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hat mockup
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23 Best Realistic Hat Mockup Templates 2020

With any of these outstandingly realistic hat mockup templates, you can put on display your designs professionally. Whether you would like to add a new product to your clothing line or simply create a new hat design for your loyal fans, use a mockup and make a difference.

Keep in mind, no need to be an expert designer to have a chance and successfully use a predefined mockup. In short, anyone can and will make it happen in a small breeze. Heck, you do not even need to use Photoshop all the time. You read that right; we have some hat mockup designs here for you that you can style and improve online entirely.

Moreover, even with all the PSD mockups that we have here for you, you will have a blast doing the work. Every file is fully layered and comes with smart objects for your convenience. You can change the colors, add your designs or a logo, improve background, whatever, in just a few clicks.

Can you imagine?

Apparel and clothing designers, if you are in the process of sorting out a hat, make a life-like presentation with a mockup. While your client can already use it for promotion on their social media and website, you can also study the design further and investigate whether or not it needs any additional customization tweaks.

Backwards Snapback Hat Mockup of a Trendy Guy

backwards snapback hat mockup
If a fitted hat on a man’s head backward is the type of mockup that you are searching for, this one will do the trick undoubtedly. It is a tool that you will find a little breeze to use, as all you need is a web browser and access to Placeit – as simple as it sounds! Once on the platform, you get to upload the design from your computer, as well as change the color of the hat. That’s it, if you are satisfied with your creation, you can hit the download button and go from there. On the other hand, you can play around with different color combinations, as well as add texts and graphics.

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Snapback Hat Mockup of a Stylish Guy

snapback hat mockup of a stylish guy
Another top-notch solution if you are in need of a life-like demonstration of your brand new hat design. This mockup will do the trick without a shadow of a doubt, adding all the extra shine on your design, making everyone encouraged to get it. First and foremost, it allows you to add a design of up to 750 x 500 px. Keep in mind, other dimensions work to, but cropping and repositioning might be necessary in this case. In addition to that, you can also alter the color of the hat, introduce a call-to-action and a graphic.

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Crewneck T-Shirt and Hat Mockup of a Woman in Front of an Old Car

crewneck t-shirt and hat mockup of a woman
While you can use this hat mockup exclusively for a women’s design, it works fantastically well for a unisex hat, too. The template features a woman in front of an old car, posing with fully editable tee and hat. That’s right, you can style both with your outstanding branding, be it a full-blown design or a simple logo. Upload a design individually to each item, as well as alter the garment color. If the hat is what you would like to focus on, you can even leave the T-shirt blank. Make it your way entirely in just a few steps and have a realistic presentation ready to impress swiftly.

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Dad Hat Mockup of a Curly-Haired Woman

dad hat mockup of a curly haired woman
When coming up with a new design for a hat, you can quickly test it out with a ready-made mockup. You just upload your image and already see it on the hat. How quick and easy was that? And that is exactly what you are about to experience once you decide to use this lovely mockup featuring a woman with glasses at a tailgate party. For your information, all and every mockup template that you find on the magnificent Placeit is effortless to use. And these are the mockups that do not require the use of Photoshop.

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Swimsuit and Hat Mockup

swimsuit and hat mockup
If you would like to go over the top with the demonstration of your newest design or even if it is just a logo, use this mockup and get the hype going right away. With oh so many options and possibilities, you can fully style and edit the default settings according to your needs and wants. The mockup contains three ladies in a swimsuit and a trucker hat, holding a cocktail. You can individually change the color of all hats and swimwear, as well as add different designs to each item. Of course, you can also keep it all in harmony; all women sporting the same branding.

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Trucker Hat Mockup

trucker hat mockup
An awesome trucker hat mockup of a fellow in between two large trucks, still deciding which he will pick today. First and foremost, when it comes to adding your design, just hit the upload button and you are all good to go. Moreover, you can also change the color of the mesh, the visor and the panel. You can make the hat that matches your taste precisely without breaking a single drop of sweat. All it takes is some clicking, and you can already have a realistic presentation all set and ready to impress.

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Trucker Hat Mockup Featuring a Bearded Man

trucker hat mockup featuring a bearded man
For another trucker hat mockup alternative, this one comes exceptionally handy. It is a tool that will do you well right off the get-go. Even if you are in a hurry, you can now make a demonstration of a fresh had design within seconds. Keep in mind, you do not just add the design or the logo and leave all the rest as is. Sure, you can, but the mockup allows you to change the colors of different parts of the hat, as well as the T-Shirt. All these customization functions to guarantee an outcome that will move mountains.

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T-Shirt and Hat Mockup of a Tattooed Man

t-shirt and hat mockup of a tattooed man
If you are after a more rebellious presentation of hat design, you might want to use this next mockup template. This tattooed guy is down to sport your brand both on his tee and his hat. That said, you can alter both clothing pieces that he sports with your color options and custom designs. In just a few clicks, you can now bring into being a full-blown presentation of new products that will increase the excitement amongst your customers. And if you work with a client, you can help them create this same life-like presentation with ease. You do all the work in-browser before opening your wallet to make it 100% your own.

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Dad Hat Mockup of an Edgy Woman

dad hat mockup of an edgy woman
For a more close-up presentation of a hat design or a logo on a hat, you better not miss testing out this mockup template. It features an edgy lady with glasses and a black T-Shirt, ready to push your product to new heights. Of course, you can easily change the color of the hat to any shade you fancy. Moreover, with a click on the button, you get to upload your design and already see it appear on the hat. The working area is of 700 x 500 px. Lastly, if you would like to share a special message or a call-to-action, you can do that, too, by hitting the “add text” button.

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Mockup of a Tattooed Woman Pointing at Her Hat

mockup of a tattooed woman pointing at her hat
Everyone will immediately notice your nifty and life-like demonstration of a hat if you choose this killer mockup. The template features a tattooed woman, pointing at her hat, which you can improve and enhance with your creative touches. Upload a logo or a design, change the color of the hat and add a text overlay, all this in just a few clicks. You do not need to be a pro to be able to use the mockup successfully. Anyone can get the most out of it without a hassle. In fact, you will have a breeze coming up with a bunch of different variations before you settle on the winner.

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Baseball Cap Mockup Set

baseball cap mockup set
In this amazing kit of mockups, you get four isolated hat views that take care of all sides of the item. Moreover, you will also find three additional, and even more realistic mockups of the hat worn by a woman. That’s right, you get seven in total! First and foremost, you can alter and adjust pretty much all and every element of each template. Cap, button and visor colors, glossiness, shadows, background, you name it, adjust it all according to your taste. Of course, with a simple process of including your design, you can enrich the blank hat with your creative and call it a day.

More info / Download

Baseball Cap Mockup

baseball cap mock-up
Modern, creative and super simple to use hat mockup templates for you to increase the visibility of your new item. There are three PSD files available for you to put into play right away. Once you import the mockup to Photoshop, the process of stuffing it with your design happens sooner rather than later. Of course, you can change the color of all elements of the hat, from eyelets and stitches to the main color. Add your custom badge, logo or any other design to the front, and you have the photo-realistic presentation all set and ready to amaze.

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Trendy Hat Mockups

trendy hat mockups
If you are more or less looking for a simple, modern and trendy front view presentation of a hat, you better stick to this mockup. It is a tool that will quickly turn your idea into a life-like demonstration. Download and import the mockup to Photoshop, edit it via the smart objects and see the outcome already. You can, of course, change the color of the hat and import your design or logo and attach it to the front. Use the outcome on your social media profile, eCommerce website, online portfolio, you name it. When working with a client, help them see the outcome without the actual physical product, too.

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Five Panels Mockup

five panels mockup
For a five panel exclusively, this is the hat mockup that you should consider. You can, indeed, fully customize the hat with different colors of each element, as well as with a custom logo. In little to no time, you will have a full-blown demonstration ready and set to impress and amaze all the possible buyers, heck, even your client. The high-quality of the mockup also makes sure the outcome will display all the details with crystal clarity. With the creative already available, all it takes are a few clicks, and you will have the mockup enriched with your signature style.

More info / Download

Unisex Cap Mock Up

unisex cap mock-up
This unisex hat mockup comes with four different views for you to establish a complete demonstration of a new design. Front, back and side views, the bundle sports it all and then some. Each file also comes at amazing quality to ensure top-notch end product. That said, even if you would like to display your design in a close-up, the mockup will do its thing and put it to view amazingly well. Thanks to the smart object layer, sliding in your image, logo or any other creative is a piece of cake. Create an outstanding unisex hat presentation that will trigger everyone’s curiosity.

More info / Download

Baseball Cap Mockup

baseball cap mockup
You do not always need to invest in a model, a test product and a photographer to spread the word out for a new product drop. In fact, you can go with a photo-realistic hat mockup and see the magic happen in just a few clicks. For a small investment, you can now create a highly detailed demonstration of a hat. The 6000 x 4000 px dimension ensures first-class quality that will display all elements in great detail. It is no secret that you can fully customize the hat, so it practices your branding regulations to a T.

More info / Download

Snapback Mockups

snapback mockups
When bringing into fruition a new hat design, do yourself a favor and test things out first with a mockup. This allows you to see the life-like version of the actual product without the need to manufacturing a test run first. Before you even send it out and get the physical product done, you can already make sure everything is in perfect order. This bundle of mockups contains five PSD files, each displaying a hat at a different angle. Each template is fully customizable and fully layered for you to craft the exact hat that you are after. Little work for a killer outcome.

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The best free hat mockup templates

Trendy Baseball Cap PSD Mockup

free baseball cap psd mockup
You can also make some noise with a free hat mockup. In this section, we bring to the table several alternatives that cost you nothing, yet the outcome will still be of the highest degree.
For a life-like demonstration of a trucker hat, this is the tool that will do the trick every time. It features a man, outdoor, beside a pool, showing off his new purchase. With the effortless editing due to the smart objects, you can speedily enhance the default look of the tool and make it practice your regulations precisely. The fantastic quality also ensures great close-ups.

More info / Download

Trendy Cap Logo PSD Mockup

cap logo psd mockup
You can now speedily bring into being a demonstration of a hat without running into any inconvenience. With the layered PSD mockup, anyone can hammer out a presentation that will be sophisticated and very appealing to the eye. Thanks to the great customization features, you can easily style this hat mockup according to your preference. Quickly test things out with this mockup and see if the logo or another design appears on the hat how you want. At this time, you can still make improvements and corrections that will create the end product that fits your liking. With a mockup, you can make sure that the physical product will materialize without a hitch.

More info / Download

Fashionable Cap PSD Mockup

fashionable cap psd mockup
If you have an awesome design or a logo that you would like to stick to a hat, you came to the right place. This clean, trendy and fashionable hat mockup is all set to sport your creative and put an extra shine on it. With the fast customization, you can experience a sophisticated outcome all set in close to no time. Slide in your design, make any color improvements if necessary and have the outcome ready to spark everyone’s interest. And if you are just gaining new inspiration and testing out what is possible, again, the mockup will surely do the trick.

More info / Download

Trendy Cap PSD Mockup

free trendy cap psd mockup
For an impactful and minimalistic presentation of fresh hat design, stick to this freebie and make a difference. It features a photo-realistic hat that you can enrich with custom colors and designs. Bear in mind, you can also alter the background or keep it white. With confidence and barely any time spent on the customization part, you can now create a life-like look of your hat design. You can employ the mockup both for personal and commercial use. Showcase your creation to your client, as well as potential customers and keep the engagement at an all-time high.

More info / Download

Free Unisex Cap Mockup

free unisex cap mockup
Pretty much every fashion brand offers its customers some sort of a hat. If a baseball cap is particularly what you are looking to design, you will greatly benefit from this mockup. The tool is very easy on the eye, making sure it emphasizes the hat design first and foremost. Of course, you can easily enhance the item, both with a custom colorway and a design. After you import the PSD file to Photoshop, just search for smart objects and enjoy the smooth and effortless process that guarantees almost immediate results. You can get as creative as you want or keep it as clean as possible.

More info / Download

Customizable Inside Hat Mockup

customizable inside hat mockup
While we were primarily focusing on the outside of the hat, this free mockup is all about the inside. If you would like to take things to a whole new degree, you will want to brand your headwear to the very last detail, meaning, inside, too! Thanks to this PSD mockup, you can now play with different options and possibilities and make a realistic presentation in no time. All the work happens via the smart object layers, which, you know already, are a small breeze to use. Modify and edit every detail individually and create an outcome that will excite the potential user.

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