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  • in reply to: hide page or post title #144714

    Was trying the following css
    #post-22 .page-header {
    display: none;
    it seems to clear it inthe customise edit section but then it re shows on the site

    in reply to: Height of slider #143299

    Thank you that was very helpful. I found that I needed to put the “width: 100%; ” at 20% when I reduced the height to 200px.
    I feel really guilty asking all the se questions of a free theme. But …
    If I needed more adaptability in a slider is there one that you suggest works well with sparkling?
    I tried about 20 diffrent ones all had one issue or another to get then to function correctly with the theme.
    It would be good if there was one that worked as well as yours but with much easier functions
    Like the amount of images to display on screen at once?
    The distance form the top (after top Menu)
    things like that

    in reply to: Height of slider #142790

    UGGGGGH I wish I could just give up and fail like everyone else
    I have actually gone back to the slider that comes with sparkling I tried about a dozen diffrent ones and for one reason or another they didnt work
    I really have to find a more flexible standard theme
    So In summary
    I would like to be able to control EASILY (not degree form MIT control) the height of the slider
    and display the posts and be able to add or not excerpt.

    in reply to: Height of slider #142789

    Actually that didnt work so I have to admit defeat
    spent several hours diffrent plugins etc etc
    I really wish it was a paid theme then I could jump up and down but ist free so no recourse chers anyway

    in reply to: Height of slider #142786

    I found a plugin called simple image sizes that fixed the problem

    in reply to: double image #142214

    Thanks for your prompt reply
    The posts are placed automaitcally so I will need another solution as i understand it correctly this “more tag” thingy is a manual operation Maybe there is a automated plugin I dont really want to change themes as I use sparkling a lot so I would rather find a auto solution Thanks

    in reply to: Search Box edit #114601

    What a neat plugin god knows how it knows what to do but it does worked out of the box !

    in reply to: Featured image issue #114234

    100% perfect Thanks Whilst I am here do you do a pro version of sparkling I just find it a really good “goto” theme

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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