, there’s nothing to stop you from extending the functionality of your site to a level. Also, you can go social and integrate your Instagram profile with your site. Nothing could be simpler.

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Handyman | Construction and Repair Services WordPress Theme


Having a website is a great way to connect with people who want to work specifically with you. Whether you’re in the repair, maintenance, renovation or architecture niche, Handyman could be your number one option on this list. Being WordPress 5.0 & GDPR compliant, Handyman can ensure your website is built in line with the best web design practices. It will look awesome on all modern mobile devices, which means a better chance to appear as close to the top as possible. Indeed, it includes lots of pre-designed modules to help get you started quicker. Also, it features the appointment booking functionality and WooCommerce integration. The best thing is that anyone in the construction business can start a blog. All in all, it works best to provide helpful information on the specific types of projects you work on. Still in doubt? Give it a try and get surprised.

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Geometry | Interior Design & Furniture Shop WordPress Theme


Do not neglect your website. It needs to be modern, effective and generate leads. A website built with Geometry could be just the one you need. The reason behind it is that Geometry is the other excellent member of the best industrial WordPress themes. Even though crafted for interior design & furniture websites, Geometry can be put to use for architectures & inspired bloggers. So, start by choosing between several pre-designed homepage styles to find the one that fits your needs best. Thus, you can save time & effort right from the start. Then, poke around multiple blog layouts, that’s where you can get creative. It’s great that Geometry comes compatible with the WPBakery page builder. But who doesn’t want to save time and take advantage of custom shortcodes & widgets? So, are you ready to get your name higher in the search results?

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Optima | A Powerful Industrial WordPress Theme


Building an online presence is like running a marathon. It’s not an easy task. In times where it’s difficult to stick to one solution, give Optima shot. It is one of a few industrial WordPress themes that can help. It works great when designing your website. Impressive and modern, it fits industrial websites of all kinds. As such, it suits also a developing agency and construction bureau. In fact, it’s a perfect choice for an engineering company or production store. Jam-packed with tons of features, Optima is definitely worth exploring. Aside from a set of pre-designed modules, Optima has a lot you to offer. Do you prefer Skills Graph or Islands? Or maybe Horizontal & Vertical Diagrams? No worries, Optima has a lot of amazing charts and graphs. Finally, WooCommerce integration comes included, too. So, if you want to make a difference, get down to work.

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AC Services | A Window Cleaning, Air Conditioning and Heating Services

By now you should understand that your target audience is looking for your services online. The good news is that a website is a great way to connect with these online consumers. AC Services makes the list of the best industrial WordPress themes because of its design and functionality. It fits best window cleaning, air conditioning or cooling services websites. Also, you can use AC Services for plumbing or carpentry firm projects. The choice is yours. One thing to remember here is that AC Services comes with everything you might need to get good results. Built with the WPBakery page builder, it lets you easily edit and manage your page layouts like a pro. The Booked Appointments plugin makes it possible to manage online appointments as simple as that. To help you sell things online, WooCommerce integration will come to the rescue. Need even more? Dive in.

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Air Supply | Conditioning Company and Heating Services WordPress Theme + RTL


If you’re looking for something special to grow your industrial business, you’re at the right place. Air Supply is one of the best industrial WordPress themes you can’t miss out on. Flexible and modern, it allows you to skip a lot of the time-consuming site-building work from day one. As such, it fits best for the air conditioning company or heating services firm website. The best thing about Air Supply is that it comes with RTL support. As a result, your website becomes available for people from all over the world. On top of that, it includes WooCommerce functionality and online booking management. If you want to get creative with your page layouts, don’t stop yourself. The power of the WPBakery page builder would be a huge help. Got something extra special to advertise? Do it right with the help of homepage sliders.

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Wise Move | Moving and Storage Services WordPress Theme

With 40 percent of people looking at online directories to do research beforehand, your website needs to stay as close to the top as possible. Not sure your website shines? It’s time for a redesign. Wise Move could be the theme of your choice. Crafted specifically for companies that provide moving and transportation services, Wise Move is worth exploring. To help you showcase who you are wand what you do, a ton of pre-designed pages come included in the package. Indeed, your website will look awesome on all modern mobile devices thanks to its fully responsive layout. Want to keep your site rankings safe? Well, make sure you write super in-depth blog posts about your business and your expertise. Useful, helpful and evergreen content is a way to watch your placement naturally soar. Forget not to create a stunning gallery to showcase your works & projects like never before.

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HomeRoofer | Roofing Company Services & Construction WordPress Theme


Are you ready to win over new customers with your online marketing strategy? Building a website is step one to reach your customers online, anytime, anywhere. HomeRoofer earns its place on the list of the best industrial WordPress themes because of its design. Stylish & clean, it fits perfectly for a website dedicated to construction, architecture or building services. In fact, it can work also for a cleaning agency, handyman team or household firm. As such, you get 2 pre-designed homepage layouts, which you can use as a foundation for your presentation. To help you get profits online, the WooCommerce plugin can combat that issue. Also, it makes sense to save a ton of time and uses custom shortcodes & pages right from the start. All in all, it’s a great way to get creative and make your site a sound. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to make your customers happy.

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Plumbing Store | Plumbing and Building Parts, Tools & Accessories Store WordPress Theme

Considering that 92% of consumers look at websites when deciding which local contractor to use, yours needs to shine. With Plumbing Store, it’s easy to build a powerful & effective website that promotes your business. Modern & clean, Plumbing Store is a great choice for home repair business, plumbing firm, carpentry or construction agency website. Being WooCommerce ready, it’s easy to launch an online store for selling plumbing or building parts. First, it comes with 3 unique store layouts for different needs. Second, spoil your customers by the convenience with an online currency switcher. Also, you can take advantage of ready-made shortcodes & blocks to save time. If you want you can get creative with your page layouts, add, delete or make changes. Indeed, your site is responsive from the ground up & looks awesome on all modern mobile devices.

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MaxCube | Self Storage Business WordPress Theme

With 75 percent of people judging a company’s credibility on its website design, you need to stand out. MaxCube offers you to get your moving business off the ground with the help of a modern website. Want to represent yourself as a credible brand that not only promises but also does? Prove it on your web pages. Modern & powerful, MaxCube sticks out a mile. It’s a perfect match for moving, transportation, logistics or packing services websites. It can be also a great option for plumbing, carpentry or remodeling sites. Besides, it comes with a set of pre-designed pages to display your main services, gallery, and news. Aside from that, it features booking appointment functionality, which is great. On top of that, it includes an advanced storage cost calculator to help your visitors learn how much your service will cost. Finally, let your visitors enjoy your site anytime, anywhere.

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Plumbing | Repair, Building & Construction WordPress Theme

If you want to convert more visitors into leads and sales, make sure your website makes a sound. Plumbing is the other popular specimen of industrial WordPress themes on this list. Well, with a whooping 1,1K of downloads, Plumbing stands out from the crowd for sure. As such, it suits all kinds of repair and construction websites right off the bat. So, carve out your niche and let Plumbing do the hardest work for you. The best thing is that Plumbing is compatible with Elementor. What does it mean for you? Well, nothing but an easy content editing ability, which saves your time & effort. Also, it’s GDPR compliant, so your site is coded in line with the best web design practices. Of course, it supports WooCommerce and allows you to start selling things online in minutes. Need some more goodies? Wait no more. It’s time to try.

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Chrimson | Windows & Doors Services WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for the best option possible, Chrimson can help. Designed specifically for windows & doors services websites, Chrimson is worth a try. It earns its place on this list of industrial WordPress themes for a reason. Flexible and powerful, it’s loaded with a ton of advanced features. It can be easily put to use for construction, home renovation or architecture web projects. Even better, it can help you launch an e-store and turn your site into a viable online business. In fact, you can use Chrimson to sell affiliate products online. Thus, it’s built with the WPBakery page builder so you’ll face no coding issues at all. Also, it lets you go social and integrate your Instagram account with your site. So, take care of your site. Focus on your current customers and expect to generate as many new leads as possible.

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Palladio | Interior Design & Architecture WordPress Theme

Is one of your main goals to attract more leads and book more remodeling projects? Well, Palladio is here to help you. Modern and responsive, it sits high on this list of industrial WordPress themes. It works especially great for interior/exterior design web projects but can be also put to use for any other purposes. As such, you can use Palladio for a construction bureau, architect agency or furniture manufacturing website. The best thing is that Palladio s WordPress 5.0 compatible, which means nothing but the best. Simply put, your website is coded in line with the latest web design standards to bring in you more sales. When it comes to presenting your services online, a pack of premium plugins will come to the rescue. Give them a try to direct more potential customers toward your high-quality service.

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ElectroServ | Electrical Repair Service WordPress Theme


There are a lot of different ways to generate leads for your business. In fact, building a website is one of the best ones. No matter your niche, an online presence can help your business make a sound. ElectroServ is one of the best industrial WordPress themes you can use for electrical repair services sites. The reason behind that is its flexible and functional design. So, you can use ElectroServ for any other kind of industrial website related to repair, plumbing, carpentry or roofing services. To help get you started, consider using pre-designed pages & custom shortcodes. It’s a great way to save time, so why not try? Also, it features the appointment booking functionality, which can be easily managed on your own. Finally, optimize your site to be easily found in this highly-saturated market. Without it, it’s easy to get lost.

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MoveMe | Moving & Storage Company WordPress Theme


As the owner of a moving company, you want to see your business grow. Great for you! And the best way to do this is by expanding your web presence. MoveMe can help get you started. First, it’s the other great specimen of industrial WordPress themes on the list. Second, it’s flexible and versatile. So it costs you almost nothing to use MoveMe for any other web project related to construction or remodeling. Get the freedom to take advantage of several pre-designed homepage layouts. Also, forget not to use the WPBakery page builder to make any changes you need to stand out. How to make people talk about you? Give them a reason. Showcase who you are, what you do and why choose your services over the competitors. The choice is great. Yet, even the smallest hook that makes your brand unique can make a difference.

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Corgan | Woodworks and Carpentry WordPress Theme

How to make people find your business when searching for your services? First, revamp your online image with Corgan. And then see your modern website shoot up to the top. Corgan would be an interesting option for woodcraft workshops, craftsman or handyman services. It can work for carpentry business agency best. That’s why it comes loaded with a set of pre-designed pages to showcase your services, products, or introduce your team. Indeed, it’s WooCommerce ready, so launching an online store would be a kid’s play for you. Even if you haven’t sold a thing yet. In times where a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure that your gallery shines. It’s a great way to showcase you take care of your customers. Keeping your site as close to the top as possible is a tough gig. Yet, a responsive and SEO optimized solution can help.

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Pool | Pool Maintenance Services WordPress Theme

Your website is your most important marketing asset. In order to increase your pool maintenance leads and grow your business, make sure your website is both secured and mobile-friendly. Fresh & stylish, Pool is a perfect match for pool maintenance websites of all kinds. In fact, who said you can’t use Pool for a construction or architecture web project? That’s the beauty of these industrial WordPress themes – your possibilities are almost endless. No matter how far you’d like to go with your website designing, make sure everything is possible as long as your eyes are open. Give Pool a try and promote your pool maintenance company like a pro. Place your best-selling items right on your homepage sliders and expect more people to see them. Well, there is a lot to say about Pool. Yet, you’d better give it a try for yourself.

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BugsPatrol | Pest Control Services WordPress Theme

Speed matters, especially when it comes to your website. When users aren’t satisfied with the experience they’re getting, they have no reason to stay with you. So, spoil your users by convenience from the first seconds. A website built with BugsPatrol is more likely to load almost immediately offering your users only the best user experience possible. Stylish & modern, it’s built for pest control services websites. Indeed, you can use BugsPatrol for any other types of construction or remodeling web projects with ease. So, take advantage of premade modules to tell a story behind your pest control brand. Showcase your best works or projects and convey your users to do business with you. And the best way to do that is by proving your expertise on topics you care about. Yes, a relevant and fresh blog can be a big blow to your business.

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Yoland | Landscape Design & Garden Accessories Store WordPress Theme

Want to spread brand awareness? You should! Yoland is a surprisingly effective option for doing that. The reason Yoland is one of the best industrial WordPress themes is simple. It works not only for gardening or landscaping websites. Stylish & trendy, it can be a huge boon for any other industry. Whether it’s interior/exterior design or repair niche, Yoland can kick things up a notch. Want to launch an online garden accessories store? The latter option is possible thanks to the WooCommerce integration. When it comes to showcasing your projects, the power of the Essential Grid plugin can help. Manage your gallery pages like a pro to make sure your users will like it. Of course, your site will look awesome on all modern mobile devices no matter what. At last, Yoland supports WPML functionality. A great way to keep your site opened up to anyone worldwide.

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ProRange | Painting Company WordPress Theme

To grow your painting business, you need to increase the number of leads you are getting. The more leads you get, the more sales you’ll make. And that’s where ProRange can help. Modern and clean, it could be the one-stop solution for you. Crafted towards building & painting services, ProRange is worth exploring. You can use ProRange even for architecture or plumbing web projects. There’s nothing to stop you from doing that. Anyway, to get started quicker, a set of pre-designed pages would be a huge help. Whether to showcase your services, introduce your team or your pricing policy, there’s a premade solution for that. Communication with your customers is key today. So, do your best to keep them informed by filling the handy quote request form online. Also, manage your content easily with the WPBakery page builder. That’s a great way to save time, so don’t skip it.

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Anderson | Industrial Roofing Services WordPress Theme


Think of your company’s website as a virtual sales representative. Now go ahead and make sure it serves its purpose. If not, it’s time for a redesign. Anderson would be a great option for you this time. Designed specifically for roofing services, Anderson is second to none for construction web purposes. You can use Anderson to represent your remodeling agency, cleaning firm or a handyman team. No matter what niche you’ll end up, Anderson is easy to edit and manage up to your needs. It goes without saying that Anderson is responsive and optimized for SEO. It means that your site gets a better chance to keep its ranking safe and as close to the top as possible. You need to convince people that your product is the right one for the job. The best way to do that? Indeed, with the help of your own blog.

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Fortunio | Timber / Forestry / Wood Manufacture WordPress Theme


With Fortunio, it’s easy to build a website that is not only beautiful but effective. Modern and stylish, it lets you build a website that makes a sound. Thus, your site ranks well in search engine results and converts your visitors into customers. No wonder, Fortunio sits high on the list of the best industrial WordPress themes. Afraid of a skill gap? No need to worry. You can be a seasoned web designer or an average computer user. You still can manage it. Build an effective website that is bound to suit your needs without anyone’s help. What about advanced features and premium plugins? Well, Fortunio has a lot. Being a great option for a timber company, Fortunio fits also the other topics. As such, harvesting or wood production services, logistics businesses or forestry firms. Do a bit of exploring. It is never a bad idea.

More info / Download Demo

Mahogany | Flooring Company WordPress Theme

Your website should be your #1 sales and marketing tool for your business. Whether it’s a flooring firm, plumbing agency or a construction bureau, Mahogany fits the bill. Modern and stylish, it can help present your brand and promote it. First, Mahogany is WordPress 5.0 compatible, which ensures your site is fresh and up to date. Second, it’s fully responsive and optimized for the best SEO practices. The result? Your site is more likely to appear as close to the top of the search engine results. Also, it can make your visitors happier. Happier visitors are more likely to stay on your site longer. Of course, it supports WooCommerce functionality, making it easy to sell things online. Want to save time? That’s easy. A pack of pre-designed pages & custom shortcodes will do the trick. Finally, add a bit of creativity to your pages with the ThemeREX Addons plugin.

More info / Download Demo

CarpetServ | Cleaning Company & Janitorial Services WordPress Theme

Your website needs to be visible, that’s where an SEO optimized solution can help. CarpetServ makes the list of the best industrial WordPress themes for a reason. It works great for cleaning service company right off the bat. Also, it can be put to use for a maid /janitorial service firm or remodeling agency. Think whether CarpetServ will work for construction or repair niche? Without a doubt, it will. Jam-packed with tons of pre-made pages, it lets you save time. Promote your services in a more appealing way possible. Do you lack some coding issues? No worries, extensive documentation will help. Also, CarpetServ comes with online appointments booking functionality. So, manage it on your own. Got a compliment from a client? Make sure it shines right on your homepage sliders. Whether it’s trust recommendations or testimonials, put it front and center. That’s important.

More info / Download Demo

Bassein | Swimming Pool Service WordPress Theme


When building construction of the pool service website, speed is essential. If you want your website to load almost immediately, consider using Bassein. Attractive and modern, it ranks high amongst the best industrial WordPress themes on the list. Just as it works for a swimming pool building company, it can work for a number of other web projects. As such, it’s a great choice for a cleaning agency, plumbing firm website, landscaping bureau or sanitation company. So, it works well for both indoor & outdoor web projects right from the start. Built with the WPBakery page builder, it lets you edit and manage your page layouts like a pro. To showcase that your brand does its job better than any other competitor out there, make sure your gallery shines. Also, prove your authority on topics you care of and convince your visitors to do business with you.

More info / Download Demo

Buisson | Gardening WordPress Theme


You have a lot of choices when it comes to industrial WordPress themes. So, why choose Buisson? Give it a shot and see how this clean and colorful solution can help you. First, it fits all kinds of web projects dedicated to gardening or landscaping topics. Moreover, it suits also exterior/interior design purposes, cleaning agencies, flower growing or pest control services companies. So, the choice is quite wide. To make things, even more, easier, the WPBakery page builder would be a huge help. It lets you get creative with your page layouts even with a skill gap. Still in doubt? Give it a try and you won’t regret it. Also, Buisson is compatible with the Booked Appointments, Essential Grid, and TheemREX Addons plugins. As a result, you can extend the functionality of your site up to a level. Finally, WooCommerce integration makes sense for your sales funnel.

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Final Word About Industrial WordPress Themes

If exploring these industrial WordPress themes seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is! The good news is that you’re getting one of the best solutions possible, so make sure it’s worth the effort. This is especially true if your products or services are new to the market. You need to promote it and at least one option from this list can help. Without a doubt, marketing your construction or remodeling company takes time and investment. But once done well, there is no look back. So, it’s time for a change.

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