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Themes Kingdom offer awesome themes at awesome prices. Use our coupon to get 20% off your Themes Kingdom membership. With the coupon, that’s just $40 get all of Themes Kingdom’s themes! This deal is valid for only one more week!

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About Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom offer awesome themes at awesome prices. For just $25 per theme or $97 for all 44, you can’t go far wrong. If you are feeling a little indecisive, this site is as good as any for getting everything they’ve ever made and just trying it all out. For $97 you will get a lifetime of options, provided you like the sort of thing Themes Kingdom are offering, anyway.

The themes offered here are quite all purpose. The full set of categories is: business, education, restaurant, photography, events, blog, health and charity. The photography themes are the most striking of the bunch, particularly their one-page portfolio theme, Radioo. Radioo shows off a few select pieces on the landing page then gives the user a chance to delve deeper by making use of a few central hyperlinks. When the user clicks on a particular piece of work, they are taken to a new page where the work is the centerpiece; underneath it there is plenty of room for a piece of text explaining it or anything else. It’s a very flexible theme and also particularly eye-catching. If I were a visual artist, I’d definitely be looking at Themes Kingdom and Obox for my site – especially if I couldn’t afford the more swanky offerings on Graph Paper Press.

After discovering a bit of a worrying 404 error trying to navigate to their business themes, I found a wealth of different styles aimed a huge range of different business styles. Exclusy stands out for its minimalism, and Sinapp (which is actually free!) for its real world functionality. It’s very easy to picture using these sites when you see them, unlike some of the messy pieces of work that Gabfire have to offer which give you a headache before you can even start to picture them anywhere other than as thumbnails on a theme library.

Themes Kingdom has over 65,000 customers. Most likely boosted heavily by their options of free themes, but, nonetheless they do deserve to be heard about. They are cheaper than some companies by far and offer much better themes than most of their competitors.

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