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11 Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes For Green Era Websites 2015

11 Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes For Green Era Websites 2015

Are you running an environment protection company? Or maybe you have an order to develop a website for one of those? In both cases, you can do the job quickly and easily. Choose one of the pre-designed, Eco-Friendly WordPress Theme we have showcased for you. All of them are created by the reputed provider with more than a decade of successful experience on web design market. With a million of happy customers and tens of thousands of template designed to offer. So, you are in a reliable hands. All complex coding job are all done for you. You just need to replace the default content with your own. Play a bit with colors and you’ll get a unique, professional design. Everything is that simple!

Have you notice that all themes are powered by WordPress. This is the most popular CMS in the world. Since 2003 WordPress has grown into the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions people every day.

The CMS (from the documentation to the code itself) was created by and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source project. It means that there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. Furthermore, you are free to use it for anything from your personal blog to business web site without paying anyone a license fee. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything it started as just a blogging system, but it evolved to be used as a full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins widgets and themes. Users say that WordPress is limited only by your imagination.

Now we will tell you a little bit about Cherry Framework as an all eco-friendly WordPress themes you will see in this post. They are all built on it. We won’t dig too deep into technical details, but let’s just recap on the main benefits you get buying a website that has the Cherry Framework in its core.

First of all you can start quickly thanks to the easy installation process. There’s no need to switch between WordPress, FTP, and PhpMyAdmin—you get things done simply in the WordPress admin through completing the stages. The use of XML Import/Export keeps from transferring content over again. So this can be a one-stop solution for both users with existing and new website content.

Second, customization with tons of elements becomes much more interesting. You will enjoy 100+ handy options integrated into the Framework. Adjustable theme appearance and changeable typography, log or navigation. Furthermore, with intuitively fine-tuned slider, blog pages, portfolio and page footer so that everything appears in the style you prefer. For ease of embedding media and other content, you can use 80+ comfy shortcodes. Thinking of your needs, Cherry developers added an extremely useful widget set into a framework, beside the standard set.

Third, you get 24/7 support in one pack with your theme. If you have any problems or questions, you will get a fast and reliable support, completely free! You may contact Cherry Framework Developers Team or Template Monster Support Team. They will give you a quick and professional support and answer all your questions.

And that’s not all, far from it! Any theme based on Cherry Framework gets updated regularly. Furthermore, it is fully responsive. The framework allows you to make unlimited changes to the website color set to come out with completely bespoke designs.

Every piece of text, which can be seen on your website, is easily adjustable. Customizing your typography is simple as that! Besides you can shape your images the best way using the enclosed super cool sliders. You can use all the unique post types for testimonials, team info posts, services and other posts that will stand alone from blog posts.

Every page of your website can be created with its consummate and unique style. Choose from a list of post formats. They are all individually designed for every single alternative and use case.  Editing your page with the Theme Customizer includes all options from Theme Options. You can view all changes in real time using Preview function.

No changes will affect your website before you approve it by saving. For ease of embedding media and other content, you can use 80+ comfy shortcodes for post output, grids, elements, lists, tabs, video and audio, Google Map, and much more! All shortcodes have the entire set of options available in a dialogue box. Filter option for portfolio allows you to apply filters y category or tags.

Choose from 3 portfolio layouts via Theme Options, set a number of pots per page and customize each post layout separately. Filter option is applicable for all portfolio alternatives. Quickly update a framework, as a framework backup or a single theme backup using Data Management. You can store your backup file for further use. All update and backup procedures are super easy to carry out.

You are provided with an excellent SEO support. This includes: Custom Permalinks Settings, Optimize Titles for SEO, Image optimization, Breadcrumbs, and other related posts. This allows search engines to easily index the content of your site.

A framework is translated into 4 languages. Automatic language adjustment is possible depending on engine language detected. From version 2.1+ WPML the WordPress Multilingual Plugin is fully ready to be seamlessly applied by you.

Are you interested in the offered eco-friendly WordPress theme? Then, enjoy your browsing. Hopefully you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Green Era WordPress Theme

 Environmental Protection Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Green Era WordPress Theme is website template for environmental protection companies. Its layout is serious and professional. With the animation effects make the viewing more interesting and the navigation more intuitive. Parallax scroll gives the visitor the feel of full immersion into virtual environments. Furthermore, there are two sliders on the page. The upper one shows quality images and the lower one presents company partners. Main menu has a drop down option and t sticks to the top of the web page as you begin to scroll. Moreover, the information about the company is presented in the vertical lists. Images in ‘Current Topics’ section have zooming effect. The usage of flat circular icons imparts the layout a trendy look.

Biofuel for Your Car Responsive WordPress Theme

 Biofuel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The theme is a perfect solution for alternative fueling stations. The first thing that catches the eyes is the uncommon animation. Also, the Main menu is drop down. Furthermore, the Slider images come with an explanatory text. The icons have a hexahedron shape. Customers’ testimonials raise trust to the company. Recent news are also highlighted at the center of the page. You can zoom in photos in the ‘Alternative fuels’ section. The embedded video speaks louder than any words about the company services. Clients’ logos are also featured on the home page. Footer contains subsidiary menu, contacts block and social media cons. Back to top button is at the right bottom corner of the page.

Alternative Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Alternative Power Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A pistachio colored theme that is a great option for an alternative energy companies. The welcome section are presented with the help of three neat textual banners. Moreover, the visually appealing banners in ‘Science and Technology’ block area arranged in three column structure. Also, the text and loupe appears—hovering—on them. The textured background adds sophistication to the layout. The author makes use of the possibility to integrate audio and video files. Footer contains really big, touch-friendly social media icons. The back to top button is available for site visitors’ convenience.

The theme’s search engine friendly, so your website will be highly ranked in search engines. Lastly, the extensive documentation will help you customize your website quickly, and it’s hassle-free.

Clean Energy WordPress Theme

 Lucrative Investing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


Using Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This clean accurate theme will become a great online presentation for any eco-energy company. With Leaf pattern looks that is highly appropriate for the topic. Moreover, with the logo design being simple and easy to remember, it makes for your website to be memorable to its audience. The main menu had a drop down option which saves the space on the page. Slider demonstrate company capacities. The users can view recent company projects to check out its activity. Furthermore, the welcome section is place above the company partners’ logos.

The theme is responsive and will look good on all modern gadgets. The theme is WPML ready, so more people from different countries—speaking different language—will get to know about your services.


Stop Pollution Responsive WordPress Theme

 Environmental Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The theme is really great for the companies who want to stop the global pollution of the environment we live in. It is rather content rich. Slider vividly illustrates ecological catastrophes. Green section shows the scale of people’s activity that leads our planet to collapse. The users can read ‘Latest publications’, ‘News and updates’ and ‘Current topics’ to be in the course of the changes that are happening right now. Surely, there is a powerful call to action on the page, clicking which any visitor can get to know what he/she can do to withstand the approaching calamity. Additional links, social media icons and contacts can be found at the footer as usually.

Ecologists Group Responsive WordPress Theme

 Alternative Power Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The combination of green colors and wooden texture of some elements matches the topic of the theme. Subtle cloth texture in the background looks very natural here. Drop shadow effect makes some layout elements, like main drop down menu, for instance, stand out. Slider displays touching images. Four blocks with company solutions tell the visitors how they can help their customers to become eco-friendly. Testimonials are at the right sidebar. Clients’ logos are also presented in a slider. Articles on new technologies are featured on the homepage as well. Big green button calls the visitors to join the company and start to save the energy. Back to top button has a nice design that suits general layout style.

Energy of the Wind Responsive WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This theme will be interesting for the companies offering alternative eco energy solutions to their clients. It has a really nice typography. The fonts are italic, so it seems as if they are blown by the wind. Slider shows images with windmills. Company services are illustrated. Latest projects are also featured on the home page. Customers’ testimonials are noticeable on the page as they are emphasized by bright orange color. The space for new company ideas and recent posts is foreseen by the designer. The theme is responsive, WPML ready, built on Cherry Framework and boosted by the power of Bootstrap. Installation and setup instructions are attached.

Renewable Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This eco theme has dark background. It makes quality photos look especially bright and attractive. Main menu has drop down option. Search bar is at the right top corner of the page. Slider images show picturesque landscapes. Three banners under them have zooming effect. Home page contains ‘Recent articles’ and ‘Technologies’ blocks as well. Footer includes various additional links, social media icons and company contacts. Back to top button is available for visitors’ convenience. HTML plus JS animation breathe life into the website making elements respond users’ actions. Thanks to Cherry Framework and Bootstrap, customization of the theme is easy. Just enter the Admin Panel and follow the attached instructions.

Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This renewable energy theme has a very clean fair design. The author left lots of white space for the visitors to breathe. The page is simple, yet efficient. Company services are presented with the help of images. Testimonials sections will help you raise the level of new customers trust to the company and convert them into loyal ones. Social media icons are big and noticeable, so you can link them to your social media profiles and make your marketing campaign even more powerful. The responsive layout of your website will give its visitors equally good user experience no matter what gadget they are using to view your content.

Eco Protection WordPress Theme

 Wind Energy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This theme is extremely simple and suitable for any kind of ecology protection company. It has a cute memorable logo. Main menu is drop down, which saves the page from clutter. Slider displays magnificent images demonstrating company capacities. Content blocks are easy to read over the white background. Right sidebar is colorful. It contains additional information the visitor might be interested to know. Some more useful links and newsletter subscription form are placed right above the footer. Back to top button is at the right bottom corner of the page. The theme is animated with the help of HTML plus JS. Admin Panel is available for easy customization.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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