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How To Create Graphics with Mockup Scene Creator Bundles

Ьodern web design gives you the opportunities never seen before. With the new popular tools, scene creator bundles, you can create coherent and attractive graphics for websites and social media with Photoshop. In this article, I’ll tell you what mockup scene creators are and how you can work with them.

Create Graphics with Mockup Scene Creator Bundles

What Are Scene Creator Bundles?

A scene creator bundle includes all the elements you need to create your own graphics. Such a bundle includes realistic images of real-life objects, as well as quality background textures. Piecing the backgrounds and objects together, you get good-looking graphics with realistic objects and desired layouts.

You can think of a scene creator bundle as of a large collection of graphical objects, all photographed in a certain style to be compatible one with another. You can just drag-n-drop any of them to your project within Photoshop. You can also adjust the coloring and styles of the objects you add. For a higher degree of realism, scene creator designers preserve the objects’ shadows as a separate layer. These shadows will display well on any background you choose.

Scene Creator Bundles

Reasons to Use Scene Creator Bundles

The popularity of scene creator kits is growing. They give you the degree of freedom never seen before. One kit is completely enough to create all the imagery for a given project or even a couple of them. Here are the main reasons why scene creator bundles are popular:

  • A scene creator doesn’t take an expert to edit. You get a PSD file with all the objects that you can open in Photoshop. First, choose the background you like and add it to your project. Next, choose any objects and drag-n-drop them to the designed places on your canvas.

Reasons to Use Scene Creator Bundles


  • A bundle contains the elements all captured with the same view and lightning. This lets you mix-n-match the elements the way you wish. With limitless drag-n-drop, you’ll build vivid-looking graphics for your website quickly.

vivid-looking graphics

  • All the bundle elements are carefully layered and fully customizable. You can adjust colors, shapes, and shadows. Depending on your bundle, you may even be able to rotate the items.

bundle elements are fully customizable

  • If you’re a more advanced Photoshop user, you can always do some extra customization, like adding semi-transparent gradient overlays over your graphics and more.

semi-transparent gradient overlays


  • With a single bundle, you can create all the graphics for your web project. The elements are neatly divided into categories for your convenience.

elements are neatly divided into categories

How to Find and Use Your Scene Creator Bundle

I’ve got some tips that will help you find and get the most of your scene creator. Here they are:

  • Find a Bundle That Meets Your Needs

To create good-looking graphics, you’ve got to choose a modern kit with high-quality elements. Make sure that the kit you choose is relevant to your website. The majority of objects should fit in with no extra customization. This will make the process of creating graphics much faster.

  • Pick a Realistic Background Texture

Scene creator bundles offer you a number of ready-made backgrounds. Choose a bundle that incorporates realistic and high-quality background textures. Then, use one of those backgrounds to start building your scene. Sometimes, a single color or color gradient will suffice as a background.

  • Be Creative Choosing Your Elements

A single bundle contains hundreds if not thousands of elements. You’ve got to be savvy choosing the ones that work together well. Play with shapes and sizes. Aim at achieving some contrast with the coloring of your elements. Two or three main colors are the rule of the thumb.

Be Creative Choosing Your Elements

All scene creator bundle elements are meant to work together. You can pretty much use the elements out of the box, though some styling options are often available as well.

Of course, the bundles often include pre-designed scenes, which require no effort on your part. You can use one of the pre-made items and get your graphics ready within 5 minutes or even less.

  • Choose The Way You Position Elements

With a scene creator bundle, you gain full creative freedom. There are different ways you can position the elements on the canvas. If you don’t know how to position the elements within a scene, use them to frame your website content. It’s a bulletproof strategy, which allows you to drive more attention to your caption and CTA.

Choose The Way You Position Elements

  • Preserve a Good Amount of Negative Space

Negative or white space is necessary for your graphics not to feel overcrowded. It keeps your text readable and your graphics attractive. If some parts of scene elements run off the canvas, it’s completely okay. Often, it feels more natural this way. What’s more, don’t hesitate to rotate the objects if necessary. Make them 100% fit the scene.

  • Make Sure It’s Consistent

If you’re using the elements from one kit for your project, it’s always OK. If you have a couple of scene creator bundles, combine only those which look similar. Make double-sure, your graphics look consistent in this case. If you’re choosing your first bundle, choose a large one so that you have enough elements for a large number of consistent image scenes.

Make Sure It’s Consistent

Do you want to learn what it takes to create a mockup scene graphics with a bundle? Then, check out this video tutorial that will show you the whole process:

Best Mockup Scene Creator Bundles

These years, online market sizzles with some quality scene creator bundles. I’ve picked the best of them to invite you to enjoy creating coherent graphics yourself!

Scene Creator Bundle Product Mockup

Scene Creator Bundle Product Mockup Meet an amazing all-in-one scene creator bundle with more than 2600 elements and 12 background textures. The bundle includes realistic objects from different categories, such as devices, smartphones, stationery, books, music, technology, accessories, clothing and more. All elements come in multiple positions. You can rotate them up to your liking.

What’s more, Scene Creator Bundle Mockup includes 88 premade scenes that you can add to your project out of the box. Alternatively, you can spend more time customizing a pre-made scene to make it feel your own.

Buy Now

Free Gorgeous Branding Mockup Scene

Free Gorgeous Branding Mockup Scene This is a gorgeous free branding mockup with modern elements and backgrounds. It will help you create eye-friendly graphics that make your web presence more attractive. The bundle includes such realistic elements as bottles, envelopes, brochures, paper clips, pens, etc. All items are well-layered and easy to use. You get one background and one premade scene included.

Buy Now

Pizza Creator & Scene Product Mockup

Pizza Creator & Scene Product Mockup If you need unique graphics for a pizza restaurant or delivery website, use this Pizza Creator scene mockup bundle. With this well-layered bundle and Photoshop, you can create tons of food graphics, featuring different pizzas and ingredients over quality backgrounds.

Pizza Creator Mockup includes a Pizza Creator file, which lets you choose a plate and assemble a new pizza graphics. Moreover, you get additional PSD files with cheese, meat, pepper, vegetables, spices, and other elements. You also get 5 realistic backgrounds and 5 plate options.

Buy Now | Download for Free in ONE

Free Food Mockup Scene Creator

Free Food Mockup Scene Creator Meet this free food scene creator, which includes exciting elements such as fresh veggies, spices, herbs, and all other tasty dish ingredients. Use Photoshop to combine these elements into mouth-watering food scenes that will grab the attention of food enthusiasts. All you have to do is to drag-n-drop the elements of this bundle within your canvas. You get one premade background and one ready-made mockup scene.


Scene Creator v2 Product Mockup

Scene Creator v2 Product Mockup Create your mockup scenes like a pro with the diverse and universal Mockup Scene Creator. This bundle includes 214+ elements from such categories as devices and computers, smart watches and other tech accessories, office supplies and attributes, plants and fruit, sweets, coffee, wine, cosmetics, etc. So, no matter what niche you need graphics for, you’ll find some matching objects within the Scene Creator v2 Bundle. The bundle also includes 14 pre-made scenes to jumpstart your graphics creation process.

Buy Now | Download for Free in ONE

Wrapping Up

With a scene creator bundle, you get the power to create unique realistic graphics that 100% meet the needs of your project. With a single bundle, you can create multiple graphics, using different elements, customizing and rotating them the way you like. As all the elements and backgrounds within a bundle have the same style, a single scene creator bundle is enough to create a distinct visual appearance of your brand on the web.

Have you ever tried scene creator tools before?

Share your thoughts in the Comments.

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