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Tokokoo Review

Tokokoo have quite a mixture of themes, varied in purpose and quality. Some themes have obviously had more time spent on them than others and are really great looking. Some of them don’t look premium at all. Kancing, for example, their theme which gets most space on their homepage for advertising. It has a very glossy look about it, as if it would be used by a top fashion label. The problem is the actual functionality of that. After being taken to a landing page in the demo which asked me which eCommerce site I’d like to view, I clicked the first option and was taken to a page which was basically an asymmetrical page of jpgs. I’m not sure if it was dazzling in a good or bad way, but what the main problem was is that if your cursor touches any of the images, a text box immediately obscures it. Actually, no, the main problem might have been how the site seemed to come into existence as I scrolled down. It wasn’t flashy as much as it was distracting from the products that were being shown. I don’t think any salesperson wants their customers to be more taken-aback by their site than their products.

Again, like many theme sites that came before it, Tokokoo offers the false option of purchasing a single theme for $79 or every theme they’ve ever made for $99. They might as well not even include the pricing individually and just say that if a customer wants one theme they should buy the lot; it’s hardly any more expensive and nothing more than a sales technique. I’d bet that barely anyone buys a single theme. Just the way they like it.

Back to the themes –they are a little bit too in-your-face to have any longstanding appeal, but they are good in a fun kind of way. Balita; a theme which looks like it’s designed to sell kids clothing, is nice and natural looking, with light blues, browns and cut-out clouds in the border. This is one of the more toned down themes, thank goodness. It’s a bit of a trial looking at themes which deconstruct themselves as you scroll down and then reassemble when you least expect it.

Unlike most similar companies, they don’t offer plugins like iThemes do. Nor are their themes so great that you’d really want all of them as part of a package. It makes me yearn for the simplistic design which iThemes offer and take back what I said about them being too minimal. Tokokoo offer some free themes, but you might be better off with the WordPress defaults, if I’m honest. These are obviously not the best work of Tokokoo; you can tell by the fact that they don’t explode into the widgets and pixels as soon as you touch the scroll bar.

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