20 Free WordPress Themes for Law and Attorney Sites

Running a law firm or business is not an easy task. It requires special efforts and measures. Naturally, a lawyer’s website too needs special features. Not all generic WordPress themes can provide such features. As such, you need a specialized WordPress theme for law websites.

Such WP themes tend to come with some enhanced set of offerings. For example, you will find custom content blocks being used prominently to showcase cases, clients and attorney profiles. Furthermore, law-related WP themes give focus to the text in order to help the law firm’s content stand out. 

Similarly, a WordPress theme for law websites tends to have a custom homepage layout with a prominent header and slider. This ensures that crucial details such as contact methods, social media icons or even a call to action button are not left out. Most law agencies and firms are aware that their clients turn to them only to seek help. As a result, it is a good design practice to make it easy to locate methods and ways of contacting the concerned law firm using their homepage itself.

With that said, where can you find some of the best law-related WordPress themes? Right here! In this roundup, I have put together some awesome and absolutely free WordPress themes that are meant especially for lawyers, attorneys and law-related businesses.

Need a WordPress Theme for Law Websites? Here are All Options!


Shapely is an exemplary WordPress theme which can be used to construct law company websites. It has a clean and simplistic one-page layout, making it easy to navigate for any potential client. Accessibility is a key feature of this product, as it would be hard to get hired if the employer can’t view your content. Shapely is made for all devices and screen sizes, and it is compatible with any web browser. Images and text will look sharp, the colors will be vibrant, and the graphics will manage to impress even the most cynical follower.

Of course, your portfolio site must be customized in order to meet your requirements. There are many options for personalization, as the owner can modify footer copyright information, include hero images, alter element colors, and tweak some of the sections. Multilingual sites are often more popular than their monolingual counterparts, and they allow you to do business across the globe. With relative ease, you will be able to translate your site into any language, a feature which can expand your target demographic. If you encounter any issues, be sure to contact to eager support team.


Portum is a simple and intuitive free WordPress business website theme. Portum is the perfect companion for businesses small and large joining the web. Regardless of your niche, industry or market, Portum will help you succeed. Packing nifty shortcodes and convenient layouts and tools, Portum is a business natural. Craft sections and pages like a pro with the WP Customizer. Take your business to a whole other level with testimonials, blog posts and more. Deploy widgets in a second and add functionality to sidebars, pages and sections. And also, transform your website with powerful WYSIWYG editing. All these, without writing a line of code. Businesses love Portum’s handy geolocation features, as well as its flexible pricing tables. Market your services to customers with handsome built-in presentation. Dazzle visitors with gorgeous animations and subtle visual effects. Let Portum be your ride to success!

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Illdy is yet another awesome Colorlib. This WordPress theme too inherits all of its parent theme’s properties, such as responsive design, multiple widget areas, featured content blocks, etc.

Accountant Law is a minimal WordPress theme for law websites. It does not add any grand design elements but instead provides a very clean and simple layout. It removes the image-centric header of its parent theme and provides a more straightforward homepage design. Illdy comes in two color variations, namely, dark and light.

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Ascendant is a rather colorful WordPress theme for law websites. It relies heavily on images and comes with its own set of bundled background graphics. You can choose to use your images too to serve as background images. Furthermore, you can use the native WordPress gallery function to showcase a slider with multiple background images.

Ascendant comes with its own custom homepage template. It is responsive and translation ready. This WP theme also supports post formats and RTL languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

You can choose to use a separate plugin to add custom post types for showcasing content such as profiles for your law firm’s staff members.

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Portum Material

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Portum One

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Portum Clean

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Justice is a responsive WordPress theme for law websites, attorneys, legal offices, and likewise. It is translation ready and supports custom headers. It also comes with a custom full width page template of its own.

This WordPress theme has been tested for compatibility with some of the most popular WP plugins, such as Jetpack, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. It also offers social media buttons and a customizable homepage layout with detailed content blocks.

In all aspects, this one is a simplified WP theme that is fairly easy to set up. If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is easy to work with and does not require heavy customization, Justice is meant for you.

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Lawyeria Lite

Lawyeria Lite is a free and responsive WordPress theme for lawyers and law firms. It comes in a single column layout with a custom homepage. You can add custom content blocks as well as a customized header to your homepage.

This particular WordPress theme for law websites focuses heavily on conversion rates and user engagement. You can prominently showcase your law firm’s phone number in the header itself. Besides, it also offers a homepage contact form.

Lawyeria Lite is fully responsive and translation ready. It is also available in a pro version that has additional features such as custom color schemes and more flexibility in terms of page layouts, etc. This WP theme is fairly popular and has even served as the parent theme for some really useful child themes in the niche of lawyer WP themes (some such child themes are mentioned later in this article).

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LawyeriaX Lite

LawyeriaX Lite comes from the same developers as Lawyeria Lite. It offers a clean and minimal layout that puts the focus on your content.

LawyeriaX Lite comes with a full-width slider, custom widgets and custom content blocks for the homepage. It offers widget areas in the footer as well, and can be easily tweaked to suit your needs. This theme integrates well with social media. It is fully responsive, translation ready and comes with support for RTL languages.

Almost all of the customization of LawyeriaX Lite happens in the Customizer itself. This way, you can preview the changes before getting them live on your site. LawyeriaX Lite also has a full width page template. It is backed by a premium variant which lets you customize more aspects of the theme and avail premium quality support from the theme makers.

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Lawyer Landing Page

Lawyer Landing Page, as the name suggests, is a landing page WordPress theme for law websites. As a landing page theme, it focuses more on getting the information across to your clients as quickly as possible.

You can set up this theme by means of sections on the homepage. You can add a contact form, custom menus, homepage banner and a call to action (CTA) button. Thereafter, you can add different sections for services, testimonials, about your law firm, frequently asked questions, and so on. Lawyer Landing Page prominently displays your contact form and the call to action button. The other sections are visible as the user scrolls down the page.

Lawyer Landing Page has undergone pagespeed tests. It is translation ready, fully responsive and supports post formats. This WP theme comes with a full width page template and its layout can easily be tweaked as per your needs.

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Equity is a clean and minimal WordPress theme for law websites. It caters to the needs of lawyers, attorneys, legal service providers such as agencies, barristers, etc.

Equity is both responsive and translation ready. It comes with a full width page template and multiple layout options. It offers four footer widget areas in addition to the default sidebar. All in all, if you are looking for a WP theme that workds right out of the box, Equity is a good fit. Setting up Equity is an easy task as it does not load you down with thousands of customization options.

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WP Jurist

WP Jurist is a versatile and robust WordPress theme for law websites that comes loaded with a plethora of features. It offers its own custom page templates including a full width page and a homepage template.

You can add a custom slider to the homepage or make use of the WordPress gallery feature to add images as slides. The homepage has content blocks wherein you can add custom widgets to feature important content. Thereafter, you can make use of a custom post types plugin to add custom post type for staff members or people associated with your law firm.

WP Jurist is translation ready, responsive and supports RTL languages.

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Juridica is a child theme of the above-mentioned Lawyeria Lite. As such, it inherits all the features and capabilities of its parent theme.

Juridica is a simple WordPress theme for law websites that makes just some design changes to its parent theme. The most visible changes are in the form of color scheme and typography. For all the other parts, it is almost at par with Lawyeria Lite in terms of features and offerings.

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Quill is an elegant and powerful WordPress theme for law websites, firms and agencies. It is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Plus, Quill is also translation ready and supports a fluid layout with multiple columns.

Quill offers great customization features. You can use its custom content block to showcase your works and offerings on the homepage. With custom call to action (CTA) buttons, you can drive your visitor’s attention to content that is of importance.

This WordPress theme is entirely customizable from the Live Customizer itself. It features Parallax backgrounds and tight integration with social media. Furthermore, it also offers the ability to choose from over 600 Google Fonts.

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EightLaw Lite

EightLaw Lite is a clean, responsive and minimal WordPress theme for law websites. All of its customization features can be handled from within the Live Customizer. This is a rather feature-rich WordPress theme that can cater to the needs of even the most advanced users.

EightLaw Lite comes with multiple fullscreen sliders as well as different sidebar layouts. You also get custom sections for adding call to action (CTA) buttons, testimonials, team member profiles, contact forms, social media icons, and more. You can make use of its carousel sliders to further add animations and effects to your site.

This WP theme comes with multiple widget areas and page templates. You can also employ different layouts for your blog page, such as grid, masonry, or the normal blog layout. EightLaw Lite is fully translation ready. There is a pro version available as well which comes with even more features and premium support.

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Novellaw is a child theme of Novel Lite. The parent WP theme has an altogether different niche market. But the child theme (Novellaw) is meant for law firms, agencies, barristers and attorneys.

This theme supports multiple widget areas including four in the footer. It comes with custom sections for adding testimonials, team profiles, contact forms, etc. Furthermore, since its parent theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, Novellaw is ideal for law firms that might need to add WooCommerce support to their site.

Novellaw is responsive and translation ready. It supports post formats and has a flexible layout. You can drag and drop its section to re-arrange the layout of your page.

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The last entry on our list, Wallstreet, caters to the needs of accountancy firms, finance businesses as well as lawyers and jurists. It is based on the Bootstrap framework. As a result, Wallstreet is fully responsive.

Wallstreet comes with a large featured image slider. It also supports social media icons and custom content blocks for portfolio, team profile, services, etc. The footer contains four widget areas, in addition to the default sidebar. Wallstreet also has two custom page template — one for the homepage and a full width page template.

Wallstreet is compatible with some of the most popular WP plugins, especially Polylang, WPML and Jetpack. It is translation ready. Lastly, Wallstreet also has a pro version which offers additional features such as more custom content blocks, multiple color skins, additional page templates, etc.

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That brings us to the end of this roundup. Need more? Check out some additional roundups of awesome lawyer and attorney WordPress themes: here and here.

If you are running a law website or are planning to start one, which WordPress theme for law websites is your pick and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!