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GavickPro is among the leading Joomla and WordPress theme developers with over 80 different design variations. They themes are worth every penny but we made sure that you can get 10% Off by using our coupon code.

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Short GavickPro Review

GavickPro are based in the Polish mountains and have designers working for them all over the world. They started off making Joomla templates in 2007, but, having gained a large amount of respect from the online community, branched out into making templates for WordPress not long after that. Since they are a reasonably small company, they promise personal customer service which is readily available; this company seems like a breath of fresh air compared to the manic ThemeForest, which has a huge output and not much regulation of what’s going on. GavickPro seem to have a handle on things.

Their templates are beautifully glossy. Either these guys must agonize over every tiny detail or they must find it so easy. They make it look easy, that’s for sure. They offer a lot of scope for both Joomla and WordPress, with templates for cloud storage businesses, restaurants, freelance photographers and more. They seem to be tapping into the niches which other template designers fail to notice. Just seeing some of these themes would be enough to make someone want to set up a cloud storage website, knowing nothing about it.

Every month, GavickPro release a free ghost theme. This is quite similar to ThemeForest’s promotion efforts, but this theme is far better than the free one on ThemeForest. Not to mention, actually, there are also a few themes on GavickPro’s website which are free all of the time. One of them is a simple online journal or news site template, for Joomla. It’s functional, but as with all of their free templates, they’re all a bit plain… as in, mostly white.

The way GavickPro go about selling their templates is by getting you to sign up to their site for a certain amount of time. The times and costs vary but it isn’t that expensive considering that you are being given an all-you-can-download pass to the whole of Gavick’s premium theme library, for both Joomla and WordPress. You can gain lifetime access for €99, meaning that you could keep up to date and have everything GavickPro ever make for just €99. That is brilliant value, compared to some of the themes on ThemeForest which were $80 for one. ThemeForest is debatably any better or worse than the selection of great themes on Gavick’s site – but it is $80 for one, not many.

The subscription system of purchase is really appealing because when you buy one theme, it’s a one-off. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem and you need to buy another one instead. With GavickPro, they promise support and choice so you can get help setting the theme up; tweaking it how you like and making it look perfect. They care about your needs, so it seems. If you don’t like one theme, you can always download a different one. There are plenty to choose from and you can tweak them so they’re perfect. If you don’t know where to start, don’t just buy any old theme; buy a subscription to GavickPro and you’re not likely to go wrong.

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