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Themify Review

Themify grabbed me from the moment I went on their site. There’s something about that lava lamp aesthetic of slowly drifting colours which really pleases me. Their themes are actually pretty similar to their own website, too. It’s nice to see some sort of cohesion between them; even if it is the fact that the page animates as you scroll. Before I’d really delved into their themes at all, they’d told me that I could have all their themes for $79 – modest, indeed.

I’m very split about whether I like themes like Fullpane, where you’re not permitted to scroll incrementally; instead it makes you move down the page in huge jumps, framing the next section as if it were to be a work of art. It annoys me a bit, as do fly-in animations when scrolling, but I think that it would appeal to an awful lot of people as both a novelty and because it ensures that every screen you see is perfect. It’s just a bit awkward to control, and I’ll hold it to that.

Picking a theme which I thought was unlikely to have much going on with it; I selected Magazine from the drop down menu. Thankfully, this time there wasn’t a trace of inane animation; it was a very sober affair, as you’d at least hope a magazine to be. When was the last time a magazine animated in your face? It’s a very nice simple theme, which is about all I can say. After checking a few more such as the clean-cut Minblr, I thought that the loud animations must just have been a one off. That’s until I saw ‘Event’. This thing is all over the place. I don’t know if that’s what people want, but it constantly looked like it wasn’t quite loaded yet, with things jumping into place, deconstructing them and reassembling in every corner of my poor screen. But still, refer to the first sentence of this piece to see why they do it…

Flatshop next, let’s see. Of course, it’s doing the same thing again. It’s not as garish this time though, since the backgrounds are in soft focus the whole thing is displayed quite nicely. So, about Builder. You can either buy it for $49 on its own, or you can buy a theme for the same price and get it anyway. TeslaThemes didn’t do that… They just included the framework with every theme because it was designed to work with Tesla themes. What good is Themify builder on third party themes? I’m not sure because I couldn’t answer that, but I’m expecting it’s all just a ruse to make you buy a theme instead because you ‘might as well’. Am I being cynical? Perhaps, but to be fair, this site has a lot going on with it and its worth having a look at, but if you’re planning to expose yourself to their themes for a prolonged period of time, have some painkillers handy.

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