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Introduction is a theme website that is used primarily by big name companies. Major corporations like the Food Network, KFC, Walmart, Sheel, BMW, etc. are all customers of this technologically astounding website theme provider. Have you ever wished you could have a fantastic website design like these major popular organizations? Well, now you can!

The main objective of Magazine3, according to their homepage, is “to understand what large websites uses and we provide those features to normal users at a low price.” This should be the motto of every website that produces various themes that customers are searching for: Quality content at an affordable price! With over 8,000 customers, it’s easy to see why Magazine3 is one of many sites paving the way for other theme providers.

Homepage’s homepage is an example of just what the site has to offer. In the middle of the page, the user will find a gray bar labeled “Navigate.” This bar contains buttons that can be clicked on. Once these small buttons are clicked, the user is instantly displayed an example of the themes Magazine3 produces. There are three themes on displayed on the homepage alone and they are very professionally done, scrolling from left to right.

The names of these three fabulous themes are Tasty Food, the Stylist, and Design Blog. Each theme is appropriately named, as they are demonstrations of the services provided by each site. As you scroll down the page, you’re instantly taken to a green banner with the words Quick, Easy, Beautiful, and Help. These words indicate the personality of the Magazine3 website, not to mention the overall characterization each theme has to offer…simple to use, affordable, and visually compelling.

Once you continue scrolling, you’ll then find what satisfied customers are saying about Magazine3. The holders of these theme range from co-founders of major corporations all the way to ordinary people who are trying to make their dreams come true through an awesome website. This leads down to the site even imploring to the user four reasons why they should use Magazine3. These reasons are as follows: responsive friendly layouts that fit well to handheld devices, take advantage of modern technologies like HTML & CSS3, our customer support team will install the theme on your site for free, and total control over your website’s design!

Lastly, at the bottom of the homepage, there are links to every other topic the site has to offer potential customers including links to social media and RSS feeds. When the user clicks on the Twitter icon, they are instantly taken to the Twitter account of the founder and CEO of Matt Kaludi, who is based in Hyderabad, India and has almost 830 followers! His Twitter handle is @m3themes. When the user clicks on the Magazine3’s Facebook icon, they’re taken to the Facebook page of Magazine3, which is liked by over 2300 people!


The themes provided on this site are very elaborate, professional, and modern. There are numerous examples of website themes that resemble websites of some of the most powerful and influential franchises in the world. On this page, there are exactly 28 themes and they are all categorized by type. Some of these types are Entertainment, Gaming, Technology, and even Food!


Prices are also discussed on the Magazine3 website! Potential customers can use any one of the five offers Magazine3 has to offer. These offers are the Single, the SinglePro, the Single Pro+Psd, the Multiple, and the MultiplePro! The Single offer includes lifetime support, lifetime updates, documentation and tutorials, free installation, a Logo PSD file, and single site usage that must be used on one domain. All this can be purchased for $49. At $59, the SinglePro offer includes all of this, except you are granted the ability to remove the footer link. Next at $69, the Single Pro+Psd includes everything in SinglePro, but it has Photoshop files of layout elements. The Multiple offer, which is $99, involves everything in the Single. The only reason it is more expensive is because it is geared towards large networks. Finally, at $129, the MultiplePro offers the same thing as the Single Pro+Psd, but it is more expensive because it is geared towards large networks.

FAQ and Contact Pages

The Frequently Asked Questions page is littered with questions on how to effectively use the sites, links, widgets, and layouts offered by Magazine3. Questions range from topics like WordPress compatibility, Paypal payment options, license keys, tutorials, and even support. The answers to the questions relating to these topics are on this page as well for the customer’s convenience.


In conclusion, is a wonderfully fantastic theme disburser that offers the latest in innovative, modern blogs and website themes. The site is quick and very easy to use. It offers a fantastic array of multimedia websites with multi-functional layouts that can be purchased and downloaded at the speed of light. If you’re looking for an elaborate theme site that’s trusted by media giants like the Food Network, KFC, and Walmart, then Magazine3 is the ideal site for you.

Basic Facts about

  • Registered Country: Hyderabad, India
  • Founders: Matt Kaludi
  • Founded: December 11, 2010
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