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WooThemes offers the best WordPress themes out there and they almost never offers any discounts. We will keep this page updated once any discount will be available. However, their themes are worth the price and it shouldn’t hold you back from getting one or even all of them.

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About WooThemes

This is a site which seems to know what it’s talking about. The themes are clean, easy to digest and a real joy to look at. It is a nice refresher after subjecting myself to Gabfire. They exclusively offer WordPress themes powered by WooFramework, a site building tool which apparently offers great versatile when creating a beautiful site. It’s really not hard to imagine a beautiful site when on WooThemes’ homepage. They have a whole host of lovely themes, which are both minimalistic and informative in nature. They offer business themes, personal themes, portfolio themes and eCommerce themes (aptly named WooCommerce). If the internet looked like this, I’m certain more people would buy things from independent sites. Their eCommerce offers, even the amazing freebie they offer, ‘Mystile’, is incredibly convincing just because of how sleek it is. Did I mention it’s free?

WooThemes don’t just stop at themes, they offer a huge selection of plugins which have real-world functionality, such as Sensei which is designed for teachers, to create courses, add quizzes and write lessons. Students can sign up and study online without having to come into the classroom. WooThemes are really predicting a change in the way people learn, here. I’d say quite rightly. Amongst their other plugins there are tools for slideshows, countdowns and sidebars; they don’t all come so cheaply. Ranging from (for one site only) $39, all the way up to $149, they certainly aren’t cheap. You get what you pay for if you want quality.

This brings us nicely to the cost of their themes, which are really quite expensive. Individually they are $99 each, for all 52 it’s $399. This gives you 1 year access to all their new themes, 1 year access to support, 1 year of updates and all of the Photoshop files included. They are pretty much offering you to buy everything they’ve got for one price, which isn’t all that bad when you think about how you could design 52 unique sites based from their themes for just $399. MintThemes are similarly expensive, but for no obvious reason. With WooThemes, it’s obvious why they cost a lot; they are incredibly good quality. Everything about their themes, even the little Easter eggs included in the examples, like example vinyl records which say ‘WooThemes’ on the sleeve. This attention to detail makes you think you’ll be in very safe hands with their tech support.

Customer testimonials praise WooThemes for their clean coding, which is, apparently, not the industry standard from theme vendors. You’d think that if you’re selling code you’d want to make it clean and tidy. Unless of course, you’d rather no one understands it but you.

WooThemes also offer literally hundreds of extensions for your site. These range from Product of the Day, conditional content, free links to Amazon, automatic PDF invoices, fax integration and more. You can see from these add on(s) that WooThemes are aiming squarely at the eCommerce market. The good news, however, is that they also cover all the other bases. A brilliant web design solution from an all-in-one provider. The price, however, might not be for everyone. You would expect to pay a premium rate for a complete web solution, though.

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