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20 Exceptional Free Contact Form Design Templates To Complement Your Website 2020

Are you looking for an excellent resource of free contact form design for your upcoming website project? If you do then you’ve landed in the right place. Feast your eyes with these meticulously built free contact form designs and discover how they can polish your project in no time!

Your website design is somewhat incomplete without contact forms on it. Typically, having a clean and clear contact form makes your website look more professional and innovative. Additionally, it’s even safer and secure to include it on your website as it can readily reduce spamming. Obviously, it’s on the contact page where people often look and where the power of the conversion process starts. For every brand – creative individuals or corporations – a quality contact form should complement the design of their website. As it serves as a powerful tool that effectively connects a customer to a business or brand, the design should be seamless, easy-to-use and properly labeled to make it comprehensible.

So, find the most valuable contact form design in this awesome free resources. All of them have distinct designs and well-labeled components to take your contact page to the next level. Also, they are built using CSS3 and HTML5 that is perfect for any website. Thus, you can enhance your digital marketing and can create a well-designed “contact us” form almost effortlessly. Then build an email list and get more leads! Grab your favorite contact form design and enjoy it!

Contact Form 1

Boost your email list and stay in touch with your potential customers with a flawless contact form design. Here’s a carefully crafted tool that will never fail to impress your audience. This version has a clean and modern design with a simple gradient blue background. While the line icon appears attractive, the input field and button elements look great with the rounded corners style. Additionally, the cool hover effect and focus effect also adds creativity to the design.


Contact Form 2

Typically, the simple contact method is one of the most important parts of the website. It’s obviously clear that it’s the first step to win new business. Thus, it should be built to keep people interested in your business. This free contact form design 2 is a bit simpler and feminine than the other versions with the gradient hot pink color scheme. From the image background to the buttons and input boxes, they all look stunning with colors set to gradient hot pink.


Contact Form 3

Set the tone of your business with a clean and elegant contact form. By picking the right and consistent color scheme that will speak of your brand, you can possibly attract more users. Here’s another free contact form design that you can explore and grab for your next project. It’s a bit more appealing and interesting as it contains more UI components and engaging too with the gradient green color scheme and filtered background image. Specifically, it comes with a radio button that changes the look of the form once it ticks the Get a Quote option. Additionally, the combo boxes appear on the form for further details.


Contact Form 4

Contact forms vary from website to website. However, it should match the quality of the overall website design and the brand. Today, you can find numerous websites with remarkable contact form design. Brace yourself with this amazing list of resources that you can explore and acquire. This free contact form design uses a lively gradient background and gradient rounded button. It comes with the common input boxes with combo boxes for additional details.


Contact Form 5

Contact forms are crucial for every website. As it is the gateway to connect the business and the customer, it should have the best look possible. With that in mind, you can get inspired or easily acquire the best contact form design in this list. This version has a simple but comprehensive design. The form itself appears professional with a glow effect. Basically, the input boxes show red labels that indicate a user to fill them up. It also comes with a combo box, radio buttons, price slider and black rounded button.


Contact Form 6

The contact page is one of the most important parts of your website. With this collection of exceptional contact form designs, you can discover how to effectively generate more leads. Here’s another free contact form design that is mind-boggling. Apparently, the contact form page appears engaging with the Google map as the background and a glowing envelope button. As the button is clicked the clean, white contact form is revealed. Specifically, the text entry fields come in a simple form and a short, red rounded button even elevates the charm.


Contact Form 7

The contact forms should be elegantly designed with the most relevant components added to extract the most important information from prospects. While other contact form designs have bright and vibrant designs, some also appear professional and classic with simpler colors. This free contact form design 7 denotes simplicity and elegance as it uses thin fonts and the light gray as the background color. It showcases the text boxes that are well labeled with line icons. It also features a checkbox to indicate a Send a Copy to email and a hot pink button that looks attractive.


Contact Form 8

A beautiful contact form can optimize lead acquisition. It can even identify potential and profitable relationships in the future. So, make sure your website has the finest contact form to connect with customers. Here’s a free contact form design that is ideal to use for any business. It uses the Google map as the background and a portrait-oriented form. The fields are properly labeled so it’s easier for the customers to fill-up the form. A checkbox is also added to indicate a ‘Send Copy’ and a green button that shines on a white contact form.


Contact Form 9

When building your contact forms, it is necessary that the design and components you use are consistent. And if you don’t have the idea or resources yet, you can opt for the best contact form design from this free resource. This Contact Form 9 makes use of the gradient Google map as the background. The contact form adapts the square shape with rounded corners text entries and button. Each text field shows red fonts when the user miss you input the information. It also displays the phone number for immediate or urgent services.


Contact Form 10

The contact forms of the website should have great consideration upon creation. As it can be a useful tool for getting leads, it should be well-designed. Here’s another wonderful and modern free contact form design that you shouldn’t miss. It appears clean and minimalist but has the potential to impress audience. Unlike other resources in this list, this one doesn’t have a container. The components are displayed on a light gray surface with rounded input boxes and button. Those boxes and buttons also shows a subtle effect when they get the focus.


Contact Form 11

The contact form doesn’t need to be dull. Sometimes adding colors to it will make it look interesting. But of course, it must reveal the color scheme of the brand. This free contact form design is simple and has large UI components. It uses an endless river gradient color scheme especially on the background and on the button. The input boxes are properly labeled so users won’t get lost upon filling the forms. It also includes the contact number so in terms of urgency, the customers can easily connect with the brand.


Contact Form 12

Whenever you craft your website, don’t miss putting emphasis on your contact page. As it is the tool that connects your business and potential customers, it should look clean and easy-to-use. This free contact form design is remarkable and inspiring. It has a great background image with purple filtered effect. The design is adorable with little geometric shapes on the left side and the form components on the right. The rounded text boxes and button with icons also look majestic. The subtle animation upon focus also adds sophistication to the design.


Contact Form 13

Regardless of the product or service you offer, a good contact page is a must. Undeniably, it can make or break a potential lead or customer, so it should be crafted with the user in mind. Don’t miss these free contact forms that will be useful for your upcoming website project. The style of Contact Form 13 is apparently a bit different from the other freebies. It’s a fullscreen contact page where 80% of the screen displays the Google map and the rest of the screen showcase the contact form itself. The text fields are labeled well while the rounded buttons look stunning.


Contact Form 14

Upon crafting the contact form for your website, you should consider the relevant components you need to make it useful. If you don’t have the idea yet, taking a glimpse of these awesome resources is not a waste of time. So, check out this list and grab the finest tools you want to acquire. This free resource has a simple design but appears professional. The white contact form stands out on a gradient pink background. Each of the text field has labels that prompts the user what information to input.


Contact Form 15

Designing your contact form should be planned carefully. It must complement your website design and should contribute to the good user experience. As it is a great opportunity to connect with the customers, the form should be practical and easy-to-use. This Contact Form 15 has a cool design with a Google map as the background. The text boxes have comprehensible labels to guide the users in filling them. Moreover, the cool hover effect applied to the button adds charm to the design.


Contact Form 16

The contact forms should be intuitive, meaningful and clear. Thus, you should ensure that the contact form you use will complement the design of your site. If in case you need resources for your project, this free contact form design is a must-see. It’s crafted with a combination of simplicity and elegance. It uses purple as the primary color scheme but you can always alter it to suit your preferences. Just check the license of the template. The floating effect and the charming hover effect of the button adds awesomeness to it. Each text entry also comes with icons.


Contact Form 17

While the logical and intuitive arrangement of UI components of your contact form is important, the appearance should also be exceptional. In this collection of free contact form designs, you will have ample ideas on how to set up yours with style. This Contact Form 17 is a bit classical but nevertheless enticing. Apparently, the contact form is quite huge and is split-screen designed. The left portion of the form displays a monochrome’s image with address, phone number and email address. On the other hand, the other portion shows the input fields with clear labels.


Contact Form 18

Some websites prefer simple design for the contact form. But adding a touch of creativity to it will never be a waste. As long as it complements the overall website design, it shouldn’t be neglected. Here’s another amazing free contact form design that is mind-blowing. This version is a little creative with a fullscreen design. It shows a quality image on the 75% portion of the screen and the remaining displays the form. The UI components are arrayed well with a combo box, input fields and rounded corner button. Moreover, it also showcases the social media icons to easily connect with the social media pages.


Contact Form 19

No matter what products or services you offer, it is crucial how you design your contact form. With the great role it plays to your website, it must have a seamless design that is ready to boost your brand’s credibility. This free contact form has a simple design. It uses a Google map as the background and two input fields for the potential customers to fill up.


Contact Form 20

Most of the websites today have clean and modern design. Yet, there are brands that do not realize how important the contact page is to the site. But with these free resources, you will have a great chance to build yours with elegance. This free contact form design is straightforward. It enables the user to fill up the form easily with little input boxes added to it.


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