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authentic themes coupon

Coupon Code: WPXPLRR25

Authentic Themes created by AJ Clarke but since this project is discontinued and most effort is moved towards WPExplorer but Authentic Themes still has its own client base and if you are one of them then why not to grab this 25% discount?

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Short Authentic Themes Review

Where have I seen that font they use in their title before? I swear that 80% of theme vendors use that font in their header… That is, in their spare time, when they aren’t eliminating spaces from their company name. Enough mockery, these themes are absolutely stunning. Even the free one looks better than most of the themes I’ve seen which could cost up to $129 each. These themes are offered for the incredible rate of $40, for the entire theme library. When you see the themes for yourself, you’ll need to take a little time to let it sink in like I did.

News themes always seem to look pretty cluttered. After the nightmares I unearthed on Gabfire, I’m so happy to have found one which looks like a real website looks. Simply called ‘news’, this theme is minimalistic and easy on the eyes. There aren’t any manic media sliders and no animations in sight. I’m sure, like everything, most people don’t want to be distracted when they are reading just by a graphic moving around.

Their theme ‘myParallax’ is a visually stunning theme which emphasizes everything at once without it looking crowded. The blog section is nicely formulated, as to give the text precedence. Some themes would have you thinking that text doesn’t even need to exist anymore; it can be substituted by prices, pictures and logos. This theme admits that reading is still something people do when they’re on the internet, and I’m proud of it for that.

Searching for their most business-y one, I think that ‘agency’ comes into that category nicely. And again, so clean cut and sleek. I think this theme vendor is the best one I’ve ever seen, simply because they really understand the patterns the users’ eyes will make and how far they want to scroll and how much text should take up how much space. Their themes seem to have a psychological level to them which works on your perception and enhances your experience of the website. Scientists should really look into that, it’d be a lucrative market.

As I said before, you can get every theme they’ve ever made for $40. This is the most basic of packages, giving you just the themes and none of the resources, updates, support or GPL 2.0. Their most expensive package is a $250 one-time payment, giving the customer full access to the themes, the resources, the support, tutorials GPL 2.0 and the full range of updates. It doesn’t seem so bad. That kind of deal of Graph Paper Press is going for through-the-roof rates. I’d be happy settling with the $40, since I don’t really fit into the category of ‘Lifetime Developer’. But hey, you might be different.

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