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ManageWP Review

This is a good tool for the developer who is struggling to keep up to date with a few different WordPress sites. It allows remote access from an external interface so you can just update everything at once at the tap of a screen. It also allows you to monitor the up and downtime your website is experiencing, in order for you to know if you have to fix the problem. This comes with the feature of monitoring when you get most traffic so you know the best time to post new content.

This isn’t just for remote updating; it does a variety of useful things, including SEO optimization, without the cost of buying that separately. You can see statistics from Google, SEOMoz, Twitter, Facebook and more. It incorporates keyword rankings so you can update your posts to ride with the times and increase the amount of hits your pages get. Combined with Google Analytics, this is a very powerful tool to monitor performance.

To make sure your website is backed up properly, you might have to go through a set of long processes if you don’t have a tool for it. ManageWP automatically backs up your site when you schedule it to, so you’ll never have to worry about doing it manually. You can store it on Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, FTP or an email account.

There is also a clone tool included, allowing you to rapidly replicate a website and then micro-edit the content so it is a whole new site in minutes. There’s no need to build a site from scratch if the other one was great, so just duplicate it straight away by using this tool. You can save sites as templates for easier use next time.

If content management is proving to be a difficult task to stay on top of, you can use ManageWP to publish bulk posts to different sites, without having to login to each site individually. This saves a lot of time and effort and also lets you schedule the dates and times new content will appear.

ManageWP use secure encryption to ensure the safety of all your managed websites. There would be no need to worry about malicious scripts, malware or spam, since ManageWP easily roots the cause out and from there you will know how to get rid of it without it getting to a stage where it causes problems. It acts as a first line of defense against threats, and even has two a factor authentication for the ManageWP login process, meaning that it will be difficult for anyone to access the program apart from you. Security would otherwise be a big issue on a program which allows you to control multiple sites at once, but this tool has got it covered.

Amongst the range of features, ManageWP doesn’t look at all confusing. It seems intuitive and helpful, which is definitely what you need if you have a whole load of WordPress sites which need attending to regularly. Managing updates, backups, content and security would be a real headache if it had to be done to every single site you own. It is perfect for the tech department of businesses, and also for the business department because it allows them to monitor traffic density and SEO popularity in order to optimize the site to the best of their ability using great quality analytics software.

The cost is a monthly subscription, but not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. It costs $0.57 per website per month, which is nothing, really. For small businesses who want more features it goes to $1.71 per month and to large SEO based companies intent on getting the best it is $3.43 per website per month, with some nice discounts if you sign up for a year or two. This program certainly looks worth getting. It has a lot of useful things going on. Personally, I wouldn’t need this just to manage what I have, but for big businesses I’d say that this or something similar to this is pretty much vital.

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