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Floral Illustrations
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Where to Use Floral Illustrations? Inspirational Ideas and Examples to Download

The mood of creative people often depends on the seasons and the weather. Have you ever noticed it? It feels especially in spring. When the cold, gray winter is over, the creative mind starts really blooming. It is evident in the selection of lively, cheerful color variations.  From March and April, the design language also becomes more open-minded, louder, more colorful, and bolder. Flowers and the bright colors are actually an epitome of spring.  That is exactly what this article about — floral illustrations can give us many opportunities and inspiration.

Photo or Illustration: What is The Best Type of Image?

 You may ask why Illustrations and not photos? Most of the images can be roughly divided into two groups: Illustrations and other images (including photos and paintings/drawings). 

The more realistic you want to make your design, the more likely photos are. Illustrations, on the other hand, should be the first choice when it comes to visually presenting or supplementing a topic in the simplest possible way. On the other hand, other pictures, such as classic paintings are primarily suitable for decoration. Although photos can also serve this purpose, such as beautiful landscapes. 

In general, the type of image you should use depends on the characteristics and emotions you want to share.

Where to Use Floral Illustrations?

In Fashion

Where to use floral illustrations

A floral print in the last few years becomes more and more popular in the fashion world. The focus is on realistic and abstract flowers, tropical and ethnic ornaments, patchwork, and buds of field plants. It is everywhere now: on dresses, coats, shoes, shirts, skirts and so on.

Everyone can start a business nowadays by adding spring motives to a t-shirt or hoodies with floral illustrations to clothing mockups.

In Interior 

The floral decor has been used in interior design, it seems, from time immemorial, but even now you can choose original solutions that fit perfectly into the style and look modern. Flowers are a symbol of life, the embodiment of natural beauty. Maybe that is why they give the interior a special coziness and make it more elegant. There are a lot of options for floral decoration:

  • On the kitchen stove;
  • As decoration of doors and mirrors (stained glass patterns);
  • Flower borders and corners;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Furniture;
  • Roller blinds.

They also decorate now with ordinary and 3D stickers, stencils, posters, and paintings. And all this with a floral print small or big, it doesn’t matter. People love it.

In Web Design

Floral Web Design

Many florists can use ready-made florist website templates for creating their landing pages or online stores. But for creating a website from scratch or making some changes in template design, floral illustration can be helpful.

  • As background. It suits the best in web design.
  • As icons. 
  • As a logo. Learn how to create a logo by yourself with photoshop tutorials.
  • In ads, banners, and posters
  • As a print for textiles, cups, postcards, and so on.

In fact, the floral illustrations are suitable everywhere. The most vital thing is not to overdo it with them. Because they can draw to match attention and distract from your product and information on the website.

Collection of Floral Illustrations for Any Purpose

There are two ways of using floral motives in web design. You can create it by yourself in Photoshop with floral brushes or use the ready-made solutions. I have gathered for you the high-resolution files in PNG format and maximum compatibility.

It doesn’t matter whether you work with GIMP, Photoshop, Affinity Photo or Photoshop Elements, PNG format works with all of them.

Lavender Dreams Clipart Illustration

Lavender Dreams Clipart Illustration

The first flower illustration on our list is lavender clipart. There are over 50 hand-drawn illustrations. This set is for Provence lovers. It helps you to create a romantic atmosphere showing a dreaming girl in lavender fields. All PNG files are separated and with a transparent background. It is suitable for printing on paper (like postcards and textiles (clothing). I see it as a great design for a French blog. 

Floral Season Clipart Illustration

Floral Season Clipart Illustration

The next clipart is great for a summer girl who is in love with fashion. It has 77 PNG files with a transparent background too. This set reminds me of a photographer and traveler. Those topics are most popular on social media. So, it can be great for Instagram icons, for example.

Bundle watercolor and gel pen Illustration

Bundle watercolor and gel pen Illustration

The next watercolor bundle is full of different illustrations on floral and plant motifs. The collection includes backgrounds, letters, wreaths, and other tropical elements.

Wild Watercolor DIY Illustration

Wild Watercolor DIY Illustration

This package comes with DIY 188 watercolor illustrations. There are not only flowers, but also animals, nature, and ornament elements.

Floral Alphabet and Elements Illustration

Floral Alphabet and Elements Illustration

You can create a creative style for website design, clothing, postcards, and invitation with this floral set of letters, numbers, and elements. All files are vector and easy to customize the color.

159 Watercolor flowers & florals Illustration

159 Watercolor flowers and florals Illustration

 If you are looking for flowers and floral elements for decorating a little girl room or party invitation, have a look at this set. There are over 150 illustrations on any taste.

Blossoms Collection Illustration

Blossoms Collection Illustration

Flowers are great when the blossom. It gives us a feeling of tenderness. This floral illustration collection includes frames, shapes, patterns, and wreaths. This set is multipurpose and great for all spheres that I mentioned, from fashion to web design.

Blooming Bouquet Collection Illustration

Blooming Bouquet Collection Illustration

This bundle is the largest on my list. Almost 300 items for a spring-summer mood. Try to use it in fashion brochures like creators did in the demo.

Hygge Collection Illustration

Hygge Collection Illustration

If you a fan of Hygge philosophy, this bundle of minimalistic elements can create this feeling. Use patterns and elements for icons, logos, textile design and so on. Every illustration creates a coziness.

Floristic Watercolor Collection Illustration

Floristic Watercolor Collection Illustration

And the last watercolor collection of illustration is very modern. Especially great, it looks on notebooks, stickers, and soap packing. 

Any of this floral illustration collection looks different. The floristic pattern gives a coziness and romantic feeling. So, it will be always on-trend.

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