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door hanger mockup
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25 Door Hanger Mockup Templates 2020

As a designer, you definitely need to have a set of door hanger mockup templates at hand. Instead of hunting them down yourself, we did all the hard work for you. In the bundle below, you will find a collection of the best door hangers that you can employ to showcase your design ideas and whatnot.

While a door hanger is primarily used in hotels, resorts and other accommodations, the practicality goes way beyond that. You can even give them away as free gifts when spreading brand awareness. In short, go the traditional way or enter the world of door hanger mockups from an entirely different perspective. Whatever the case, all the tools below ensure a spectacular end product.

To use any of the templates below, you need to be no experienced designer. Indeed, each mockup design is a breeze to employ and take to your total advantage. In little to no time, you can enrich it with a logo, branding or any other design. Thanks to the layered and organized structure, anyone can benefit from the mockup that sparks their interest the most. Take action now and enjoy crafting an outcome that will astound and fascinate everyone.

Mockup of a Door Hanger Placed on a Mid-Open Door

mockup of a door hanger placed on a mid open door
While door hangers are most commonly in use in hotels and other accommodation businesses, you can also benefit from it at home. You can even give it out as a gift for fun or with some serious intentions. When creating a design for a door hanger, you can play around with different possibilities by utilizing a convenient mockup. This one features a half-open door with an option to decorate the hanger with a custom color and design. You also get a chance to add a text or a graphic, but that’s entirely up to you. A simple task for an outcome that will wow your client.

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Mockup of a Bunch of Door Hangers on a Wooden Surface

mockup of a bunch of door hangers
Two designs, multiple door hangers on a wooden surface, that’s what’s up when it comes to this minimal and creative mockup. You can create a full-blown presentation of a door hanger design with full control over the color, too. Since you can slide in two different designs, you can either showcase the front and the back design or two entirely different door hanger artworks. Needless to say, due to the quick and effortless process, you can come up with all sorts of different combinations and possible variations. Only once you find the winning demonstration, you proceed to download it in a click.

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Low-Angle View Mockup of a Door Hanger on a Handle

low angle view mockup of a door hanger
A low-angle view of a door hanger will definitely capture everyone’s attention. This mockup offers you to bring into being a striking outcome that will raise hype undoubtedly. Whether you work with a client or you would just like to showcase the world how amazingly good you are at designing door hangers, create a photorealistic presentation now. With a 450 x 1000 px design, you cover the entire space of the door hanger. Still, you can also play around with different sizes, as well as changing the color of the door hanger. Lastly, if you would like to level things up and make the demonstration even more engaging, optional text and graphic inclusions will do the trick.

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Door Hanger Mockup

door hanger 1
A super photo-realistic and life-like door hanger mockup that comes in four different views. Moreover, the quality of each template is also first-grade, making sure the end product appears with crystal clarity. For your information, the resolution is 4000 x 4000 px. Have in mind, each mockup uses the same door hanger just the scenery is different. You can change the background texture and color, turn on or off the shadows and slide in your design via the smart object layer. While you can keep things simple and clean, you can spice things up with a striking background, which you can see in the example.

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Door Hanger PSD Mockup

door hanger 2
If you are a fan of simplicity and minimalism, this next door hanger mockup is the ideal alternative for you. It features four different PSD files, offering one and two door hangers. You can use the template of choice for presenting either the front or the back design of the door hanger. Just like you can improve and enhance the item itself, so can you also change the background. In a few short steps, you can fully customize the mockup according to your needs and regulations. Thanks to the smart object layer, everyone can get the most out of the template.

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Door Hanger Mockups

door hanger 3
A handy collection of six photo-realistic door hanger mockups for establishing the first-class demonstration of the design you have going on. Whether it is just a logo, some text or a full-blown artwork, you can test things out in a small breeze and see immediate results. Import the mockup to Photoshop, double click on the smart object layer, slide in your creative and see the magic happen. The whole technique of editing and altering the ready-made mockup is just as simple and as quick as it sounds. Either you use the ones that are on an actual door handle or lying on a solid background, all versions ensure surprising outcomes.

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11 PSD Door Hanger Mockups

door hanger 4
We are slowly ramping things up, this time, offering you a whopping collection of eleven different PSD files in one package. That said, you get all the necessary and then some to create a demonstration that will blow everyone away. There are all these different styles and views that will get you going in close to no time. Along with fine-tuning the door hanger(s), you can also change the background and make a fully brandable and personalized final product. You will have a lot of fun along the way, coming up with all sorts of different variations that will help you decide on the winner much easier.

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5 Different Door Hanger Mockups

door hanger 5
If you would not only like to test out different designs but different door hanger shapes, too, you came to the right place. With one kit of goodies, you get then photo-realistic styles and five different shapes for you to put into play right away. The different door hanger dimensions come at 70 × 205 mm, 100 × 210 mm and 100 × 250 mm. Of course, each template comes at a high resolution, so the final creation displays your work as beautiful as possible. Each layout is also entirely organized and layered, making sure you edit it without a hitch.

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Photorealistic Door Hanger Mockup

door hanger 6
Bring into being a lovely presentation of your clever, strategic and attention-grabbing door hanger design. With this pack of eight different templates, you can provide a full-blown demonstration that will appear just like the end product. And that is what is special about mockups. While you can use them for inspiration and promotion, you can also see if the design fits the dimension flawlessly. This is the moment when you can perform all the necessary refinements before sending it out to the print shop. Also, due to the high-quality of the mockup, close-ups appear clear and shiny. Keep in mind, you can change the background, too.

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Chalkboard Door Hanger Mockups

door hanger 7
If you are thinking about something entirely different, this is the mockup that will do the trick. It features a chalkboard door hanger, which you can fully refine and alter according to your taste and regulations. There are four different styles in the kit, all readily waiting for your creative approach. The size of the hanger is 100 x 250 mm and comes ad 3500 x 3000 px resolution. You can change the doorknob color, the text color, the background, I mean, you can pretty much customize everything. Add your text with a click and see it appear with the chalk effect right away.

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Door Hanger Mock-Up 2

door hanger 8
If you are all set and ready to create a presentation that will spark their curiosity, you better get your hands on this door hanger mockup. It consists of ten different mockups which you can use on social media, in newsletters, on your website, in marketing campaigns, you name it. You also get two different doorknob options, four textures and three layer styles. For your information, the bundle comes with the help file, too. Even if you are using a mockup for the very first time, you will still establish a professional and sophisticated presentation.

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Door Hanger Mockup Pack

door hanger 9
You can now quickly and effortlessly display your door hanger design in the best possible light. If you are scouring the web to find the right kit of mockups, this is the set you should consider. It contains fifteen different photo-realistic views and five hanger formats. What’s more, you can display the front and back design, too. In short, there is something for everyone, regardless of your meticulous taste. The sizes of the hangers go from 70 x 205 mm to 91 x 202 mm. Have in mind, the image of the room in the back is not included, but you can use any background you fancy.

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Life-Like Door Hanger Mock-Ups

door hanger 11
The front and back design of a door hanger can now come into view with this mockup. You can pick between six different templates, all creative, modern and life-like. The entire editing process is a small breeze since you need to undergo just a few clicks and call it a day. Thanks to the smart object layer, you get to slide in your design with a single click. But there is a lot more to the mockup than just the design part. You can also change the background, as well as change the color of the side panels and pencil. And the room that is in the back, well, you can adjust that, too.

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2 Parkour Free Running Door Hanger Bundle

door hanger 12
For everyone who already knows what they are looking for, these parkour door hanger mockups are the solution for you. There are four PSD files and two different door hanger templates, both front and back views. Bear in mind, the template also comes with bleed, meaning the door hanger is fully print-ready. After it comes back from the print shop, the final size of the door hanger will be 4.25 × 11 inches. If you are ready to get the hype going strong for the upcoming event, do it with style and fashion with this mockup bundle.

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Restaurant Door Hanger

restaurant door hanger
If a restaurant door hanger template is particularly what you are looking for, we have one in store just for you. Whether you would want to use it on your actual restaurant door or you would like to give these away, whatever the case, make sure the end product is top-notch. You can now save yourself time and energy and come up with the design that will spark everyone’s interest. For your information, this template also comes with 0.25 inch bleed what makes it print-ready. Last but not least, the dimension is 4.25 x 11 inches.

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Real Estate Door Hanger

real estate door hanger
If you are a real estate agency or an agent, one clever way of pushing your brand is by handing over door hangers. And to create a striking and must-have solution, you can now craft the right one in a small breeze. The template treats you to a printable door hanger that you can realize sooner rather than later. You do not always need to start from scratch when you can take a strategic shortcut with a ready-made template and go from there. Let the hanger present the property you would like to sell or rent or even use it to present your company information.

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Door Hanger Mock Up

door hanger mock-up
You can now speedily create a presentation of your door hanger design with an impressive mockup. The editing process is a small breeze for everyone. To add your designs or images, just use the handy smart object layer and see them appear on the door hanger in a click. If you are in the real estate business, this one comes ideal; however, you can utilize it for other intentions, too. For something simple and creative, you better not miss checking out the mockup and have it rock your branding regulations to a T.

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Church Essentials – Door Hanger

church essentials door hanger
While the majority of door hangers are all-around solutions, we also have some more niche ones. This template particularly is ideal for churches and ministries. The door hanger comes at 4.25″ x 8.5″ and includes four different color options. You can now have a full-blown outcome ready for print in little to no time. Introduce your creative touch, personalize it according to your liking and impress everyone with a first-class final product. Instead of crafting it from the ground up, you can now save yourself time and energy with a predefined alternative. Without further ado, take action now and start spreading God’s word uniquely and interestingly.

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Free door hanger mockup templates

Free PSD Door Hanger Mockup

free psd door hanger mockup
At this point, you know already that you can create a fantastic presentation without spending a dime. And you could not be more right! We bring you an alternative collection of free door hanger mockups, which guarantee striking demonstration of your designs.
Right off the bat, we hit you with a fully editable template that you can brand and personalize in just a few clicks. Along with adding your design to the hanger, you can also change the color of the handle, door frame, wall and the door itself. Keep things simple and clean or spice things up with vibrant colors and jaw-dropping design.

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Free Door Hanger PSD Mockup

free door hanger psd mockup
If you would like to take a different marketing approach, print door hangers. However, first, you should work on an interest-sparking design that will capture everyone’s attention. When you have it ready, you then pick a door hanger mockup and see it in effect. The mockup helps you better imagine the realistic version of the final, physical product. With a simple drag and drop technique, you can slide in your creation via the smart object layer and see the magic happen. It truly is just as simple as it sounds. The mockup comes exactly as is with the door hanger that you can modify entirely.

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Free Download Door Hanger Mockup

free download door hanger mockup
Right off the bat, this free door hanger mockup treats you to all sorts of different features and functions. There are two main PSD files, one of a door hanger on the actual handle and one on a flat surface. However, the mockup template also treats you to four different shapes, a more round-ish and a more square-ish, so everyone gets the most out of it. Like that would not be enough, there are also three additional wood textures available for your convenience. How cool is that? You can first mix and match the available before you slide in your design and call it a day.

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Free Realistic Door Hanger PSD Mockup

free realistic door hanger psd mockup
You can use a door hanger as a clever and smart marketing medium. Of course, you want to make them catchy and enticing, so people won’t miss noticing them, but actually check the content. That said, you can now make a life-like presentation of the actual design that you are working on. With the two included mockups at a different angle, you can create a demonstration that will inspire everyone. Keep things at a professional level at all times, even if using a free mockup. While leaving it all as is, you just replace the current design with yours and that’s all the work necessary.

More info / Download

Customizable Door Hanger Mockup

customizable door hanger mockup
Instead of doing all the work on your own, do yourself a favor and use a predefined mockup for the exhibition of your design. This free door hanger mockup is clean, minimal and creative, perfect for putting all the shine on your creations. Of course, you can use it to display both the front and back design. Moreover, you can also come up with a bunch of different variations that will help you decide on the final version much easier. Do the life-like version of the door hanger design you are working on and stand out a mile.

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Free Door Hanger Mockup

free door hanger mockup
Having the design for a door hanger ready is cool, but you can always step things up with a mockup. Instead of showcasing your client just the flat design, spice things up with a life-like presentation. By employing this door hanger mockup, you can quickly make things happen. Download the file, import it to Adobe Photoshop and edit the existing hanger via the smart objects. In little time, you will have a first-class outcome ready to roll. For your information, you can also alter the door texture/background according to your taste. Boost your workflow with a mockup and impress the hotel owner you are working with with something fresh.

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Pink Door Hanger Mockup

pink door handle hanger mockup
You can use a door hanger for an assortment of different intentions. Primarily, they work the best at hotels and other accommodations, letting everyone know whether the room is free or occupied. However, you can also use a door hanger as a form of spreading the word of your brand out. Anyhow, if you are looking for something different, you came to the right place. While the majority of door hangers are made of paper, here is a pink alternative that is made out of cotton/cloth. This one comes ideal for a boutique hotel or a luxury resort, but feel free to go against the norm, too.

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