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UpThemes Review

Fluid, eye catching, bold and subtle. UpThemes are putting out some truly great themes, especially their flagship Worldview theme, which has a perfect balance of image and text; this is something which some many themes get ‘wrong’ in my opinion. It would make a brilliant blog or news site, portfolio or business profile. It has a multipurpose feeling to it. The bad thing is that it is $75… It does, however, come with complete colour customization and 12 preset palettes. They also say that they have provided a nice feature for those who like poking around in the code itself, by adding PHPDOC-style code comments to every function. This would be perfect for someone who just wanted to experiment without being an expert. Take a choice of either two or three columns and loads more different options.

The sort of thoughtful functionality mentioned above seems to be part of their universal framework, which operates over their whole collection of themes. Exploring further than the top of the list, it turns out every theme they have ever made is absolutely gorgeous. There are no unneeded additions like the ones which can be found in at least one theme from every major developer. These people have a good grasp of the ‘less-is-more’ aesthetic. They even thought about a theme specifically for sharing recipes and integrating them with schema and Whisk, for more sharing capabilities. The fact that they made this one of their five themes they sell is a nice thing to see, because it means they care about hobbies as well as straight-up business tactics, selling grey templates to glass office blocks.

They have a lightweight framework, available to download from their site. This includes integration with WordPress’ settings API, a live theme customizer, customizable header and background images and the ability for the developer to add their own language into the theme. This is a great idea for businesses looking to do multilingual SEO.

On their blog they have recently announced a new church theme is coming soon; it’s nice to see they are still innovating and not stopping after making a few themes. The church theme looks extremely nice, from what I can see at the moment, which is a relief because most themes marketed for churches on sites aren’t very special.

Luckily for the less well informed amongst us, they have a free support section tailored to help specifically for their premium themes; things like ‘getting started’ guides and formatting tutorials. This is a nice touch, and shows that yet again they are not just aiming their marketing techniques at those who either know code or can employ someone to do it for them.

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