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Short Gabfire Review

Gabfire offers mostly newspaper and personal themes, with a few exceptions of their photography, food and wedding designs. While they are definitely functional and would do the job just fine, the news ones especially are packed full of features in such a way they are either immersive or too busy; it’s a very fine line.

The photography theme is very simple and effective, but as you scroll down the page it becomes cluttered with hyperlinks and different text boxes which don’t really need to be there. Of course, the themes are customizable and this sort of thing could be ironed out, but only if you are willing to purchase their incredibly expensive support packages. The themes come in two price ranges, standard pack and developer’s pack. The difference is that the developer’s pack comes with 3 bonus themes. How does that make it for developers? That’s a little bit of a mystery – maybe one which can be solved by paying $399 for Gabfire to install your theme for you? Possibly not.

The installation services range between $199 and $399, depending on how much help you will need. Compared to GavickPro and even Mint Themes, this is a ridiculous price for one theme when you can get full access and great quality universal support for a fraction of the price from Gavick and Mint.

One good thing about Gabfire is that they do offer a free theme. However, they will give you no help if you don’t know what to do with it after you’ve got it, which probably puts most of their buyers off instantly. Businesses shouldn’t assume there are just two types of people; those with money to burn and those who know how to install and customize themes on WordPress.

Even their relatively nice themes like Stockholm, described inaccurately as ‘minimalist’, they ruin by stuffing it full of enough widgets to give you a headache. The layouts and fonts look like default WordPress designs which really doesn’t reflect well on a company which charges so much. Their theme, Patterns, which is apparently the result of a long, laborious process based on comments, opinions and feedback, looks great at first glance. As you start scrolling down and clicking into the links and pictures you realize that it is, as with their others, quite overwhelming and busy. This might be a great feature if someone wants a selection of news, right there in their face, but it’s not the way I choose to consume my news, which is in a careful and calculated manner.

All of this said, they will certainly have their market. The sites are very functional and have plenty of common features which are useful. The thing is that they just don’t look very pretty to me. Maybe I’m obsessed with aesthetics or maybe they need to step their game up. Either way, there are far better themes out there, priced at much more reasonable rates.

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