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What can’t be said about If there’s anything that can be said about this site it’s that it’s one of the best and most specific WordPress theme sites I’ve ever encountered. Designed specifically for an organized browsing experience for the productive customer, Themify is a theme website acceptable for anyone who wishes to create a website that’s intriguing, beautiful, and organized. With over 3,000 Twitter followers, Themify’s layout design is one to behold, as its homepage is one that allows the user to access the most significant aspects of Themify’s many links and themes! The site’s homepage is a testament to the category of themes it provides to its customers…modern and technologically sophisticated. According to, the co-founder of Themify, Darcy Clarke, recently stated in an interview that his friend Nick La both founded Themify in 2006 because they wanted to “find certain things that were lacking within the other theme companies.” Since then, Themify has been a tremendous success. You can find the link to the full interview with Themify co-founder Darcy Clarke at the bottom of this article! Themify’s homepage is a wonderful portfolio, providing potential customers with a glimpse of just what the site has to offer.


Themify offers a glimpse of various themes and templates that are very different from one another. These themes vary from the very bold and extravagant to the very basic and simple. If you click on the title “Themes” at the top of the homepage, you’ll be taken to a page that shows you some of the themes the site has to offer its customers. If you glance over to the right side of this page, under the headline “All Themes,” you’ll find that every theme on Themify is categorized into a heading that efficiently describes what type of theme Themify has to offer and the actions those themes are supposed to perform. The names of these themes are as follows: Blog Themes, Corporate Themes, Ecommerce Themes, Featured Themes, Free Themes (my personal favorite), Magazine Themes, Multimedia Themes, Portfolio Themes, Post Formats Themes, Responsive Themes, and Restaurant Themes.

Firstly, the Blog Themes includes themes that are absolutely perfect for anyone who’s planning to start a blog. There are 18 themes on this page alone and the names of the themes are as different and exciting as their layouts. Some of the names include Wigi, Bloggie, iTheme2, and even Pinboard. Pinboard is one of the blogs that stands out the most because it resembles the layout of the picture-sharing site Pinterest. Secondly, the Corporate Themes category is filled with themes that are perfect for the business savvy individual who’s hardworking, loyal, and highly organized. There are 9 themes in all on this page and, at the top, the visitor is bombarded by a sign that reads “Bonus: Buy any theme, get the second theme for FREE!”

This advertisement on the site is just a reminder to the visitor that Themify is performing its job of providing its customers with the best guaranteed deals and prices. Also, some of the names of the themes in the category labeled Corporate Themes are Fullpane, Parallaz, and even Rozo. Each theme has a brief description of its functions, informing the reader on how to pick the perfect theme for whatever needs they may have. Next, the Ecommerce Themes category has themes that are for customers looking for themes that can be utilized to assist with any entrepreneurial efforts, such as launching an online shop or merchandising for business online. There are 5 themes on this page. Some of the names of these themes include Flatshop, Shopo, and ShopDock. Just by reading the names of these themes, it’s easy to ascertain that each and every theme was formulated for the simple task of creating, organizing, and running an online business. The next theme category is the Featured Themes category, which is a listing of the most popular and fashionable themes Themify has to offer. There are 16 themes in all in the Featured Themes category and these themes are a culmination of themes in each category that are considered to be the most popular and regularly used themes by satisfied paying customers. The names of some these themes are Agency, PhotoTouch, Suco, Tisa, and Elemin. By clicking on one of these themes, Themify guarantees a satisfactory improvement to your blog or website!

Free Themes is the next category and, as I mentioned before, this is my personal favorite category because of a word simply comprised of four letters and those letters are F-R-E-E! And I think many people would agree with me. Anytime a site gives its visitors an opportunity to produce a satisfying website at no cost at all it’s always a great deal. However, if you would like to pay for an exquisitely designed site, then that is a good thing as well! There are 3 websites in all on this page and their names are Basic, iTheme2, and Koi. Even though these themes are basic with simple designs, they are very efficient and beautifully crafted for the person with a limited budget who wants a great design. The category Magazine Themes is next on the list with 5 themes in all. These layouts are designed to accommodate anyone who wishes to have a suitable design for their news and editorial websites. All five of these themes are absolutely perfect or any individual interested in journalism. Magazine, Newsy, Responz, Edmin, and ThemeMin are the names of all the sites in the Magazine Theme category.

Also on this list of Themify theme classifications is the Multimedia Themes category. With a total of 9 themes in all including Minblr, Wumblr, and Photobox, this category provides the user with various themes that are equipped with animations, plugins, and other features. These features include Tumblr inspired designs, customizable layouts, infinite scroll, beautiful typesetting, and fine-grain control. The Portfolio Themes category offers themes for individuals wanting to show off their latest artistic and professional endeavors. With 15 modern, bold, and colorful templates in all, these themes are guaranteed to bring visitors to your site to view the intriguing work you’ve done. The names of some of these themes include Parallax, Slide, and BlogFolio. These themes offer interesting and captivating features such as beautiful typography, full-screen galleries and slideshows, and even auto-stacking.

Next is the Post Formats Theme classification, which is comprised of exactly 8 themes that include Metro, Notes, and Postline. These themes, like the others, offer superior widgets and plugins that consist of colorful displays and enticing text formats. The themes in the Responsive Themes category are just that…ready to respond to whatever task that needs to be done and admirably stylish in the process. This page consists of exactly 30 thirty themes. Some of these very enticing themes are Bold, Metro, and Bizco. Last, but certainly not least, is the Restaurant Themes category! As delicious as this category sounds, you can’t get anything scrumptious to satisfy your appetite. Instead, you’ll discover a professionally designed layout and beautifully crafted theme. This page holds precisely, believe it or not, one theme. That’s it…only one theme! This theme is called Rezo and it’s been appropriately named, because this theme is specifically designed for anyone interested in creating an elegant and enticing website for a restaurant.

At the bottom page of each and every one of these categories, Themify’s visitors can find a banner that encourages them to try a Themify theme for 30 days saying, “All themes are and Club memberships are refundable within 30 days of the purchase. No harm to join our Theme Club to try all themes.” Also at the bottom of every page are testimonials from people who have used Themify for their blogging and website needs. It even states that thousands of websites have been created through Themify, which is a notable accomplishment. These testimonials are further proof that Themify is a fantastic theme website for anyone enticed by the possibility of creating a website or blog that is both impressive and exquisite!


Themify also has a page dedicated to those who are new to the site and have concerns regarding themes and basic customization of particular themes. The headings of these helpful tips include Getting Started, Themify Builder, Customization & Setup, Developer Tutorials, Theme Documentation, Content, and Tools. There are far too many mini-subjects to name in one place, but just to give you an idea here are some of these subjects include importing sample content, integrating Google Fonts, opening graph meta tags, displaying ads after a certain number of posts, and sidebar widgets.


On the homepage there is a button called “Builder.” Once this button is clicked, you are taken to a page called Themify Builder which elaborates on a myriad of key details that include frontend drag and drop, Responsive mobile support, SEO friendliness, all post types, shortcodes, and layouts and colors.

Theme Club

The Theme Club can be accessed by clicking on “Themes” on the homepage. By becoming a member of the Theme Club, a customer can have unlimited access to each and every theme Themify has to offer. However, there are two different clubs that a visitor can join and they are very different. The first club is the Standard Club, which consists of every theme plus new themes with one year support and theme updates…all for only $79. The second club is called the Developer Club, which is made up of all themes plus Photoshop files. New themes, one year support and theme updates are also included in this package at the cost of only $99. At the bottom of this page, there is a list of frequently asked questioned that have already been answered for the convenience of the customer. These questions are as follows:

  • What’s the difference between a Developer and a Standard package?
  • Does the Theme Club include the Builder plugin version?
  • Does the membership auto renew?
  • Can I still use the themes once my Club Membership expired?
  • I just joined, can I refund or upgrade?


Pricing is also discussed on the Themify website! Customers can use Themify in three different ways. These ways are the Free Themes, Single Themes, or the Theme Club. The Free Themes method includes 100% access to free Themify themes with no support and free updates for $0. The next method is the Single Themes method, which consists of a buy one get one free plan. This method includes one year support and updates for only $49. Lastly, the Theme Club is described. The Theme Club is the most popular method of payment because customers are granted access to all current and new themes with one year support and updates for only the affordable price of $79. The Fequently asked Questions that were mentioned above in the Theme Club description are at the bottom of this page on Themify as well.


Themify offers its customers a variety of features. Whether you’re a designer, web developer, or completely unaware of how to build a website, these features will help you pave the way to your success! These helpful features include Themify framework, Drag & Drop Builder, a Styling Panel, Widgets, and Shortcodes. As you scroll near the bottom of the page, you are instantly notified that those aren’t the only features Themify possesses. Some of these features include SEO Optimization, Social Icons, WooCommerce, and even Google Fonts. Themify also has widgets that are absolutely essential for any blog or website, such as Twitter, Flickr, Feature Posts, Recent Comments, List Pages, and List Categories.

Affiliates Program, Blog, and Support Forum also has an affiliates program. By joining the affiliate program, you can earn 30% commissions on all sales generated through your affiliate links. As you scroll down the page, you’ll discover ways on how to sign up to get started, how to log in, and how to get paid. You’ll also find a list of things that can and cannot possibly happen once you join the affiliates program. Themify also has a blog that can be accessed on the homepage, which keeps readers updated with the latest information regarding the Themify website. Also, a support forum can be viewed by clicking on the “Members” button at the top of the homepage. While in this forum, customers can gain answers to the most difficult questions they may have. If you have any additional questions, Themify has a contact page that you can visit by clicking on “Contact” on the homepage. Once on the Contact page, you must enter your name, email, user ID (if you’re a member), subject of your message, and finally the message itself in the message box.


In conclusion, is a fantastically elaborate, exquisite, and organized site that can help anyone create an outstanding site that will impress all those who lay eyes upon it. With impressive widgets, a beneficial affiliates program, eye-catching themes, and affordable pricing packages, Themify places itself as an innovator in the world of online blog and website theme providers. If you wish to create a website that’s truly astonishing, you can rely on Themify to provide you with a truly imaginative theme.

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Founders: Darcy Clarke and Nick La
Founded: 2006
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