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About Obox

Right, this is more like it. I had to take some time looking through a whole bunch of their demos to just soak it all in. These guys got everything right. Their themes look hyper-professional without looking dull. Absolutely anyone could use any of their themes for any purpose and it would end up looking brilliant, as if it were made for the job. They look simultaneously fit for eCommerce, portfolios, start-ups and bloggers. They are $79 each, but it’s really no object when you could adapt any one theme for anything you like.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Obox are a very small team of designers. I wish they would just go ahead and design the whole internet, because this is how I hope it will look in a few years. You can tell the themes are going to be great as soon as you go on the site. Their web design is stunning and their website is a joy to look at since it is so tremendously clean-cut and perfectly formed.

They divide their themes into six categories: eCommerce, business, blogging, photography, portfolio and video. All of these categories contain amazing themes, I can’t stress how brilliant this site is. They also offer one free theme, which will make your WordPress site look a little like Tumblr. Not in a bad way, just in a very simple sort of way. The only thing I can say about these themes is that they are very, very nice. You should go and see for yourself.

Onto the plugins…

Obox have a mobile plugin, which seems to boast the ability to convert any site into a responsive layout theme, which is optimized for mobile devices. Nice. And WooThemes thought they were getting one over on the competition by offering that built into their themes. Obox’s themes are a lot nicer anyway which can justify the price of the plugin ($79), in my opinion. In addition to this paid plugin, they also have one which integrates WordPress and Instagram, two giants of the internet. It allows the user to create tiled galleries which look a little like a modern version of a Roman mosaic; heavily filtered, of course.

Another free plugin they provide is the Launchpad landing page, which includes a countdown timer. It’s not as creative as GarickPro’s coloured-liquid-in-4-test-tubes design, but it certainly does the job and works with any site hosted on WordPress. It also has a fluid layout which is optimized for use on any mobile device. It has the added appeal of a news widget, so when users go on the site they aren’t just greeted with a blank, mysterious countdown, they can see news updates on the status of the development too.

Obox are possibly one of my favourite companies. Their prices are a little high, but only a little when the sheer quality is taken into consideration. Add to this the free theme and a few free plugins; they seem to be the nice guys of the world of themes.

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