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Essential Freelance Tools and Tips: All You Need to Survive in The Industry

A freelance life sounds enticing for an enormous number of people. To be honest, it is not surprising. Being a freelancer gives a chance to be a boss and subordinate at once. You are free to come up with your original schedule. You can determine the most suitable way to work and feel comfortable.

Are you not interested in waking up early in the morning and taking the bus to reach the office? Do you want to sit with your laptop in bed, drinking coffee? Do you want to work on the chosen projects in the small cafe near the house? It is your choice if you decide to be a freelancer.

The number of options that allow starting your career as a freelancer is massive. However, it is crucial to know the basics before the beginning Today, we have prepared a list of useful freelance tools and pieces of advice. Are you ready to understand how to turn a challenge into something that brings many rewards? Then, let us start explaining everything to you.

Ultimate Freelancer Checklist That Would Be Wrong to Miss

We want you to forget about all the time-consuming things connected with freelance. It is better to learn the key details before you start swimming in the field. You will not drown, thanks to the following tips we have gathered for your easement.

How Does Every Freelancer Need to Choose the Project?

It seems to us that you should follow three principles while choosing your projects. These include the following ones:

  • comfortable time (ideally, you should be able to get immersed in the subject, build stable relationships with the client, and get stable earnings);
  • reasonable pricing that will pay all the applied efforts off;
  • social and emotional value (in other words, it would be perfect to get some opportunities for your self-growth).

How to Get Your Freelancer Portfolio Ready?

A portfolio is your chance to showcase your previous projects in the best possible light. It might be an addition to your profile on the freelance portfolio. You are free to create an online-project to present your achievements and tell more about your effective work. How can you make sure your portfolio impresses the target audience?

  1. There is no need to share all your projects. Focus on the best ones to assure the clients of paying their attention to you.
  2. In addition to this, many people have several portfolios. If you are engaged in different fields, it is better to create a specific one for each of your jobs.
  3. Review your portfolio before sharing it with the world. Delete all the mistakes, stupid typos, and other content that can be inappropriate.

How to Communicate with Your Potential Customers?

Discussing your project with the customer is a part that you cannot pass. It is necessarily to know all the details to forget about misunderstandings and troubles. We have a list of the required questions that can make your negotiations smooth.

  1. What is the deadline for the project?
  2. What are the formats that I should submit my work to you?
  3. How many revisions will I have during the whole period?
  4. What are the main specifications of the projects (as an example, technical ones)?
  5. Can you specify the sum of the money that I will get for the completed project? When am I going to be paid for the work?

In addition to this, you should understand the vision of your client. Ask him or her about the brand, the desired style, and other details.

What Resources Do Allow to Become a Better Freelancer?

The Internet is always ready to provide you with thousands of excellent resources to find out more about freelance. In our opinion, it is incredible to learn from the experience of other people. Below, you can get familiar with a few blogs that we consider to be very informative.

Freelancers Union

The Freelancer

What is the Way to Divide Work and Relaxation?

Saving your work-life balance can turn out to be complicated. From time to time, it is impossible to draw a border between these two aspects and stay productive. However, these are some ways to prevent you from exploding:

  • coming up with the flexible schedule;
  • understanding what place allows you to be most productive;
  • keeping communication with the outside world without any isolation;
  • engaging in non-work activities and hobbies;
  • taking the amount of work that you can handle.

What About Getting Your Work Priced?

Without a doubt, every freelancer wants to know how much money he or she needs to charge. Will this sum be too small or too big? Will you scare your clients if you set empirical prices? To calculate the price for your freelance work, keep in mind such factors as:

  • your experience in the industry;
  • geographical location;
  • your qualifications;
  • complication of the project (including industry subset).

As you can understand, proper research is necessary. Speak with people who have already worked on similar projects. Furthermore, you need to decide how you want to be paid (per-hour or fixed-rate pricing).

Is It Awful to Get Corrections from Your Clients?

If your client says that he or she sees some mistakes after the revision, it is not the reason to be crushed. It does not matter that you are a bad freelancer who needs to quit the project. Working towards the needs of your client always matters. Ask for detailed instruction and try to understand the overall vision of the customer. Then, it would be easier to fix all the mistakes and make the right changes.

Where to Find the Desired Freelance Job?

It is possible to showcase your skills, experience, and work on multiple freelance platforms. We have chosen the most widely-used ones.




Top Freelance Tools You Might Want to Add to Your Kit

Finally, we are ready to mention some freelance tools that can become your reliable assistants.


Get familiar with a collection of web-design assets for all tastes. Thanks to them, you have the freedom to create without any limits. It does not matter how many projects you work on. Completing them in the quickest high-quality manner will take nothing. You can download the desired items as many times as you need. There are three plans to choose from.

Creative ($69 per year)All-in-One ($179 per year)All-in-One (Lifetime Subscription for $599)
WordPress and CMS ThemesNoYesYes
eCommerce ThemesNoYesYes
Graphic and Design AssetsYesYesYes
Presentation TemplatesYesYesYes
Unlimited ProjectsYesYesYes
One-Year Technical SupportYesYesYes
Unlimited Lifetime AccessNoNoYes

In other words, ONE web-design toolkit is a perfect option for:

  • web-developers and designers;
  • marketers;
  • graphic designers;
  • and everyone who works in the IT-sphere.

Video Templates

It is possible to take advantage of the templates crafted for:

  • Premiere Pro;
  • Final Cut Pro;
  • After Effects.

In addition to this, there are hundreds of stock videos for a high number of purposes.


Here, you can download stock music that will make every project stand out from the crowd.


Together with these printable planners, it should be easier to follow your tasks and remember about the crucial meetings.

Social Media Templates

Every marketer has an interest in making the brand more recognized. For this reason, we cannot forget about such freelance tools as social media templates. Using them, one can:

  • create eye-catching Instagram stories and posts;
  • get remarkable cover photos for Facebook;
  • promote the company in other social networks like Pinterest or Twitter.

All-in-One Startup WordPress Bundle

In this superb bundle, you are going to find 61 useful products:

  • five WordPress themes;
  • seven plugins;
  • four HTML landing pages;
  • 45 graphic design items (like PowerPoint templates, logo templates, certificate templates, resume templates, and others).

Elementor WordPress Bundle

If you work on the WordPress online-project using Elementor, this bundle is ideal for your purpose. The package provides:

  • five Elementor themes;
  • 10 JetPlugins;
  • 60+ templates.

Trello – Organize and Prioritize Your Projects

Pexels – Free Stock Photos

Teachable – Online Courses on Every Topic Possible

Freelancelift – Advice, Support, and Community

Backblaze – Easy and Low-Cost Cloud Storage

8tracks – Discover Playlist for Every Mood

A Few Words in Conclusion

It would be very pleasant if you’ve found some useful freelance tools and tips in this list. We are sure that you can become a successful freelancer who manages to arouse interest in potential clients. By the way, you can start gathering your toolkit by purchasing a few digital items from TemplateMonster. The company celebrates its birthday and asks you to join the party by providing up to -50% discounts. If you need several freelance tools for half a price, visit the marketplace on June 15-21. In general, give a start to your freelance career here and now. Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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