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BluChic specializes in creating gorgeous template design for female business and website owners. Use our exclusive code to receive a 15% discount of any theme.

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About Bluchic

Bluchic are aiming squarely at businesses owned by women, both by self-admission and by the feminine touch their designs all have. Is this alienating half of the market? Yes, but it is also maximizing its online impact by appealing incredibly effectively to what might be a minority in the world of web development. Entitled after the name of women, types of herbal tea or precious gemstones, these themes are undeniably floral and charming. Their use of hand-drawn fonts and cute little embellishments will appeal to the gourmet food blogger and the vendor of homemade dresses alike.

Each theme comes with suggestions for the types of people who should uses their themes. Obscurities include female coaches, party planners, wedding bloggers and vendors of paper stationary. This is yet more evidence that Bluchic are aiming for the untapped side of the market which is likely to be the first thing that pops up if anyone searches ‘paper stationary eCommerce theme for girls’ in Google. Their paid themes are either $79 or $109, depending on whether you want to pay a little more for the business card template, newsletter set and social media matching designs. These are neat little add-ons, the likes of which I haven’t seen before elsewhere.

As well as the premium designs, which are very appealing indeed, they also have put out a set of freebies. The Felice theme is a landing page which says that the full site will soon be up and ready, as opposed to a full theme. That’s a bit disappointing. What’s going to happen when the full site is up and running? There’s no matching full version of the theme, meaning that the site design would change totally. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want that. There’s no arguing with the price though.

Another freebie which Bluchic offer is a kit of Photoshop files which allows the user to design bold cover photos for Facebook, inserting text and layering up the files they download. This should be put in the almost-freebies section, since you have to pay with a tweet for it. Almost as nice as their other, paid-for themes, the free Adelle theme is a minimal but very nice personal blog theme which you don’t even have to shell out a single tweet for. Even the dummy text makes for an interesting read – no lorem ipsum in sight here.

Return of the lorem ipsum; my favourite premium theme from Bluchic is probably the Jaqueline theme. The typesetting and the proportions are just right to draw equal attention between the text and the photographs on the image slider below the heading. The Hailey theme is also a great one for home and garden style blogs, whether they are eCommerce or personal enthusiast style sites, they would look great with this theme. Is it just me or is the background meant to look like simplified old fashioned bathroom tiles?

I have a lot to say about Bluechic. It is a brave enterprise because, as I said, it is cutting off half of the market in hopes of maximizing the other half. This is no bad thing when the themes look so great and well suited to the niche subjects they are designed for.

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