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26 Ultimate Divi Child Themes For Businesses 2023

There is almost no need to explain why picking Divi child themes is a wise decision on your journey to building a powerful website. But we will go more into it anyway.

First and foremost, with hundreds of thousands of active Divi theme users, it is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market. It sounds almost absurd, not true, but it is as real as you and me.

Those who pick the theme behemoth become almost instant fans. The stuff you can do with it goes above and beyond. There is almost no limitation to building the ideal website for your needs. Be it a personal blog, a corporate page, or an eCommerce marketplace, you name it, and Divi will help you build it.

Along with the already incredibly powerful tool for crafting pages of all types, there are also many Divi child themes at your service. All of those use the same foundation – the Divi – but offer completely new web design. They are tailored to meet pretty much everyone’s needs. If Divi is your way to go and you want to avoid the whole customization process, pick a child theme and start using it immediately.

If you are unfamiliar with what child themes are, make sure you read our ultimate guide to WordPress child themes.

Best Divi Child Themes

1. Corporate

corporate divi child theme

Hence, Corporate is a Divi child theme for bringing a professional and sophisticated website to fruition. Agencies, companies, startups, and corporate firms, everyone can now start making some noise online with Corporate quickly. The modern and eye-catchy design caters to various tastes out of the box, but you can alter it according to your liking, too.

You can import the demo with a single click and start working on your project immediately. The entire setup will be effortless and quick, ensuring everyone gets the most out of Corporate. Even if you are a beginner, you will still build a top-notch website with Corporate. Some features include logo slider, testimonials, contact form, unlimited colors and gradient effect. Take charge now and experience a quick result without breaking a single drop of sweat.

More info / Download Demo

2. Justice

justice divi child theme

Justice is a Divi child theme that – hence the name – works for anything in the legal space. It sports a beautiful, professional, sophisticated design that will help take your business to new heights. Attorneys, law firms, advisers, you name it, Justice covers it.

Building a law-related website will be a little breeze since Justice has it all ready-made for you. Some of the specialties are five headers, three footers, preloader options, slider and sticky menu, to name a few. Never again lack a striking online presence; instead, pick Justice and make an immediate difference now.

More info / Download Demo

3. Fitness

fitness divi child theme

Fitness centers, gyms, personal trainers, well, you get the gist of it, Fitness is a powerful theme that will get you moving in the right direction. In the bundle of great amenities, you will find all the necessary page layouts and tons of other perks that will do you well. For instance, Fitness contains five home pages, five headers, three footers, five inquiry sections, three trainer grids and more.

With the available fifty and counting parts, you can mix and match your way to a successful launch of a fitness-related website. Of course, there is no need to worry about the technicalities; Fitness takes care of it all by default.

More info / Download Demo

4. Ally

ally divi child theme

Ally is an adaptable Divi child theme for building online portfolios for agencies and freelancers. If that triggers your interest, you can immediately head to the live demo page and see Ally fully. The appearance is stunning and eye-pleasing, ensuring terrific browsing experience. Remember, Ally is flexible, working on all popular devices and web browsers flawlessly.

Moreover, Ally has many great features that will raise your potential to level eleven. Hover effects, call-to-action button in the navigation section, full-screen background, widget area and cool animations on the scroll are just a few of the treats you will find in the Ally kit. If you are ready to start pushing your services over and beyond, you better consider Ally now.

More info / Download Demo

5. Portfolio

portfolio divi child theme

There is no need to dive too deep into this one as you are already very familiar with it. After all, it’s all in the name. Portfolio is an excellent Divi child theme with a modern, clean and creative design that will help you get a quick-start on the internet. Whether a professional or a freelancer, create an online presence that will easily raise your potential to new heights. And Portfolio will help you achieve great results without a shadow of a doubt.

You get a whopping eight different home designs in the bundle, ensuring you find the look that resonates with you best out of the box. Of course, you can personalize and enrich Portfolio with your creative touch, too. Other features contain custom footer, blog section, logo slider, one click demo import and responsive layout.

More info / Download Demo

6. Capital

capital divi child theme

Capital is a striking and impactful Divi child theme that ideally works for businesses and corporations. Of course, you can always go against the grain with any site canvases in this collection and use them for something else. They are flexible and powerful enough to handle all sorts of ideas and challenges. Whether you are just starting or an established name, start on the internet with an up-to-the-minute website thanks to Capital.

You get all the necessary to complete the page building process in as little time and with as little effort as possible. Capital rocks all sorts of goodies, like pricing tables, testimonials, team members, counters and a blog section. It will take you minutes and not hours to establish your business website with Capital.

More info / Download Demo

7. Triangle

triangle divi child theme

For every creative individual out there, as well as agencies and businesses, let Triangle help you with your website. Instead of building an online presence from square one, save time and energy with a Divi child theme. Even if you have no experience, you will still create a jaw-dropping end product that will turn heads. If you are unsure, check the live preview first and go from there. You will be impressed, that is for sure.

Moreover, while you can utilize Triangle exactly as it comes out of the box, you can also enhance it further. You can easily perform customization tweaks – no need to write code to make it happen. Triangle is also in tune with all modern devices, web browsers and retina screens. The performance will always be first-class for everyone to enjoy your page.

More info / Download Demo

8. 5 Star Hotel

5 star hotel divi child theme

Forging and securing a space on the internet becomes a piece of cake with 5 Star Hotel. This Divi child theme is a stunning solution for hotels, resorts, bed and breakfast, you name it, 5 Star Hotel handles it. In short, if you are operating an accommodation business, let 5 Star Hotel help you realize a top-notch website. The outcome will be professional and sophisticated, as it would be an entirely custom-made website. However, working on your hotel website will take no effort.

In the bundle, you get an array of specialties that will put you on top. From ten up-to-the-minute pages, two rooms and packages layouts to 5 Star Services plugin, and over forty creative commons images, 5 Star Hotel rocks it all and heaps more.

More info / Download Demo

9. Minimal

minimal divi child theme

When building a website for your agency or business, think of a clean and simple design that will appeal to everyone. Minimal is the Divi child theme that will help you make things happen without a hassle. You will find all the necessary to mix and match in the kit. You even get four homes for general business, restaurant, law and fitness websites. And you can always go the extra mile and tweak the default look according to your taste.

Of course, Minimal practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. Your spectacular website will guarantee flawless performance across all devices and platforms. Get ready to take action and make an immediate difference with the one and only, Minimal theme. You are just short moments away from getting more eyeballs on your business with a page that will impress everyone.

More info / Download Demo

10. Dentistry

dentistry divi child theme

As the name suggests, dentistry is a Divi child theme for dentists and dental clinics. This dedicated web design offers you a quick start to something remarkably admirable. For the most part, you will not even want to edit the default appearance of Dentistry much. Yes, this solution appeals to the eye out of the box. If you fancy it exactly, you can experience a speedy page realization. On the other hand, even if you plan to modify it, little work is necessary.

Some additional features of Dentistry are sticky menu, on scroll content loading, animated statistics, accordions and different forms. Remember, you can even use Dentistry to create a one-page website where all the details will be just a couple of scrolls away.

More info / Download Demo

11. Bright

bright divi child theme

One thing is for sure, you will shine online with Bright. This Divi child theme is packed with goodies that will do you well from the get-go. You can employ the tool for all sorts of creative businesses and agencies, even as a freelancer. Bright is fully adaptive and flexible, ensuring it seamlessly works for your objective. Moreover, Bright guarantees an impactful and memorable first impression that will instantly raise your potential of winning over even more potential prospects.

Bright’s bundle of amazingness comes with a comprehensive set of features and functions. From fourteen main pages and image grid to CTA in the menu, slide in projects and squeeze page, it is all at the tip of your fingers. There is also a custom 404 page for your convenience. Start on the right foot with Bright now.

More info / Download Demo

12. Easyfix

easyfix divi child theme

Easyfix – hence the name – is an excellent Divi child theme that works best for contractors, roofing, plumbing, renovations, you name it. It is an all-around solution that can work for many different projects and intentions. Instead of lacking an online presence, take thins to an entirely different degree now with the help from Easyfix. You do not need to have any experience with web development and design – Easyfix is for everyone.

What’s more, there are also plenty of great features that you gain access to. From all the necessary front and internal page layouts to animations, hover effects, custom header and more, Easyfix rocks it all for you to put into practice. Drop-down menu, blog for content marketing, call-to-actions and Google Maps are also part of the deal for smooth and quick integration.

More info / Download Demo

13. Freelancer

freelancer divi child theme

Freelancer is a superb Divi child theme that will help you establish an outstanding online presence for your thriving freelancing business. With the modern, creative and engaging design, you will have no trouble triggering everyone’s curiosity with Freelancer. And the whole procedure of starting building your website to having a live version ready to go will pass little to no time.

There are all these amenities in the Freelancer package that you can greatly benefit from. Not only is the design fully sorted out, but you also get an array of features for a sophisticated outcome. Some of which include animated preloader, five different hover effects, testimonials carousel, blog and a sticky sidebar menu. With Freelancer, you can build both one- and multi-page websites effortlessly. A lifetime worth of updates and a friendly team of experts always at your disposal are also what you get.

More info / Download Demo

14. Renovation

renovation divi child theme

While Renovation works best for renovations, you can also use it for other businesses, like architects and interior designs. No matter which Divi child theme you decide to work with from this list, you can easily go against the grain with it, no need to 100% stick to the default settings. Renovation is no different, perfect for small and mid-sizes businesses.

The package includes eight core pages covering all the important segments of a successfully operating website. Incorporated are blog and contact layouts, CTAs, nifty animations, back to top button, sticky navigation and drop-down menu. Feel free to brand and personalize Renovation entirely, so it follows your desired needs to a tee. Thanks to Renovation, you can expand your reach with a well-thought-out website and grow your business.

More info / Download Demo

15. Favo

favo divi child theme

With small businesses in mind, Favo is an excellent web design that will help create a modern page to grow your business over and beyond. This Divi child theme has something for everyone. Due to the beautiful look, you can freely employ Favo out of the box. This way, speedy page establishing becomes inevitable. But even if you decide to modify Favo, you will improve it quickly.

The bundle of goodies includes a collection of fourteen main pages that create a full-blown website. Favo has parallax and hover effects, a back-to-top button, a drop-down menu, and testimonials. You can investigate Favo further by heading to the live preview page and first-hand the different layouts and elements. Now it’s your turn to take charge and set yourself apart from the competition.

More info / Download Demo

16. Landing

landing divi child theme

If you want to spread the word for your business out in style, create a solid landing page with Landing, hence the name. It is a premium Divi child theme that you can practice right away. The material is at your fingertips, readily available to present your agency or even your freelancing project on the internet in the best possible light. You have all the rights to fine-tune the default appearance of Landing, so it meets your liking precisely.

Due to the landing page structure, you can showcase all the information, services, and other whatnot on a single page. Potential clients do not need to jump from page to page to find their information. Lastly, you can activate the integrated blog section and start with a content marketing strategy.

More info / Download Demo

17. Conference

conference divi child theme

If you are on the hunt for a conference Divi child theme, here is one that will do the trick. Conferences, events, forums and all other types of gatherings, promote them in style with an A-grade website. Thanks to Conference, you do not have to build anything yourself anymore. Tha tool has it all neatly packed into one web design that will set you to success. Conference also follows all the modern trends and regulations, ensuring responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

You get one front page and six additional inner sections for speakers, contact, tickets and more. Countdown timer, sticky navigation, back to top button, scrolling animations and pricing are all the various features of Conference. You can start a blog, showcase a gallery and even share attendees’ excitement through testimonials – all this with Conference.

More info / Download Demo

18. Blue

blue divi child theme

Kick off your online presence with Blue. A Divi child theme helps promote your creativity and professionalism with one web design. Blue is a little breeze, whether you want to employ it as is or enhance it further. Do not hold yourself back and fully modify and personalize Blue if necessary. But for many, Blue will work very well out of the box.

Blue is a tool that best suits freelancers, small agencies, businesses, and virtual assistants. Full-screen banner above the fold with text and call-to-action await every user. Use it strategically and you will have no trouble triggering everyone’s interest. A few extras include Instagram feed, parallax effect, lead-gen form, blog and contact page. Rule the online world with Blue and scale your business beyond and above.

More info / Download Demo

19. Multiflex

multiflex divi child theme

Multiflex is a resourceful and practical Divi child theme that goes very well with small businesses. Contractors, landscapers, plumbers and renovations, to name a few, Multiflex handles all sorts of businesses. You can also go against the grain with Multiflex and precisely make it work for your specific intention.

With front and internal page designs at your disposal, you can easily create the setup that will work for you ideally. Multiflex also works like a dream on all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. It is also optimized for excellent performance so everyone will have a blast skimming through your content. A few features you get are Google Maps, contact form, call to action buttons, drop-down menu, on scroll content loading and different blog layouts. Once you start working with Multiflex, it will take you little time to finish the project and have a full-blown website ready to go live on the internet.

More info / Download Demo

20. Zara

zara restaurant divi child theme

It is all about the Zara theme’s good and super tasty food. This premium Divi child theme is suitable for restaurant owners, bistros, cafés, bars and other food-based businesses. The included premium Master Slider PRO allows you to grab awareness with a moving or a static slideshow. It supports both videos and images or a mixture of both. You can play with plugin’s other features to make it of a custom look. In addition, Zara is equipped with a reservation form for customers to easily book a table from your website.

Scrolling from top to bottom of your page will be a delicious experience packed with parallax effect, animations and stunning imagery. For the menu section, a special slider wows the guest and showcases your dishes in a very eye-catching way. Browsing your site will make the visitors hungry just looking at the beautiful creations. For the season specials, an individual section was put together which showcases meals in a mesmerizing gallery with hover effects.

With quick installation and detailed instruction, you will have Zara as your page in no time. You only need to add your content and info, and the beginning of attracting the online audience begins.

More info / Download Demo

21. Josefin

josefin responsive divi child theme

If you are running an outdated website or want to start something fresh, Josefin is the Divi child theme you need. It is stylish, elegant and packed with features and extensions. Besides that, along with the default home layout, you get an additional 6, one exclusive for bands and the other for churches. With these, you can build almost any kind of website. But this is only the start of what Josefin treats you with.

Josefin includes more than 25 different layouts, sections, and modules for the easiest modification. Integrated are also Instagram and Twitter feeds to grow your social media accounts further. To unlock all the secret gems, several video tutorials will have you sorted. When expanding your one-page website that runs on Divi child theme, do it with an online store. Promote your work or sell high-quality pieces of other artists you admire.

Whatever you want to achieve with your page, Josefin theme is ready to deal with it. It will help you realize your must-haves and unlock a new specter of possibilities. Even after running a website with Josefin for a little while, you can freely do improvements and freshen up the web design.

More info / Download Demo

22. Interior

interior responsive divi child theme

Interior is a sophisticated Divi child theme tailored for product displays, portfolios, architectural spaces and other similar purposes. With a full-screen image (no menu), you impress your guests and take them on a special journey. The menu only appears on scroll so that the template looks as clean and as minimal as possible when it loads. It ensures your website has a one-of-a-kind look with a great user experience. Visitors, browsing your page from smartphones or desktops, theme adapts instantly, no matter the screen size. You can try viewing the live demo from different devices only to see how it performs for yourself.

Carefully crafted child theme, Interior, consists of a variety of premium features, like Aspen Footer Editor, Login Customizer and 404 Error Page template. Save yourself plenty of time when it comes to setting up a page for your business. Freelancers, studios and agencies in the architecture field can construct fabulous online presence without doing any coding. You can avoid it entirely since Interior already does your hard work. Start adding your content, showcase your extraordinary work and let the power of internet help you scale up your business.

More info / Download Demo

23. Skye

skye responsive divi child theme

Skye only works with the parent theme, Divi. So, without one, there is no other. Once you get both, you unlock something extraordinary for yourself. A product that will help you carefully finalize an awe-inspiring website for your online portfolio. Showcasing your work on the internet just got a new meaning to it. Be it a landscape or wedding photography business, displaying personal projects, or being an event organizer, you can realize it all with Skye theme. Designed and developed to a T, the item has just the right features and minimalism for a flawless experience.

Included, you get 3 homepage designs one of which is a splash page. 11 inner pages are also ready for you to use. To get even more familiar with these, check out the live demo and see how much you can do with Skye. Before you ask, a blog section is also prepared for your compelling articles. You can use it for whatever purpose, including content marketing. With the one-click install process, you will have it all working in a blink. Moreover, in-depth documentation with videos and screenshots walks you through the set up and turns you into a pro. No need to come even close to any unnecessary barriers.

More info / Download Demo

24. D-Market

d-market ecommerce divi child theme

For your Divi WooCommerce online platform solution, D-Market is the child theme you might consider. It allows personal and commercial use on as many sites as you would like, so there is no limits regarding that. If you run one or multiple online shops, you can use D-Market for all of them. You just need to customize it accordingly. Sell accessories, digital products, men’s and women’s fashion, gadgets or anything else that you are into with a nifty eCommerce website.

D-Market is a fully responsive and speed optimized theme that guarantees a quick and efficient setup. You are just minutes away from having a website ready. However, it all depends on the number of products you plan to feature in your store, how much time full online shop realization will take you.

Along with the contemporary front page, D-Market includes exclusively designed about, shop, product, wishlist and blog layouts. You can expect new demo content available and at your service with new updates. With the Bloom plugin, a newsletter popup is also ready to help capture visitors’ emails and send them irresistible promotions. Start you first or whatever number e-store today and stay away from all the hassle.

More info / Download Demo

25. Bliss

bliss wedding divi child theme

We are calling all the wedding photographers out there. Only because we have this special product for them to bring their expertness to the online space and balloon their potential. Are you one of those? If so, Bliss Divi child theme is ready to fulfill your needs and requirements for stylish and elegant website creation. No need to look further even if you are not in the photography niche. Bliss easily adapts to any niche where a portfolio with a great photo gallery is needed. Luxuriate everyone who stumbles across your page and turn them into instant fans of your work. It is very doable with one fine theme, Bliss.

With one simple click of your mouse or trackpad, you have Bliss installed and ready for use. There are enough pages and layouts predefined for you to have a complete website solution finalized shortly. Your online portfolio will see the light sooner rather than later. The theme comes with an Instagram feed as a slideshow that user can control fully. Footer section comes with a newsletter opt-in and contact page with a contact form for those interested in working with you to quickly get in touch. If the default layouts do not follow your style, change them to your likings. Ready, set, go!

More info / Download Demo

26. Ophelia

ophelia responsive divi child theme

Ophelia sports a polished web design which is a perfect fit for those offering digital services. Those can be web design, web development, graphic design and social media management. The right theme can do a fantastic job for you to escalate your web appearance and make it even more attention-grabbing. Although you are set with all the needed pages, elements and layouts, the look is also outstanding. You need to look professional, so the wowing factor is inevitable. All the mentioned can be attained with Ophelia, a Divi child theme.

Use home page to get everyone quickly familiar with your services. You can add more info in the about and Work With Me sections. Additionally, go in-depth with the portfolio page and share happy customers’ testimonials. On each page, a newsletter subscription box is strategically placed for growing your mailing list quickly. Custom fonts and a full-width Instagram feed that rolls automatically give your site an individual touch. If you need a site redesign for your agency or personal freelance business or are a first-time page builder, Ophelia is a terrific item to go with.

More info / Download Demo
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