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A List of Fabulous 20 Desktop Mockups

Are you looking for an excellent quality desktop computer mockup to showcase your design work? If you are, then today you have come to the right place. In this post, we have accumulated 20 fabulous desktop mockups that can meet your needs perfectly.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these mockups.

Desktop Mockup PSD

This desktop PSD mockup can help you create previews with a professional and realistic look. It includes isolated elements and transparent background that help you create your own scenes. The pre-made scenes can speed your process. The kit includes 16 PSD files and 4K UHD images. Its high resolution helps you create close-ups and detailed previews of your design work. In a nutshell, this is an ideal kit for iOS App Design, UI UX presentation, and website showcase.

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Clay Desktop Mockup

This Clay Desktop Mockup is best for creating clean and minimal app preview designs. It includes 17 high-resolution PSD files, all are easily editable and have photorealistic effects. Editing the templates is easy, thanks to its smart object option. Get this mockup kit now and use it for showcasing your app design with a realistic and professional look.

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Desktop Mockups Bundle

Now you can present your website design with realistic appearances. Do you know how? Use this desktop mockup. The mockup includes 3 high-resolution fully layered PSD files. You can customize the design, adjust shadows and light effects according to your needs and preference. Thanks to the smart object option, the whole process of editing the mockup is super easy. If you find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with this in a PDF format.

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Macbook – Desktop Mockup Creator

Create your own desktop environment scene with this Macbook Desktop Mockup Creator. You can use Macbook, Cinema Display, PC Monitor and more to get the environment you need. The mockup is useful for header presentations, website design presentations, gallery presentations and more. Its resolution is quite high. So, you have a lot of pixels to play with! If you are a web designer, use this mockup to preview your web designs in a professional and photorealistic way.

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New Desktop Mockup Pack

This desktop mockup pack includes 5 high-resolution PSD files. If you are looking for the best mockup to create web templates, website header or anything creative, then this mockup pack is perfect for you. It has a fresh perspective that makes your designs look stunning. All the PSD files come with Smart Object feature. Simply edit the smart object and save your design. In just a few clicks your final design will be ready. Grab this awesome desktop mockup pack now!

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Responsive Desktop Mockup

This Responsive Desktop Mockup design will save you time and make your presentation look simply fantastic. It includes 5 PSD files, each having well-organized structures. Editing the templates is easy too. You can easily replace the design with your creative work, thanks to the smart objects. Just double click the smart layer, copy and paste your design, hit save, and your work is done. If you find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with it.

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Desktop Mockups

Are you a website developer or app UI designer? If you are, then you can now showcase your app or web design in a professional way. This pack of desktop mockups has a detailed design that is useful or responsive web and app design. The set includes both website screens for web and app design and app screenshot mockups. It is a set of 6 high-resolution PSD files, all are equally easy to edit. You can present your design with various angle shots and light settings. Every time you edit the mockups, you get photorealistic results.

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Desktop Mockup Creator V2

Use this mockup set and create a realistic desktop environment scene in just a few clicks. With this, you can present your design on 5 different devices – iPhone 6 Plus, iMac, Macbook, iPad Air 2 and PC Display. These devices come with Color variations: Black, White and Gold for iPhone 6 Plus and Silver, Grey, and Gold for Macbook. 4 premade scenes are already there in the set. You can edit the design as per your needs and preference. Editing can be quick and easy with Smart Object Replacement for all objects that have been designed to be replaced.

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Desktop Display Mockups

This is a set of 5 high-resolution PSD files. All the mockups are fully customizable and provide you photorealistic results. You can present website and app design in a professional manner with these desktop display mockups. In other words, these mockups are highly useful for web and app designers. If you face any difficulty using the mockups, go through the help file that comes with the set.

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Desktop Mockup Volume .2

This set displays 3 different styled iMac / Desktop mockups, perfect for showcase website design and artwork with realistic effects. The mockup files include Smart Object feature that helps you change the design in just a few seconds. You can also add or remove reflection and change background as per your project’s needs. Get this mockup set now and present your responsive website design on a desktop to impress your clients.

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iDevices Desktop Mockup Creator

Create photorealistic presentations of your iDevices Desktop in just a few moments. This Mockup is great for showcasing your app, responsive website, pictures and more. You can create your own desktop scene by moving and scaling devices in the mockup. You can also change the background color, adjust shadows and modify effects.It includes 4 fully layered PSD files, all are equally easy to edit. Help file is there to guide you throughout the editing process.

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Desktop Display Mockup PSD

This is perfect for website developers and app UI designers who want to present their app design in a professional way. Based on real iMac scene pictures, this PSD mockup helps developers and designers showcase details and focus on UI design for web and app. With the help of this mockup, both iMac and Apple display is possible. You can adjust light settings and effects as well. Editing the mockup is super easy thanks to its Smart Object feature. Get this mockup now to get photorealistic results.

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iMac / Desktop Screen Mockups

This set of iMac Desktop Screen Mockups is useful for showcasing responsive web design, application design, IG, UI/UX design and photography presentation. It includes fully layered and highly detailed 10 PSD mockups. The clean and properly named PSD files with changeable color help in easy identification of layers designated to be edited by users. Furthermore, it has separated shadows and objects. Automatic reflection is also there. You can adjust light and shadows in opacity.

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13 Desktop Mockups

Fully editable 13 desktop mockups and 5 PSD files are present in this set. Other than the object elements, you can also modify the background. 100% zoom and high dimension make the mockups simply hard to ignore. Are you looking for a desktop mockup that can help you showcase your design in the easiest possible way? Then this set of mockups is ideal for you. Also, you get enough variations to choose from.

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3D Desktop Screen Mockup

Do you want to drive your clients’ attention towards your new website design? Then use this 3D desktop screen mockup. You can present a professional web showcase while saving a lot of time and money. A well-organized arrangement. Art and illustrated images make this mockup simply awesome. It is a pack of 9 high-quality PSD files, all having changeable background. You can change or edit the background and other elements as per your need and choice.

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Desktop Fever Mockup Pack

This mockup pack consists of 4 high-resolution PSD files. The Smart Object feature makes the editing process quick and easy. You can use this mockup pack for creating web templates, website header or anything creative. All the mockups are available with fresh perspectives, making your presentations look stunning. This is a super useful mockup pack that will be perfect for your next project. Get this right now!

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Desktop Creator Mockup

This desktop creator mockup makes creating your own desktop design easy for you. It consists of more than 70 different objects with implemented shadows. You can easily drag and drop the objects and design on scene and get your final work ready. On some of the objects, you can change colors as well. You can use this mockup for header, presentations and website design and more. If you are a web designer, you can preview your web design work in a professional and photorealistic way.

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Desktop Screen Mockup

Present your designs in high-resolution with this iMac Desktop Screen Mockup. Packed with properly named and organized layers, this mockup is simply great for UI design, portfolio, showcase, header images, banner and even for print purposes. Also, it is awesome for light and dark designs. It can make the display glow with just one click. Each PSD File in this pack comes with separated shadows and features like Single Color/Matt Device, Glowing Display, Unlimited Device Color Options and more.

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Realistic iMac / Desktop Screen Mockup

This is a pack of 6 PSD files, great for showing off desktop design, iMac design, and presentations easily. It is easily customizable. You can adjust shadows and light effects as well. You can move, rescale or hide objects as per your choice. The final presentation will surely impress your clients and customers. So, if you think this is perfect for your upcoming projects, get this mockup now!

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Final Thoughts,

Mockups play a crucial role in the product development process. These ensure that a product is tested as a sample before starting of mass production. This can save your company from losing a lot of money. Also, you get to save a huge amount of time on additional customer research. Needless to say, all the above-discussed mockups are such useful ones, especially for website developers and app UI designers. They can preview their apps and web designs in a professional way, showcase details and focus on UI Design for Websites and apps. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite one and enjoy editing. Share your final work with your clients and leave a positive impact on them.

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