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UFO Themes Review

UFO Themes have a range of multi-purpose themes which would seemingly work well for any kind of site. They even have a few free themes, which is, in my opinion, the way to go. If a vendor gives away a couple of nice free themes, I’d bet they’re likely to get a fair bit more business than you would expect from the stingy, hard-nosed eCommerce sites which populate a chunk of the market. Another good aspect about UFO Themes is that there aren’t too many of them. It might seem like a strange thing to say, but people looking for a theme want to be told that they can have either A, B, C or D for $X – make a choice. No one wants to have to feel like they should browse 20,000 ThemeForest offerings before they make their choice and then feel bad they might have made a bad selection. Here, on UFO, there are more than enough themes to keep you engrossed, thinking about the possibilities for setting up any number of varied sites.

What I like about these themes is that they are simple. In a day and age where people spend most of their work and pleasure time looking at a screen, there’s no need for that screen to be flashing different colours and doing crazy animations. Do word processors or browsers do that? No. Are they popular, functional and exactly right for the task? Yes. Keep to the minimalistic feel. If people want maximalism they will go to the cinema and watch any film with a shiny metal font for the title.

The pricing system in this one is a little bit strange. They offer a single theme for $55. This seems pretty normal but it is only for the personal / commercial use, where the person who applies it is the end user. There is another, more intriguing option, however. For a shocking $2750 you can purchase the rights to the theme and market it to people by yourself – making money off it. This is definitely a strange concept, since you wouldn’t expect a creative industry to be selling their intellectual property. Still, you’d certainly expect them to benefit from it, unless a huge multi-national theme baron bought all the rights and drove them out of business. In doing so, UFO would still earn a small fortune and put it towards new themes. I’m sure they’ve considered that.

One supremely democratic feature on their site is a comments box. This shows that the owners and designers have faith that their templates will stand up to public reviews and not be bombarded with abuse. It gives buyers faith, too, knowing that they are buying something which has a hundred comments and no complaints. People are definitely the first to complain on the internet if something goes wrong, so you should know how much that matters.

UFO Themes don’t seem to be doing a roaring trade; they display the amount of purchases next to each theme and it’s nowhere near the usual numbers people advertise. Still, it is a shame these guys aren’t more popular because their themes are a joy to look at and don’t dazzle you without any need to, like those from Themify.

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