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HTML Charity Website Templates

17 Best Premium HTML Charity Website Templates 2020

Starting a professional page for a nonprofit organization with the best HTML charity website templates is easy and efficient. To increase the potential of the overall collected donations and helping as many in need as possible, a site is a must.

You can quickly expand beyond your local area and go global. With a clean, beautiful and advantageous online presence, you can have people from all around the world help you gain funds for the cause. Expose yourself to the world wide web, inform people about why are you raising donations and funds and start something extraordinary.

By choosing your favorite HTML non-profit template from the list below, you get everything needed for your business. Fully functional templates with nifty designs are at your service to help you spread the word. An eye-catching and very straightforward web design will grab readers’ attention immediately. Great navigation and a stunning slideshow will only increase the chances of visitors helping you with the donations.

Raising funds and putting the word out, as well as informing people and educating them about your charities and nonprofits, has never been more fun. Instead of going through tons and tons of templates yourself, you will find the most valuable ones further down the page. These are the best performing HTML charity website templates with regular updates for you to craft an outstanding platform and make a difference in the world.

Best responsive charity website templates


divi charity website template
Spreading the word out for a cause has a much bigger impact if you have a page built around it. And with Divi, you can now make yourself a solid online presence sooner rather than later. Instead of doing all the work from scratch, heck, hiring a developer, with Divi, you can do it all on your own. Not only does the tool come with predefined layouts and elements, but it also offers a codeless coding experience. With the convenient dragging and dropping technique, anyone out there can realize a page for charity or non-profit organization.

Divi comes with a complete website pack for charities for the swiftest page launch ever. In addition to that, this site canvas also gives you all the rights to edit and adjust it however you fancy. Make it stand out by enriching it with your distinct touch.

More info / Download Demo


Jevelin is a multi-concept charity website template which you can employ for crafting all sorts of different websites. While it comes with tons of demos out of the box, you can also expand its capabilities by modifying it accordingly. In other words, you can easily use Jevelin for making charity, NGO or fundraiser pages. Enjoy the ready-made contents and save yourself plenty of time and energy. But that is just the beginning to all the amazingness Jevelin has in store for you.

Jevelin also has over forty shortcodes, custom widgets, comes with full eCommerce support and is entirely translatable. It follows all the modern web and tech practices, too, for a smooth and flawlessly operating page. Nowadays, you only need a template like Jevelin and you are closer than ever to building a page. Make it special and personalize the default design for a chance to shine online with your uniqueness.

More info / Download Demo


funlin charity website template
Funlin is a special crowdfunding WordPress theme that you can utilize for a charity website with ease. With its clean and enticing appearance, you will have no trouble displaying all the information you would like to share about the cause(s). Also, tell more about your organization and go on a more personal level with all the potential donors. Funlin is all set and ready to rock and roll the online space with a striking website that will make an immediate difference.

The features of the tool are very many, making sure you get the most out of it right from the get-go. Keep in mind, you also do not need to be an expert coder nor designer to be able to build a website with Funlin. Anyone can do it, even a complete beginner.

More info / Download Demo


goodsoul charity website template
GoodSoul is another remarkable charity website template with several different demos for establishing a top-notch charity website. Whether you would like to push a single cause or you are an organization, taking care of multiple projects, with GoodSoul, you can get it happen all and then some. A website is just around the corner once you have this spectacular tool at your diposal. Pick the demo that resonates with you best, install it and turn it into a functional website in minutes time. Thanks to the drag and drop technique, you can easily make improvements to the default look of GoodSoul and tailor it to your needs precisely.

Some extra treats of GoodSoul include Slider Revolution, over twenty HTML files, five headers and footers, widget-rich footer, Google Maps and social buttons, to name a few. Make it yours and stand out from the masses with a superb page.

More info / Download Demo


charingo fundraising wordpress theme
When it comes to charity templates and themes, Charingo is one of the solutions that will put you right on top. With its thirteen different demos and tons of other materials and features, you can start spreading the word quickly with Charingo. You can easily utilize the sample that suits your style best as is and experience a speedy page realization. On the other hand, you can always make extra customization tweaks and fine-tune Charingo according to your branding directions. It comes coupled with WPBakery page builder after all.

With Charingo, you can build both one- and multi-page websites without a hassle. You can also choose between dark and light layouts, as they are all part of the kit. Smooth animations, parallax effects, RTL support, MailChimp integration, Slider Revolution and tons of practical shortcodes are just a few of the extras that you also get with Charingo.

More info / Download Demo


worldlife charity website template
If in need to build a charity or crowdfunding web platform, Worldlife is the right option for you. It is a dedicate charity website template with all the necessities and then some, neatly packed into one bundle. Right away, you get to choose between four different demos, all original and stunning. Of course, you can utilize each demo out of the box; however, editing and improving it is very possible, too. Have in mind, Worldlife is coupled with the amazing Elementor page builder which makes things as simple as pie.

Additional amenities of Worldlife include different header styles, volunteer form, upcoming events, registrations forms and multiple internal page layouts. Worldlife is also optimized for outstanding performance and fast loading speed to ensure killer experience on all devices. To build something exclusive and out of this world, you better investigate Worldlife further now.

More info / Download Demo


chariti charity wordpress theme
In this day and age, building a website for a charity or non-profit organization takes little to no time. Especially once you have great tools like Chariti at hand. It is a charity website template based on WordPress that requires no coding and no experience when it comes to setting up a page. With all the ready-made page layouts, you do not need to bother creating anything from the ground up. But even if you do plan to add a custom-made layout, you will not need to make it through coding. The available page builder support users of all skill levels, whether a first-timer or a pro. This gives you pretty much unlimited options and possibilities.

Other great stuff that comes as part of Chariti is membership system, 22 headers, donations, email confirmations, sticky navigation and RTL support. As for the latter, you can translate Chariti to any language you want due to full congruency with WPML.

More info / Download Demo


helpo charity website template
Helpo will help you with the process of building a fundraiser, charity or NGO website. It is a powerful and user-friendly alternative that will kick-start your project in no time at all. Whatever you have on your mind, you can realize it with this winning tool. For a small investment, you do not have to hire a coder nor a designer – you do it all yourself. And if you feel like you need additional assistance, you can always reach out to the friendly support team. But first, feel free to flip through the documentation and get the gist of it.

Six homes are predefined for you to put into practice out of the box or improve them further. Additionally, Helpo also includes fifty inner layouts and over one hundred elements. What’s more, you can also expand your website with an eCommerce section, thanks to WooCommerce compatibility.

More info / Download Demo


bighearts charity website template
BigHearts is a novel option to start your process of making a website for a charity with comfort and confidence. Whether you have any skills or not with building website, that’s not really something to worry about. After all, with BigHearts, you can bring to fruition an impactful outcome in minutes time. The available material is all set and ready for you to utilize with a single click. One of the faster ways would be to mix and match what you find in the BigHearts kit, brand it color-wise and you are done doing the “hard” work.

Spread the awareness for a cause out with a professional website that BigHearts will help you forge. Even if you have multiple causes going on and accept donations, BigHearts is here to do the trick for you. If you are ready for a change, you are ready for BigHearts.

More info / Download Demo


charitypress html charity website template
CharityPress is an amazing HTML charity website template with great features and countless options. Out of the box, CharityPress treats you with three outstanding demos for a quick launch of your project. In the bundle, you will also find PSD files that save you even more time and effort. One package that answers almost all of your answers.

With CharityPress, you can build an assortment of different websites, like fundraisers, NGO, non-profits, donations and other events. Due to Bootstrap Framework, CharityPress is entirely responsive and mobile-ready. It means that your websites will correctly readjust to any device, from smartphones and all the way to desktops. By the way, along with the three home varieties, CharityPress also has other inner pages for causes, events, team and more. It is ready and set to realize your idea and push it.

More info / Download Demo


fundpro html charity website template
FundPro is one immense HTML charity website template with 350 and counting HTML files. Seven one- and seven multi-page demos with tons of other layouts for every taste. Depending on your requirements, you might use FundPro exactly as is, without doing any personal improvements. You change the content, fill it with yours and you are ready to roll.

Plenty useful shortcodes, Revolution Slider, Menuzord responsive mega menu and hot, boxed, dark and RTL layouts, FundPro has way more at your disposal than you think. You might even find some hidden gems that you will find of great use for your charity organization. Make sure you use FundPro to its full capacity and create the ultimate charity page with it. Customize it, enrich it with your individual touch and stand out from the crowd.

More info / Download Demo


paper html charity website template
Paper comes ideal for loads of projects you plan to launch even if it is a charity one. In the bundle of what seems an endless amount of predesigned layouts, Paper has one related to charity websites. It is very simple, minimal and pretty much exactly what you need for your campaigns. Indeed, Paper is a multi-functional charity website template with top-notch performance. Both the owner and the end user experience nothing but joy. And this goes for visitors using smartphones, tablets and up to the largest desktops.

Mega menu and off-canvas navigation, Bootstrap Framework, shop and blog pages, shortcodes, whatever you need, chances are that Paper has it available. Besides, Paper also has an entire admin panel predesigned just in case.

More info / Download Demo


charityfaith html charity website template
For non-profits, charities and crowdfunding campaigns, CharityFaith is the HTML website template you need. There is no need for you to overcomplicate and overthink the design and web presence. With so many advanced and ready-to-use material, like CharityFaith, you save yourself lots of hours. For the quickest solution, you do not even need to perform any tweaks and use the web design you see in the live preview. Still, it is recommended to add your personal touch to the preferred demo and make your custom version out of it.

CharityFaith uses LESS and Bootstrap Framework, has functional Paypal donation forms, fourteen first pages and premium plugins at no additional fee. Smooth animations, parallax effects, full-screen slider and testimonials, CharityFaith provides lots of options for the most refined charity website.

More info / Download Demo

Charity World

charity world html website template
Unique, modern and neat, that is what you get with Charity World HTML charity website template. It supplies you with enough predefined material to solve all your questions and concerns. You impress everyone that lands on your page and have him or her intrigued not only with the gorgeous design but the content as well. Have the ideal ratio of both and hook visitors right away.

Charity World has several multi-page, boxed and landing page layouts at your disposal out of the box. Like always, use them as they are or make adjustments and individualize them. In both cases, the final product always follows all the regulations and stays at the most professional level. No need to start from scratch when there is so much content available to speed things up for you.

More info / Download Demo


fundpress html charity website template
Like with any other of our amazing HTML charity website templates, you can, too, build a site for your project all by yourself with FundPress. No need to outsource any part of your business. You can set things up and have a fresh page ready in next to no time. The simplified approach to constructing expert web design is very useful for all the newbies. Well, especially for all the novice folks who have little or zero experience.

It is all in the demo data what rapidly speeds up the fabrication process and turns you into a real professional. Your crowdfunding, charity or non-profit organization won’t be long without a solid web presence. Get things happening ASAP and increase the potential of your raised funds.

From single and multi page layouts, dark designs, portfolio and even magazine look, it is all doable with FundPress html5 template. With this product, you even save money. That said, you get Revolution Slider and Mega Menu for free. And if you combine the prices, you actually earn money. Commence your funding business and bring it online to multiply the capital. The money will start coming in from different resources, allowing you to help even more people.

More info / Download Demo


lifeaid HTML charity website template
Whoever is inspired by minimalism, LifeAid template is the perfect choice for you. This elegant HTML charity website template has you supplied with more than 10 index pages, 9 header styles and over 30 shortcodes. Plenty material is ready for use. However, you can come up with your personal versions any time you want. Even later on, when you are already successfully running your online charity project, you can refresh the design of your site and show the world how active you are in all aspects of your business.

LifeAid template was specifically developed with non-profits, NGOs, fundraisers and similar organizations in mind. You will not lack features and have the capability to get things going in no time. Not only will be the whole process of building your site for your organization easy but maintaining it, too. Exactly what you need to run your business effortlessly. Rather focus yourself on the promotion and bringing more readers to your page. You are assured that LifeAid HTML non-profit template will make your online existence as appealing to the eye as possible.
Detailed documentation and quick response from the dedicated support will only make your life even more uncomplicated. Keep it simple.

More info / Download Demo


helpingpro HTML charity website template
Help the world with your knowledge and experience and share it using HelpingPro HTML charity website template. You got to be the pro in your field for others to start sending their funds towards your organization. People quickly recognize who to trust and stick with. That person or a group of people is no other than you. This fully responsive template comes with many pre-built elements to speed things up regarding designing your site. Let your charity or organization shine in the best possible light. With a magnificent design, you will not have a problem grabbing the attention of each unique visitor. But the truth is, it is not all only about the looks, you better share your expertness, too. You have all you need to make an original experience with HelpingPro template.

With whopping 325+ HTML files, different multi- and one-page demos, dark and RTL layouts and more, you can go as detailed or as basic as you would like with your charity site. There is also a practical Ajax contact form, responsive Menuzord mega menu and Revolution Slider included in the big package of features. You are not limited design-wise with HelpingPro template. Give it your best and make your website easily stand out from the crowd.

More info / Download Demo

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