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About ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse offer easy to use WordPress themes which come fully integrated with desirable features such as SEO Marketing, auto-install and responsive design. The quality ranges from high to low, as to be expected, but when it’s good it’s really good. Take Envision, for example. This would be the perfect theme for marketing a new app or piece of software of any kind. It’s got a hi-res image slider across the top and spaces for small snippets of spec information underneath that. Best of all, it’s got none of the gratuitous features commonly found on business orientated websites, like countless widgets and tickers going off at all angles. It’s fluid but not in the same way a waterfall is, more like a calmly gurgling river.

Another, more complicated, but no less effective theme for selling apps or software is Tapptastic. This clean-cut theme has no automatically moving content whatsoever which is a welcome break from the demo I clicked in Mojo Themes which started up playing music at me with an array of moving images. Not the sort of thing anyone wants to see if they spend 8 hours a day looking at a screen. It’s a peaceful experience, Tapptastic, and I hope to see businesses using it instead of some of the ones they use which either look like a notepad file peppered with grainy stock jpgs or an explosion of vectors in my eyes.

In addition to these appealing themes, they apparently come with a free domain name and site hosting for $69/year. This is the kind of all in one experience a newbie developer wants to see, without having to trawl around for other deals, not quite sure what he/she’s looking for. I’ve not seen a site offering things like this before all as a package, so kudos to them for considering other needs.

ThemeFuse charge a flat monthly rate of $17/month for universal access to their creations. The kicker is that it costs $199 up front before you get the luxury of paying them $17 per month. If you want variety, quality and affordability, you might be better off elsewhere, really. They do, however, graciously offer a service they call Test Labs which is like a playground for developers where they can play around with the themes and see what works best for them. I don’t see this around often, so that’s another plus point for them. The only thing that’s really missing is a whole load of cool themes, which is a little disappointing that there’s only a few which really stand out from the thousands of others I’ve looked at recently.

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