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Configurator Theme Review FT
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Configurator Review – Create Unique Online Shops with Customizable Products

If you want to create an effective ecommerce store, then it’s vital that you choose the right theme. However, it’s not enough to simply choose the most popular theme. Instead, you should choose the theme that’s the best match for your business, products, and target audience. To help you simplify the process of finding the perfect theme, our Configurator review will introduce you to a high-quality and versatile WordPress eCommerce theme that can easily be customized to suit your needs.

Not only is this theme easy to personalize, but it’s the first theme to include the product configurator tool. We’ll cover the details of this powerful tool in more detail later on in this hands-on Configurator review. However, to give you a quick overview, it’s a tool that can help you publish customizable or configurable products on your WordPress ecommerce store, letting your customers create their own versions of your products.

Due to the flexible nature of this theme, no matter what products you’re selling or who your ideal customer is, you should be able to build a suitable online shop with the Configurator theme.

Who Should Choose the Configurator Theme?

To provide the necessary ecommerce functionality, this theme is built around the WooCommerce plugin. Therefore, if you’re creating an online shop with WordPress – or giving your existing store an upgrade – this Configurator review should be of great interest.

Unlike some ecommerce themes, this one really can be used to create almost any type of store. With prebuilt demos that are suitable for a range of different products and audiences, you’re sure to find one that’s right for your project.

However, if you do need to make any changes to any of the theme demos, it’s not a problem with the Configurator theme. With a premium page builder included as standard and lots of other useful features, this is a highly flexible WooCommerce theme. So let’s get started by checking out the best ecommerce features of this WordPress theme.

Configurator WordPress Theme Features

This Configurator review will now look at the main ecommerce features, before moving on the more general features.

Ecommerce Features

With a powerful product configurator tool and many pre-built store demos, as you’ll soon see, this is an impressive theme.

Unique Product Configurator Tool

Do you want to give your customers the ability to customize your products before they make a purchase? If so, then this theme includes a purpose-built plugin for allowing shoppers to personalize their own products. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium Configurator plugin, you can easily sell products that can be tailored at your store. A great example of this would be a pair of shoes with customizable colors and logos.

Configurator Shoe Customizer

Create Configurable Products

Whatever type of product you’re selling, there’s a chance it can be customized. If this applies to one of your products, then you can now easily make it possible for your shoppers to order personalized items from your store. The interface for defining how your products can be customized is very simple to use with this tool. Shoppers should also find carrying out the customization work straightforward, hopefully encouraging more of them to use this feature.

Product Editor Tool

With this theme, you also get a lot of control over how your regular products are displayed. Making changes large and small to the product displays on your website is very intuitive with the included Configurator plugin and other features of this ecommerce theme. You can even choose from a selection of different skins to quickly apply a new look to your products.

Visual Canvas User Interface

Thanks to the visual editor of this tool, you can use the drag-and-drop interface to customize your products. With the ability to add multiple layers to your product displays, you can really take control over how your inventory is presented. You can also define how the product photos look, increasing your chances of generating sales with a stylish design. There’s also a visual canvas tool, making this an impressive plugin for those who want to create a unique ecommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

As the Configurator plugin is a premium tool, it would cost you $49 to purchase it for your site. But with this theme, it’s included at no extra cost. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the first and only theme to include this plugin as part of its package.

Panorama Skin Add-on

Another powerful tool in the Configurator theme package is the Panorama Skin Add-on. You can see this tool in action and what it can do on the plugin website. However, if you really want full control over the design of your store, it’s worth a closer look.

Ecommerce Store Demos

One of the best features of the Configurator theme is its selection of ecommerce demos. Each demo is a complete ecommerce store that can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. Once you’ve chosen a demo, all you need to do is change the placeholder text and upload your product descriptions.

Configurator Store Demos

Of course, as we’ll see later in this Configurator review, you can easily customize the demo content. However, if you just want to launch your ecommerce store as quickly as possible, and worry about the customization work later, this theme has lots of great demos to choose from. Here are some of the best options for creating an online shop with WordPress and the Configurator theme:

Shoe Store Ecommerce Demo

Configurator Sneaker Demo

If you want to create an online store selling sneakers or shoes, then this demo is ready to go. The bold colors and full-width layout will do a great job of making your website stand out from the competition. However, the overall design of this demo is very clean, ensuring your products can be easily inspected on the page.

Sneaker Product Demo

Like the other demos in the Configurator package, you can easily customize the appearance of this option. Thanks to this, creating a unique ecommerce store using an off-the-shelf package is well within your grasp.

Smartwatch Store Ecommerce Demo

Smartwatch Demo

Creating a store to sell smartwatches online has never been easier with this complete ecommerce website demo. In fact, due to the flexible design of this theme and its demos, you can easily adjust this one to sell other similar items, like smartphones, drones, and tech gadgets.

Smartwatch Product Demo

The default layout is ideal for displaying high-quality images of your products, something that should help you sell more items to your customers. Thanks to the configuration features, you can also give shoppers the ability to customize the appearance of your products. For example, you could allow your shoppers to choose the color of the watch strap and case.

T-Shirt Store Ecommerce Demo

T-Shirt Store Demo

Selling t-shirts online is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’re producing own t-shirts or using a print-on-demand service, it’s essential that you have a stylish website.  Thankfully, the t-shirt store demo from the Configurator theme looks very good.

T-Shirt Store Product Demo

Now you can not only display your products online in stylish surroundings but you can also let your shoppers customize your t-shirts and other apparel before making a purchase. Due to the included Configurator plugin, you get full over control over how your t-shirts can be customized. Your shoppers also get to take advantage of the user-friendly interface to specify how their items should look. If you want to sell custom clothing online, then this demo is perfect.

Those are just a few of the high-quality demos but you can view the rest on the Configurator website.

Customize Your Ecommerce Store

WordPress Configurator theme comes with WooCommerce single product builder, you can make the layout that you want

Different store styles

You can choose between 2 styles, list or grid and 3 layouts: Full Width, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar.

Importing the Theme Demo Websites into WordPress

The process for importing the demo websites is very straightforward. Once you’ve installed the theme and activated the recommended and required plugins, you can view the available demo options from inside your WordPress Dashboard.  When you’re ready, you can click on the import button to start the process.

Store Demo Import

If all goes well – and it did during the testing for this Configurator review – your chosen demo will be imported in a few minutes.

General WordPress Theme Features

The above are some of the highlights from the ecommerce features. However, this theme isn’t lacking in more general purpose features either. Here are some of the best.

Powerful Admin Panel (Customizer)

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tool (Live Editor)

To create a custom ecommerce store that’s tailored for your audience, then you’ll need access to a drag-and-drop page builder. Although you could edit the theme code yourself, for most people, it’s easier and faster to use a WordPress drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Configurator King Composer 01

While there are lots of these tools available for WordPress, the Configurator ecommerce theme includes King Composer. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about finding and purchasing your own tool. Furthermore, you can be sure that this choice for page builder will work with all the demo content in the Configurator theme package.

King Composer Now with King Composer active on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to open any page on your site for editing. Although instead of editing the content through the default WordPress editor, you’ll be using a front-end visual editor with a drag-and-drop user interface. Due to this, almost everyone will be able to customize the demo content with ease. Furthermore, you can also use this visual editing tool to create new posts, pages, and other content for your website.

King Composer Content Elements

King Composer Elements

As well as the drag-and-drop interface, King Composer also has its own selection of modules. These modules or elements can be inserted into your content to help you create feature-rich pages. For example, you can use King Composer to add buttons, alert boxes, video backgrounds, and pricing tables to your website, plus many more elements like testimonials, animated counters, and sliders.

King Composer Testimonial Element

Unlike some other WordPress themes that include premium page builder tools and other paid plugins, purchasing Configurator provides you with a lifetime license for King Composer. Thanks to this, you don’t have to purchase a license separately, saving you $39. This also means that you’ll receive updates for King Composer for as long as they are released. This is not only useful as you get access to new features. It also helps keep your site secure as you’ll also get access to any important security updates that are released.

Powerful Slideshow Creation Tool

Another premium tool in the Configurator theme package is Slider Revolution. This premium slideshow creation plugin is not only one of the most popular tools in its category. It’s also powerful enough to enable you to create almost any type of slider in a matter of minutes. So whether you want to display your products in animated carousels, full-screen video presentations, or some other slider-based format, Slider Revolution can help. The Slider Revolution plugin is included with the theme for free.

Different blog styles

This theme comes with several unique blog styles that we have showcased below.

Responsive Design

More and more people are accessing the internet on smartphones and small screen devices. According to some reports, a significant number of people shopping online never make purchases using devices larger than a smartphone. Due to this, it’s essential your store is easy to use for these people to navigate.

Again, the Configurator theme has this covered. All of the pre-built content in the theme package is fully mobile-friendly. This means that the pages on your site will respond to the size of the screen they are being viewed on, including the product displays. Due to this, your site won’t only look great on small screen devices, but it will be easy for your customers to check out and make a purchase.

About the Configurator Theme Author

The Configurator theme has been created by the Lumines Themes company. As well as Configurator, they’ve created some impressive themes and plugins for WordPress. Not only that, but they have a great reputation on the Envato Marketplace, where they have Elite Author status. So if you choose this theme you can be sure it will be well supported.

Configurator WordPress Theme Pricing Options

You might be surprised to learn that this premium WooCommerce WordPress theme is currently available for just $49. Considering it includes everything needed to launch a high-quality online shop, that’s a great deal.

Although every business is different, it shouldn’t take many product sales from your store to recover your investment if you choose to purchase this theme for your online shop.

If you’re interested in purchasing this theme, it’s available from the WP Configurator website. Simply click on the Get a License button to start the checkout process. In just a few minutes, you could be starting work on your own unique ecommerce store using this powerful tool.

Configurator Review Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, Configurator is a really impressive WooCommerce theme for creating online stores with WordPress.

Not only do the pre-built store demos look great, but the feature list is very appealing. Perhaps the standout feature of this theme is the product configurator tool. Being able to create customizable products is a great way to elevate your business above the competition. Thankfully this feature is very easy to use. However, even if you don’t want to offer this type of product, this theme is still well worth checking out.

With so many customization options in the theme package, you should find it easy to build the perfect store for your products, audience, and brand.

So whether you’re creating a new store, or giving your existing online shop a refresh, be sure to try the Configurator demo today.

Click here to find out more about the Configuring theme now.

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