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Theme Junkie Review

They are offering a deal which works out nicely at $39 for 39 themes. I’ve looked through all of them and there aren’t that many surprises; after you’ve seen five you’ve not seen all of their themes as such, just all of their tricks. There’s nothing wrong with the themes, at all. They’re visually pleasing, suitably minimal where appropriate and business-like. The news styles ones are a little busy, but I’ve come to learn that maybe that’s what’s needed for a news site.

Some of the themes, such as Freshlife just turn out looking like low-end marketing themes, which you would see crammed full of SEO optimized articles complete with articles on how to SEO optimize your texts. It’s all a bit unprofessional in places, but maybe that is the look some places are going for? Themes like Scroller are a bit like those offered by iThemes; the full page, colour-blocks with five words per screen and one large-scale icon of a rocket, or something.

Theme Junkie seems like it’s just another theme site in a long line of similar vendors, but that’s no bad thing when you see the prices. All of the themes for $39 is fantastic. Like I’ve said before, if you’re indecisive, then you should go for something along these lines. With their plugins to boot, which are actually free and allow you to customize the themes, you’d not go far wrong with a package like this. The only problem is that they don’t really stand out from the crowd. It’s a bit of a shame that so many firms put all their time and energy into creating fresh themes just to find they look the same of everyone else’s.

In my time of browsing thousands of different themes, I’ve noticed that they are sometimes quite similar. The creators of Theme Junkie should also give a few days’ time away to trawling around, looking at themes and getting some inspiration which is a little fresher than what they have at the moment. All in all, though; their themes are functional, cheap and you can get a free plugin too, ‘Theme Junkie Custom CSS’, which lets you edit the existing themes they sell.

Theme Junkie seem like they are far too busy to keep the blog updated, posts only coming in once a month or less. At least this is a little different in the forum, which is refreshingly not a premium feature for support only, like some sites offer. This forum has sections for comments and suggestions showing the progressive nature of the site. Always nice to see.

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