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Mojo Themes Coupon

Mojo Themes Benner
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Mojo Themes is second larger theme marketplace with thousands of premium themes available. Now you can save 15% on all Mojo Themes using Colorlib coupon code.

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About Mojo Themes

It might just be over exposure to theme sites, but I was lulled into passivity the moment their landed page loaded. With figures and thumbnails all over the place, bright coloured buttons and 10 different fonts, the page was either engineered to dazzle or induce headaches.

Similar to ThemeForest, Mojo Themes acts as a marketplace for different artists as opposed to a cohesive unit of programmers and designers like GavickPro does. Right off the bat you can realize that this means a few things: too many themes to take in at once; a huge variation in quality; a whole load of trash.

It didn’t take long to prove my last assumption and find some pretty messy examples of what should be clean cut business websites. Mojo Themes aren’t wholly to blame, considering that they are just curators. There’s a lot of variety out there for a whole load of different platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla and Tumblr, but they didn’t market them very well. We get tiny rectangle thumbnails which often bear no resemblance to the demo of the site at all. The layout is a total mess, but there is something to be gained from the site, after all.

There are some very beautiful themes, and I shouldn’t have been so harsh from the outset. Tavira is a creative portfolio design with an image slider showing two images side by side each frame. This is a great feature for if you want to show contrast, and an excellent artistic tool to be exploited by photographers and artists.

If you want cohesion and quality, I’d suggest checking out Graph Paper Press, Bluchic and GavickPro. A combination of all of these little developers blows Mojo Themes out of the water in a big way. Even though you can buy themes individually for around $50, allowing you to pick and choose, if you are buying more than two you might as well get the entirety of Gavick’s back catalogue for $99 and skip the messing around.

There isn’t much to say about a site which doesn’t seem to have any style which gels the effort together, so I’ll leave it at this: there are much better companies you can be spending your money on who have a far more personal approach.

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