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Save on their Startup Design Framework, Flat UI Pro, Square UI and Bricks UI kits with our awesome coupon code. Designmodo doesn’t have many product but all of them are outstanding with great design and functionality.

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Designmodo Review

Designmodo are a small team of designers, coming from a variety of European countries to New York, which they believe to be a source of their creative energy. The main product they offer is called Startup, which seems to be simple, modular framework which allows the user to create websites in chunks, having full control over the position of the pieces of the puzzle.

Along with a video demonstration of Startup, Designmodo have extensively put together examples of the tool’s finished work. All of them look great, it seems like using Startup is the perfect way to get that blocky, simple look which some many sites have adopted these days. The tool costs $249, which is to be expected in comparison with sites offering similar plugins.

The sites created by Startup are retina ready and responsive, so they will cope with future technological updates and adjust their layouts to fit any screen size, because the framework is laid out in a grid style, where the designer can put pieces of anything they like. For example, a header, a piece of text, an image, a piece of text, a video and then a footer; all one after the other, as you scroll through.

Another product they offer, Square UI is a way to get the ever-popular flat design, which can be seen on so many sites. It is characterized, as I said earlier, by big blocks of colour, simple text and icons. It looks clean and professional and allows the user to focus on the site’s, not the other things going on. Square UI is the perfect tool because it contains what is theoretically an infinite number of themes, based around a huge amount of components and modules you can slot into the grid of your site. It seems like a baby version of Startup and only costs $39.

Their site is not purely there to sell you things; it is there to teach, also. It offers a lot of tutorials on coding and using their products, which is a thoughtful addition from people who must be very busy. I was pleased to see a section labelled ‘freebies’, which backed up my assumption that the creators were all-over nice guys. The freebies section includes little graphics, a free version of Square UI and even some free themes which work with Startup and Square. Well, maybe they are purely here to sell you things after all… Or at least encourage you to buy something. Who can blame them?

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