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ThemeLab Coupon

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Coupon Code: WPB10

ThemeLab have recovered from ashes because its previous owner killed this project entirely and eventually sold. Now ThemeLab offers several awesome themes and we have come up with exclusive coupon to save 10% on your purchase.

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ThemeLab Review

Another science themed shop – always nice to see. I suppose it comes with the line of work; indulging yourself in mathematical logic problems all day. Before we get to the themes, I’ll just go over the prices. One theme will set you back a modest $39 – that’s pretty good, but from Theme Junkie that would have bought us all 39 themes they’ve developed. It puts things in perspective, even when things can seem like a great deal at first, it’s always worth shopping around. Even if Theme Junkie were to only have one theme you like, you’ve got 38 more for free, compared with ThemeLab. Their Pro prices are a bit more familiar; $199 for all themes and a variety of goodies, such as priority support and installation for free. Moving up to the glorified VIP All-Access package, for $150 more, you can buy lifetime support instead of just one year. I’m not sure that’s $150 worth of products. All depends on how difficult their themes are to use, I suppose?

Onto the themes. The Executive theme is a really nice theme, but it’s a bit like everything else. That means it is the same old colour blocks with large text, circular icons, etc. This time though, it goes a bit beyond that; there is a nice big section at the bottom with recent blog posts, set out horizontally so it is easy to read. Features like that are very forgiving in the land of hyper-minimalism which seems to be the land of new, business like themes for selling apps and the suchlike. Their themes advertise appealing compatibility solutions, like cross-browser and mobile device optimization, with the built in feature of a customizable layout. All of these points are nicely shown under the demo button. The site itself knows how to sell themes well.

They have four main theme categories which show their big four markets; blogging, business, church and magazine. For a company which only seems to have six themes, this is quite varied. I wonder what sets a church theme apart from the rest; it looks a bit generic, really so maybe that’s it? $199 for six themes… You’re far better off checking out GavickPro. They have themes which are similar (albeit better) and you get a lot, lot more for your money. One thing I will say for them is that they keep their blog up to date very often. One post a day shows up most of the developers around here. Maybe concentrate efforts on knocking out a few more themes and save the blog posts for later?

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