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About iThemes

Not only does iThemes offer a whole range of themes for just about anything you could want, they give the user a lot of creative control over how they customize them after purchase. Amongst their huge variety of plugins, tutorials and other web-based goodies, they offer their flagship product, Builder. Depending on the features you want, Builder costs between $80 and $197, the latter price including 140 themes to boot. It is a design tool aimed at those who cannot code for flashy customization of the Builder-supported themes. Since iThemes seem to care a lot about Builder, there are loads of themes which it can be used with.

iThemes explain that Builder uses responsive design, as with MyThemeShop, this is an added compatibility for mobile and tablet devices, ensuring the page display correctly, universally. Builder includes a layout editor and a style manager, reducing the idea of the theme to just a starting point to base your creativity from. Builder sounds a lot like the Tesla Framework offered by TeslaThemes, but a more expensive, standalone version.

Many of iThemes’ offerings are very, very minimalistic. They seem to have resigned themselves to the idea that everyone is going to use Builder to do what they want anyway, so there’s no point for them to do much apart from picking a font family and colour palette. This is a little bit disappointing if you want to get a theme which is perfect right out of the box, because iThemes make quite basic themes. Maybe they are just making it look too easy, but they almost look unprofessional in a professional sort of way. Well, when you can edit just about everything in Builder, what’s the point, right?

Navigating iThemes’ site is very easy, and it would also be suitable for those with a visual impairment as the text is absolutely huge in places. Amongst the screen-filling titles and block colour menus, there lies a wealth of plugins. The first on the list is one called Exchange. It is marketed as free, but there are two paid-for packages which are $197 and $247, depending on whether you want other plugins with it as well, as part of the package. Exchange looks like a very simple eCommerce plugin, which lets the user quickly upload products, set prices and post it on their site. I’m just wondering how much of this functionality is viable when using the free one, considering that the paid version is so expensive. The free one, like most of its kind, is probably an impotent demo version which makes the user pine it’s premium rate sibling.

Then there’s Sync, which you can have a free trial of for 30 days if you like. It says it can remotely manage your plugins and themes on a number of sites from one place. For up to 10 sites, you can have it for $25/year. Not quite as expensive as I’d have imagined, after looking at their other products. They offer so many plugins; it’s probably not worth delving into all of them. One which seems to crop up a lot though, even when browsing rival plugin and theme shops, is Backup Buddy. It’s like a virtual flash drive to store the content of your website. It lets you move the website, in full, between domain names and lets you keep a backup of your much loved site for if anything should happen to it. It seems like a useful thing to have, which would explain the hype.

Overall, iThemes seem great – they might have shot themselves in the foot a little bit though, since they obviously put more effort into creating and marketing Builder than they did in their themes. This means that if you want to get great results, you can’t just pick up one of their themes because they are pretty much blank canvases.

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