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Get 25% off Soliloquy, a powerful WordPress slider plugin to create awesome and fully responsive sliders. It is a highly customizable slider with multiple predefined layouts, color schemes and much more.

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Soliloquy Review

Soliloquy is a tool which allows the user to make effective media sliders for WordPress sites. They can be put together in just a few seconds, making that a quick and easy job for the developer with not much time to mess around. The licenses vary in price based on how many add-ons you would like. The basic package costs $19, reduced from $29, and gets you full access to Soliloquy, unlimited slider usage, plugin updates, access to the documentation, one year of support over email but none of the basic or dynamic add-ons. For $99 you can get priority support and the basic plugins. The top-end package costs $249 and gives you the Dynamic add-on as well.

Soliloquy is responsive, meaning that it fits any screen size it is presented with. I tested it out, resizing my browser. It works nicely, as promised. It includes SEO tools and can be used, apparently, by absolutely anyone. The Dynamic add-on goes a step further and works with WordPress 3.5 and newer. There is a video demo on the homepage showing just how easy it is to create a slider on the fly. It is easy and instant, that’s for sure. Going into the application on WordPress, you create a gallery with the pictures you’d like to use. Using an easy short-code, you can type it in on a new post, referencing the gallery’s ID. When you publish the post, there it is, a slider. You can edit all sorts of aspects of the slider, like how quickly the frames move, the metadata in the images, and more.

As well as the slider, you will get a ton of tutorials and documentation, helping you set it up from scratch. Soliloquy seems so simple that it might not even be needed. It’s good they included it just in case, to make sure everyone could use it. The dynamic add-on just seems to be an easier to use version of the original Soliloquy tool. If you were to buy a basic, single use license and Soliloquy Dynamic add-on, it would set you back $38. Things start to get expensive when you explore the range of plugins they offer besides Dynamic, which are only available as a bulk purchase along with the Developer or Professional license.

If you want to create sliders but are finding that other tools aren’t quite cutting it, Soliloquy seems like a great thing to look into, but it can get expensive quickly when you want more add-ons. That said, the basic license is only $19, so try it out. If you don’t like it you can have all your money back if you claim before 14 days are up.

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