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bootstrap registration forms
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55 Best Free Bootstrap Registration Form Designs 2024

Our (insanely) long collection of easy-to-use free Bootstrap registration forms with clean HTML and CSS for your project.

Even better, we ensured the code was entirely beginner-friendly for (almost) instant customizations.

You’ll find the RIGHT ONE quickly.

Creative, minimal, advanced, event registration, job application, education appointment – you name it, we deliver it!

A registration form for everyone.

You can integrate the one you DIG into your web project with basic coding knowledge.

Every free registration form template is also 100% responsive by default.

Save time and energy but achieve a remarkable result.


Best Free Bootstrap Registration Forms

WordPress Login Customizer

The rest of the list is HTML/CSS-powered login forms, but here you can see WordPress’s best login customizer plugin.

It comes with several predefined templates that you can further tweak to match the design of your website.

Thanks to this plugin, you can finally eliminate the BORING WordPress wp-admin pages and create a unique experience for yourself and your users.


Creative Signup Form

Creative signup form is an interactive template with a lovely background. The transparent form uses dark shade to differentiate itself from the colorful background.

The calm, soothing background animation effects give users a pleasant experience. With this registration form template, you get a username email address, create a password, and confirm password options.

You also get the option to include a checkbox for terms and conditions. At the footer, you can take the users to the login page if they are already members of your website.

It will be easy for you to integrate this FLEXIBLE form into your mobile responsive website template.


Colorlib Reg Form v4

A simple white form with a blue call-to-action button and gradient background, that’s what we treat you to next.

When searching for a registration form, you must ensure it is fully mobile-ready.

To your luck, all our free Bootstrap registration forms follow the latest trends and regulations, ensuring they work smoothly across all devices and platforms.

They are also editable so you can easily acclimate to your theme. This form has a date picker included in the layout for your convenience.

Make good use of it and WELCOME new students and users on board.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v7

First, they use the registration form to create an account, and later, they use the sign-up to quickly access their profile. This free Bootstrap registration form template is a two-in-one product.

How cool does that sound?

Light, creative look with an image and all the required fields they need to fill out to enter your world of amazingness. You can also let them log in with their social media accounts to speed up the process further.

This free layout is harmonious and will be EASY TO ADJUST according to your needs. You can use it out of the box.

Download Preview

Creative Login Form

A simple and quick to implement login form for any website or even an application you run or plan to build.

If you are creating a community or want to let your users create an account to keep control of their orders and downloads, have them enter their space through a login form.

Download this free Bootstrap Framework form now and use it immediately. Change colors, text, and FINE-TUNE it according to your needs and regulations.

Before you know it, the outcome is ready to shine on your page in a cool and trendy way.


Beauty Salon Reg Form v20

A feminine-looking free Bootstrap registration form that WORKS GREAT with beauty-related projects and personal blogs.

Your passionate readers and returning customers can now create an account to see their transactions or access members’ area-only content. It is a beautiful web design that will cater to your requirements without hassle.

You can also tweak it if needed or use it entirely as-is.

Whatever the case, the final look will surely knock everyone’s socks off. If they already have an account, you can take them to the login form with just one click.

Download Preview

Music Event Reg Form v21

music event registation form

If you are hosting an event in your local area, market it in style with a COMPELLING website. There, you can feature all about the artists, speakers and the gathering happening.

On top of that, you can also sell tickets and let attendees register. With a stunning free Bootstrap registration form, you can quickly add an extra layout to your page where they can complete the process and reserve the seat.

The template features a gradient background, hover effect, call-to-action button, drop-down, and additional comments and personal information fields.

Download Preview

Fitneness Reg Form v22

fitness registration form

Fitnesses, gyms, CrossFit facilities, personal trainers and yoga studios, you can now let your potential customers get in touch with you via an appointment form.

This way, you can fully organize all your contacts without any issues. This free-form template has a trendy look that is responsive and in tune with all popular web browsers.

They fill out their name, mail, phone number, pick class, and type in any message they might have for you.

From then on, you take over and get them on board. It is easy to START interacting with your students and customers and take your business to a new degree.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v24

If you own an online kids store, here is a cool and adorable free Bootstrap registration form template. It comes with an image and a form, bright colors and awesome details.

On larger screens, the positioning is image on the left and form on the right. Meanwhile, the image moves to the top on smaller devices, and the form is below.

This shows that the form is entirely responsive and mobile-ready. Social media buttons are included if you want your users to sign up with their social media accounts.

It is a QUICKER process, but some still prefer to sign up with an email.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v1

We offer a wide collection of free Bootstrap registration forms that you can use for almost any project or business you run.

If you aim to sell products or services or offer potential users access to your downloadable items, have them create an account first.

This neat form has different sections for name, birth date, gender, and other fields, which you can customize entirely.

The tool also features an image to spice up the experience and branding purposes. Add your logo or keep an enticing image or solid color if that’s what you fancy.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v2

Whether you run a blog with recipes, a restaurant or any other food-related project, we have a free Bootstrap registration form.

If the style resonates with you, you can use this layout for any other project you want. There is no need to feel LIMITED in any shape or form.

Go against the norm and create a spectacular registration form following your needs and regulations to a T.

It has rounded edges, EXCLUSIVE space for an image on the left side, and preset fields required to enter your member’s area.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v3

If you run a music project or manage and maintain an artist’s page, we have a special, elegant and trendy registration form. The layout and preset color scheme will take everyone’s breath away.

Of course, you can alter the background gradient color and the split registration form to your liking. Change the image, improve the fields, and update the color and text of the call-to-action button.

With this free layout, you can achieve great results while keeping the entire user flow experience intact. Whether you keep things simple or add a touch of stylishness, the outcome is guaranteed to be outstanding.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v5

As an event host, you would want to offer all your attendees to register to the upcoming gathering through a form on your website.

To save you all the hassle of CREATING one from scratch, here is a free Bootstrap registration form that you can use immediately.

Besides, once you start working with this form, you will also notice that you can change colors and text. Make it display your desired content and have it live on your page quickly.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v6

This free registration form template is exclusive to job listing portals and companies offering employment. Potential employees can now apply for the job position you offer in a few simple steps.

Ask for their name, email, and cover letter, and let them upload their CV. Clean and sophisticated white form on a black background is all you need.

Sometimes, you want to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and to the point, avoiding the extra animations and other distractions. That is exactly how you will be treated once you access our template.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v8

Add a touch of gorgeousness to the registration form, introduce an image background with a gradient overlay and spice up the experience.

Besides that, this free Bootstrap Framework registration form is simple to use, mobile-ready and flexible. It will work fluently on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices and popular web browsers.

They can turn on the see/hide passwords function and check the box indicating that they agree to your terms of service.

You can even avoid using default settings and SIMPLIFY the form according to your taste.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v9

This is undoubtedly the free registration form template you want to use with your gaming project. Whether you run a clan or a gaming review page, you would want to start a loyal community.

Allow them to access your member’s area and get the most out of your online platform. By introducing this contemporary layout to your existing webspace, you can have a sign-up form up and running sooner rather than later.

There is no need to build one from the ground up when you can use one of our free layouts and have it sorted out.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v10

Simplicity with a touch of creativity is all you need to CAPTURE their ATTENTION and win them over. This free Bootstrap registration form template meets the last statement to a T. It is light, appealing to the eye and simple to use.

This form will help you sign up new users. Introduce it to your online platform now and start building your user base sooner rather than later.

Due to the Bootstrap Framework, you know that the template is also responsive, adapting to all devices instantly.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v12

As we mentioned already, we have a free Bootstrap registration form readily available for you regardless of your project. This template is the RIGHT SOLUTION for your school, college, and university needs.

It is a free education appointment form with preset fields for your convenience. Of course, you can alter and adjust the template and add or remove fields.

The layout also includes a drop-down that helps them select the appropriate course or how they want to be contacted.

The icing on the cake is an image background that harmonizes the theme of your online presence.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v13

A registration form keeps things organized and automated for restaurant owners and other special food gatherings, like dinner events.

That said, let your customers fill out the form and you will know exactly how many folks are coming. For this occasion, a free Bootstrap registration form will get things going.

It consists of a ROUNDED box with an image on the left side and the form on the right side. Participants can share their name, phone number, when they will come, what food they are interested in, and the number of people they will bring with them.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v14

You need to invest little time and effort to have a registration form on your page when you decide to pick any of these forms we have here for you.

If you do not know which to choose, go with the one with the cleanest and niftiest look, and you are good to go. There is no need to complicate with a form. The more you confuse, they won’t even sign up.

But that’s NOT TO WORRY about with any of our layouts.

What’s cool about this particular tool is that it includes the additional info section, which expands the number of fields they can fill out.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v15

You came to the right place for anyone who needs a free student registration form. Not only do we have one free Bootstrap registration template here for you, but we have a few!

This particular one follows all the LATEST standards in the web and tech world, ensuring it works great and seamlessly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

It is a gem that will adjust to everything without a hitch, even with retina displays and web browsers. Colorlib Reg Form v15 sports a split layout where one part is dedicated to an image and the other to a solid form.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v16

Conferences, events, meeting, forums and any type of gatherings are welcome to take this free registration form to their advantage. From now on, you can fully automatize your registrations and have it all under full control.

You can sell tickets, accept payments, and fill the conference room quicker than you could imagine.

What’s cool about the tool is that you can MODIFY it according to your needs. You can change the image and text, update fields, and other things. You can have a registration form up and running in little to no time.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v17

As an online fashion store owner, you will want to allow your shoppers to access their accounts, where they can manage and maintain their orders.

With a neat and straightforward free Bootstrap registration form template, you can speed things up and have one up in a few. The layout features an image background and the registration form comprises two sections; the image and the form.

You should have your entire web platform in tune, even the registration from. If it does not fit out of the box, alter it accordingly, and it will SOON MEET your expectations.

For the most part, all you would want to do is change the images and ready to roll.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v18

This is another great, trendy free registration form for apparel brands. It will work great if you run an online store selling shoes, accessories, bags, sunglasses, or whatever.

It is versatile enough to cater to entirely different projects and industries.

To achieve such AMAZING results, Colorlib Reg Form v18 keeps things relatively simple and clean with a touch of creativity and modernism.

The main goodies of the layout are the first and last name, email, password, password confirmation, terms and privacy policy checkbox, CTA, and image.

Download Preview

Signup Form 1 by Colorlib

login form v1

After they fill out the registration form, they will confirm it via email, and they can use the signup form right away. We also bring loads of ready-to-use layouts to add a working signup form for your loyal members.

Gradient background, rounded edges, image or icons, username, password, and call-to-action button, that’s what’s up when you get your hands on Signup Form 1.

If you feel like editing and adjusting the look slightly, by all means, go ahead and tweak it to best suit your needs.

Attach it to your page and you are done.

Download Preview

Signup Form 2 by Colorlib

login form v2

With our second form, we aim more toward SIMPLICITY with great attention to detail. Whether you run a website or an application, this skin is great for both.

Download Preview

Signup Form 3 by Colorlib

login form v3

This free signup form has it all: gradient color, image background, logo, rounded edges, you name it. It is also based on the popular Bootstrap Framework what gives it flexibility and extendability.

Keeping your entire webspace at the highest performance is crucial today, especially with the huge amounts of mobile traffic! Signup Form 3 works on all devices and web browsers like a dream.

This layout also includes a cool animation after you hit the login button. You better see it yourself by heading to the live preview page and getting its gist.

Download Preview

Signup Form 4 by Colorlib

login form v4

Spice things up with a sign-up form page that features a gradient background with a contemporary pattern. The form is white with shaped corners, gradient call-to-action buttons, and social media icons.

If you can let your users sign up using their social accounts, now is an excellent chance to let them speed up the login. In just a few clicks, they do what they must in the member’s area.

If they have not yet created their accounts, link this form to the registration form to save them time switching between them.

Download Preview

Signup Form 5 by Colorlib

login form v5

Your users can log in to your platform using different options. They can use their social media profiles or email. Ensure multiple choices so you cover a broader range of users.

While some like the old-school approach, others solely rely on social media. Whatever the case, this free signup form offers both options for your and their convenience.

It has a gradient background, a white form, and a black CTA (call-to-action) button. Change colors and text and perform other light improvements if necessary.

Download Preview

Signup Form 6 by Colorlib

login form v6

Simplicity is key to success, so they say. After all, why would you even want to overcomplicate with a simple thing as a login form is? If you like the minimalistic approach to web design, this is the perfect signup form you need.

We all have different tastes, so we ensured that there was SOMETHING for everyone. This one has a white background, title, profile image, username, password, and CTA.

Besides, it can link it to your registration page and recover their passwords if they forget it.

Download Preview

Signup Form 7 by Colorlib

login form v7

You can let your users access their profiles with Facebook, Twitter, or email. Whatever their preference is, you can now have it available on your page with Signup Form 7 free template.

It s a basic-looking layout that will cater to numerous projects and businesses.

Whether you sell online courses, run an eCommerce page or offer EXCLUSIVE content only to members, they can access it by filling out the login form.

Sure, they first need to create an account and register by filling out a form you can pick from this collection.

Download Preview

Signup Form 8 by Colorlib

login form v8

Signup forms not need to be complicated. The simpler and cleaner it is, the better. Of course, you can adjust and introduce animations and other special effects if that’s part of your branding.

If you are in a hurry, you should not waste much time on the sign-in page. Pick from our extensive list of free templates and get it sorted out quickly.

If you like the combination of green and white, you have a SUPERB layout right before you, ready to use.

Download Preview

Signup Form 9 by Colorlib

login form v9

Image background with a gradient overlay and a modern, neat sign in form on top, that’s what you get with Signup Form 9. It even sports hover effects, social media icons and a congruent call-to-action button.

You can easily alter it since Signup Form 9 is well-structured, ensuring all levels of users get the most out of it. Keep your online presence intact across all segments even when it comes to registration and sign up forms.

But you can succeed at that effortlessly if you pick any of these schemes.

Whether you are finishing your website or expanding your existing webspace, implement a signup form HASSLE-FREE.

Download Preview

Signup Form 10 by Colorlib

login form v10

It is not easy to keep things as minimal as possible. This approach prevents distractions and ensures the outcome is appealing to the eye.

You can achieve such a result WITHOUT breaking a single drop of sweat. You need to pick the right free signup form template and ready for action.

Signup Form 10 also has a remember me check box, a forgot button, and a vivid CTA. While you might want to change the color of the call-to-action button, you would not need to make any other improvements – it simply fits.

Download Preview

Signup Form 11 by Colorlib

login form v11

You would not want a single detail of your online presence go against the norm and distract your branding.

Even if it is the smallest icon at the bottom of your page, it must follow your branding regulations. The same goes for registration and signup forms.

If you keep them intact, you will build loyalty and trust in your users. We have you covered with many ready-made designs that will suit even the pickiest ones.

As a result, you can speed up establishing your spectacular online appearance and start grabbing their attention.

Download Preview

Signup Form 12 by Colorlib

login form v12

This layout treats you to an image background with a blue overlay, profile image, name, username, password, and a dark call-to-action button.

There are also buttons to link them to registration and in case of a lost password. Other than that, that’s it. It sounds effortless and basic, but you immediately sense its power when you see it.

Simplicity with a touch of creativity, and you have them engaged all the time.

Download Preview

Signup Form 13 by Colorlib

login form v13

Are you looking for a full-screen signup page? If so, you came to the right place. If you dig an image with a gradient overlay on one side and a working form on the other, drop everything and download the template now.

Signup Form 13 works great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices and acclimatizes to popular web browsers. Deliver an extraordinary experience across your website and make them happy to return.

This free Bootstrap registration form includes all the necessary information and some. Make it yours and fine-tune it according to your requirements.

Download Preview

Signup Form 14 by Colorlib

login form v14

You need a box with two fields for information and a call-to-action button to call it a signup form. Well, it is easier said than done. We have a solution for you. Instead of building your design, you can pick a free Bootstrap registration or signup form template, and you are ready to roll. It is as simple as it sounds.

In addition, with the massive collection of layouts we have here for you, there is a good chance you will find one that best resonates with you out of the box.

Or you will maybe need to change the color only, and you are prepared for the launch.

Download Preview

Signup Form 15 by Colorlib

login form v15

If the previous free signup form template is too clean and simple for you, this next one might come ideal. It adds a touch of creativity in the form of a top image that will spark your interest.

The form also has rounded corners, making it modern and mobile-friendly. Speaking of mobile-friendly, it is a Bootstrap Framework template that works on all devices, retina screens and web browsers.

The form follows all the latest trends and regulations, ensuring it will stand the test of time. Make it yours and shine online.

Download Preview

Signup Form 16 by Colorlib

login form v16

You can use a simple signup form to add an image as a background and win the game. It actually can be that easy. However, we have a solution that is even quicker and more straightforward than that.

Guess what?

Indeed, this is a free signup form template with a picture and a basic form with a gradient call-to-action button and hover effect. Users fill in the username and password fields, and they are in. Signup Form 16 is powered by the Bootstrap Framework, which practices the latest web and tech regulations.

It will seamlessly accommodate your website’s theme and make it feel like it was there from the beginning.

Download Preview

Signup Form 17 by Colorlib

login form v17

Once you build a community, you can take your project to an entirely NEW DEGREE. You can let them access their accounts and manage their contents.

Whether it is a member’s area on a blog, an online store, or an application, you need to offer your users to create an account where they can do their thing further.

With our free Bootstrap registration and signup forms, you can quickly resolve issues and add a new layer of sophistication to your already remarkable web space.

You also have immediate access to all these users and scale your business through the roof.

Download Preview

Signup Form 18 by Colorlib

login form v18

Do your thing with a signup page, but do it in a way that saves time and energy. With a ready-to-use template, you can kick it off and appear on the web like a pro.

The web design is ready and set to work for you. Here is an impressive free Bootstrap form with a split screen.

You can add an image on the left, and the right is where the functional form is.

This layout also includes Facebook and Twitter buttons for when you would like to utilize different extensions to allow your users to sign up using only their social media profiles.

Download Preview

Signup Form 19 by Colorlib

login form v19

You do not need to hire someone to add a signup/login form to your page. You can do it all by yourself thanks to all these free form templates that we have available and fully ready for you to employ.

Take action now. Download the tool you fancy most, and you can easily get it up and running. Find the one that suits your project best, or pick one you dig and alter.

These layouts are easy to use, mobile-ready, flexible, and cross-browser compatible. In short, they will work seamlessly across all devices and browsers to ensure a consistently SMOOTH signup EXPERIENCE.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form V19

colorlib reg form 19

This convenient and free online registration form is an excellent alternative that caters to anything food-related flawlessly.

Still, there’s no need to limit yourself to the food industry, as you can quickly alter and fine-tune it to your needs and regulations.

The free snippet features MULTIPLE sections for name, email, password, country, and gender. It also supports a drop-down and sports a 100% mobile-friendly layout.

The template’s full-screen image background is another excellent amenity, which only spices things up. There’s also a checkmark that can be used to agree to your terms.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v25

You should feature a booking form on your website for a hotel, resort, or other accommodation business. Booking via email or phone is so old-school.

Go with the modern flow, append a NICE-LOOKING form to your page, and simplify things for the end-user and yourself. With this neat form, you can allow them to find a room almost instantly.

All they need to do is fill in their name, date, and how many people are coming. The design also features an image background and date pickers for your convenience.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v26

This next free Bootstrap registration form can be used for many different projects. It is almost ideal for education and online course websites if utilized exactly as is.

Of course, you can also make improvements and fine-tune the look, so it matches your web platform like a dream. The necessary default fields are username, phone number, email, password, and password confirmation.

In addition, the call-to-action button has a nifty hover effect to spice up the experience even more.

Get them to CREATE an account and finally enter your world of awesome and highly beneficial content.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v27

When personal and bank account information are needed, you better look into this free form template. It has a three-step process of completing the information. First, the user gets to fill out their personal information.

Secondly, they connect their accounts to their banks, which you can help them pick by linking the popular ones below. Thirdly, that’s when they set up their financial goals.

Of course, you can utilize this tool for something entirely different. All it takes is switching the text, and the purpose changes.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v28

A free Bootstrap registration form template can save you all the additional time and effort you can invest in building your brand instead.

Regardless of what project you need to build a registration form for, we have everything you can imagine.

This layout is ideal for running a music subscription-based business. It works out of the box like a charm, but you can also adjust it.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v29

We have a special treat for you: event organizers, cinemas, museums, and others that plan to sell tickets online. This free registration form for booking tickets will match various projects.

Sure, out-of-the-box might be best for museums and art galleries, but you can instantly shift the image the story changes.

This Bootstrap Framework tool features two fields for name and email and a date picker. You can create a little slideshow to encourage more attendees to take action.

SMALL details can increase the conversion rate, so it is worth trying.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v30

This free Bootstrap registration form template is for those who want to add additional information about the service or application they are signing up for.

It features a simplistic layout. You can display the info on the left side and even link it to the login form if your users already have an account.

All the new rest can fill out the required fields and get access immediately. While it keeps the look simple, the form still boasts SOPHISTICATION.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v31

While some website owners want to keep their creativity across all segments of their online presence, others like to keep some pages as simple as possible.

And a registration page is a perfect example. While you can, there is no real need to add all these different effects and animations, even images and text, to it. Let it go straight to the point and keep the user distraction-free.

This way, the conversion rate might IMPROVE, and you can welcome even more users.

However, it is always worth testing different variations; after all, you have loads to choose from—and they are free!

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v32

We have a free Bootstrap registration form for this and we have one for that. In short, we have templates for all your needs and requirements.

People can now register accounts on your online store, software, blog, or any other service.

Pick this one to keep them engaged with an image and save yourself the hassle.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v33

Cool and funky design with positive vibes and great energy, yes, we are still talking about free Bootstrap registration forms. Gradient background, and a two-part form: an image and necessary fields to fill out.

But if they are already registered with your website or application, you can link your registration page to the login section.

You can also add text over the image and, for instance, add a link to your privacy policy page. There are many options, so utilize this nifty form to its full potential.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v34

A fantastic and convenient free registration form based on Bootstrap Framework caters to different ideas easily.

What’s great about this particular template is that a user can switch between a sign-up and a sign-in form with just a click.

You can have one form that takes care of new registrations and those already your trustworthy users.

Add an image, utilize the gradient background, and have a WINNING combo to append to your existing online space.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v35

If you host shows, gigs and events, let your attendees create an account and buy tickets online to secure their spots.

With a free registration form template, you can skip building one from scratch and quickly resolve issues for yourself and your users.

A form with rounded edges on a solid-colored background and four fields to fill in with details is all that is necessary.

For an additional touch of CREATIVITY, the form also features an image that can spice up the experience and get them excited for the event even more.

Download Preview

Colorlib Reg Form v36

The form we have here is ideal for everyone who needs extra information from their users. This free Bootstrap registration form features two segments; one for general information and the other for contact details.

One has a white and a blue background, while the entire form is decorated with a gradient page background.

It is an extended form with all these additional fields for every user to promptly supply the exact information needed.

Download Preview

I hope you managed to find the best Bootstrap registration form for your website. You might want to check our amazing login form templates that blend perfectly with the above examples.

Bonus: Make an efficient registration form quickly

Let’s see how to make an effective registration form that helps you get more subscribers or registration.

  • Firstly, remember that when creating a registration form, try not to make it too long. The survey shows that 44% of users find long forms annoying and feel they’ve been asked too many unnecessary questions.
  • Don’t name your login and registration options as a sign-in and signup. It may sound absurd but seven in ten users accidentally click the wrong form, especially mobile users. Since most visitors use mobile to access the internet, using sign-in and signup together may lead the user to click the wrong form.
  • Use different color schemes to include the login and registration forms in a split design.
  • Show and hide passwords are user-friendly features you must consider on your Bootstrap registration form. Users always cross-check the characters once they type in their desired password.
  • Registering via social media accounts is a must-have feature in your registration form. This reduces almost 60% of user work as most basic information will be fetched directly from their social media accounts.
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