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Best Code Quality Testing Tools
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20 Free Resources for Testing Code Quality Online 2020

To become a programmer is much more than just learning the language of code. Programming is as technical as it is simple, yet so many are unable to get past the initial learning curve stages. Yet, many argue that one needs to be born a programmer, which is a statement that we find quite amusing, and ridiculous to a certain extent. All you need to have in order to become a professional programmer, is determination and willpower.

There’s always going to be someone out there on the web, looking to help you with your problems. If you can prove that you have done previous research, and truly are stuck in a particular situation. But then again, sometimes the only reason coders get stuck with programming problems is because of lack of testing. Testing allows to measure your code quality against set styles, standards, hardware configurations, and more. Your code quality is essential for it to function optimally, and there’s so much that you can do to make your code more optimized

New startups are emerging on monthly basis, aiming to protect developer’s code. This ensures that your code is the one that has 100% proof rate. The testing part of programming is what helps you learn more, it’s what helps you to understand your own code and its flaws, and there aren’t any expert programmers out there that haven’t previously relied on heavy code testing. It’s part of the programmer’s package, so best get your list of tools. We can put together all the awesome code testing tools that a single developer, a team of developers, or a full division of developers would need. There’s going to be treats for everyone, so take it away.


tachikoma code testing tool

Dependency management can turn into a hellish situation if you don’t manage it properly, so Tachikoma fits perfectly in those workflows where you’d rather have the dependecy updates pushed out through a service.

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Code Climate

code climate code quality testing tool

Healthy codebase means a healthy software status. And whenever there is a green light on health of the code, we can rest assured that the doors to security breaches have been closed, but unless we consistently learn about the ways to monitor the health of our code and apps, we will be leaving potential cracks in the door through which hackers could easily enter, and compromise our software. Code Climate has been working on developing the state of the art code monitoring platform that will help with fixing potential code risks, and also vulnerabilities. Commit new code and have Code Climate check every single line of code to identify any potential issues. If there are any, you can take your time to fix them and try again.

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hound code testing tool

Code quality isn’t always going to be about vulnerabilities. The term quality itself can be used to define many aspects of software development, out of which, one of them is code style quality. Perhaps if you’re working on a project all by yourself, and don’t plan to share the code with anyone, you don’t need to use a global styleguide, but if working in team environment with other developers, it helps to follow a strict set of style guidelines to ensure that the code is always matching those guidelines, and whoever picks up the code, and easily follow and navigate it.

That’s where Hound enters. The automated code style analyzer that checks and comments on your code style issues. Currently, Hound can process languages like: CoffeeScript, Go, Haml, JavaScript, Ruby, SCSS, and Swift. You’ve got a good selection of languages there, and if you use any of them in consistent development practice, giving Hound a good try is going to be worth it. Write your code, create a new pull request and have Hound analyze the style of what you’ve written, if any issues persist — fix them and finally merge the request. It’s simple, and it is beyond effective.

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codecov code quality testing tool

Codecov is short for Code Coverage. If building code is your thing, then you need to look into Codecov and the features it has. Give your code some healthy nutrition in the form of code quality, bug and security scans, and monitor the most popular trends across the developer community. All essential aspects of making your software be secure, safe, easy to understand and manage. Use the browser extensions (for Chrome, Mozilla, Edge) to integrate code coverage into your daily workflow. Hook Codecov into your favorite real-time applications like Slack, and Hipchat. The language support extends to: Java, JS, Node, Python, Go, Ruby, Swift, Dart, Haskell, and plenty others. Refer to the documentation to gain deeper understanding of how Codecov would integrate with your existing dev workflow, and how you can better analyze your code quality against industry standards.

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scrutinizer code quality testing tool

Pushing out code that hasn’t been optimized onto a production server is a one way ticket to a problem with your software. Why risk your database and software capabilities when you can use simple tools like Scrutinizer to analyze your code for you, to give you insight into potential style issues or potential security risks that you may run into? What we love about Scrutinizer the most is that it actually helps developers to become better at what they do, through the process of guiding the developer through his own code and pointing out the potential improvements that can be made, all bases on years of analysis from the most high industry standards.

Use Scrutinizer to quickly find errors and bugs in your code and patch them up before they hit that live server. Watch how trends develop over your code and understand them through concise visual reports, further enabling you to become better at writing code. Scrutinizer understands the importance of security in software development, and takes serious measures to protect the code that runs through their platform.

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symfonyinsight code quality testing tool

SymfonyInsight checks code against more than 100 checks, from low risks to potential high risks — at the end of report you have a much more clear idea on how to improve your code, and avoid the same mistakes in the future. It also features a very unique dynamic code analysis feature, this checks your code in real situations whereas a static check might only provide that much information. A real dynamic test puts your code to the test, and it helps to run those tests before you push out in production.

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embold code quality testing tool
If you are looking for a way to test the quality and reliability of your code, you better not miss taking a peek at Embold. This fantastic tool is equipped with an amazing AI that helps with the process of creating a solid base that will establish a risk-free environment. With Embold, you can test code and design issues, metrics and duplication. It will help you and your team to get a better understanding of where your code might need improvement and editing so that the outcome will be first-class.

You have three different plans to choose from, but starting with the free, open-source or cloud alternatives will do the trick for the majority. Even though you might not need to pay a fee for using Embold, you will still witness the powerful and practical features it brings to the table. Start on the right foot with Embold now.

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sourcemeter code quality testing tool
Analysing and testing source code happens much simpler than you think when you have the right tools at hand. SourceMeter is a code quality testing solution for C/C++, Java, C#, RPG and Python projects and applications. Before you release your masterpiece to the world, you better make sure to test things out, so it is a guarantee that all operates flawlessly. Of course, you better be testing things out along the way so that you are left with little to no errors on your final test run.

SourceMeter comes as a free tool that has its own limitations but works with all the mentioned programming languages. Some of the features include coding error detection, in-depth analysis, TYPE 2 clone detection algorithm and more. Needless to say, SourceMeter also comes as a premium solution that starts at $349 per year.

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jshint code quality testing tool
For JavaScript exclusively, JSHint is the static code quality testing tool that will do the trick. It simplifies the process of analyzing the code and making it error-free. JSHint is very simple to use, still, it takes care of everything so you perform quick improvements where necessary.

According to the official software website, only 15% of all the checks are without any issues. For all the rest, JSHint helps find caveats and warnings, as well as saves time when making corrections. Keep in mind, JSHint is not a tool that will investigate whether or not your software works properly; it is a tool primarily for finding typos, implicit type conversions and all sorts of other kinds of bugs. Go ahead and put JSHint to use right now, as it does not cost you a dime.

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codacy code quality testing tool

You’ll come across the brand name Codacy many times over when working with development. That’s because Codacy has the courtesy to be an active contributor to the open-source community, and they’re very thorough in expressing the usability of their product to the developer world. A single user/developer can save himself countless hours of unnecessary code testing and quality checking just by deciding to use Codacy. Give your code an automated rundown of potential security risks, styleguide misinterpretations, analyze it against best code practices, and even code coverage to see how much your tests are covering. But Codacy isn’t just about give and serve. They record your development progress and enable you to monitor for yourself how your changes made to the software you’re writing have helped to improve your app performance, quality, and usability. All thanks to intelligent reporting from Codacy’s own algorithms and infrastructure.

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Go Report Card

go report card code quality testing tool

Go as a programming language has masterfully evolved into a fully reliable software production language that’s being used in hundreds of thousands of projects already. The Go Report Card can easily analyze any Go-based GitHub library and do a concise report on any potential issues that the code might have. A wonderful way to investigate popular libraries, but also anything of your own that you’re building. Each scan is also graded with a score. A project that had 202 files and 88 issues was graded with an A+, figures. Perhaps that’s because some issues are less concerning than others, but major bugs/issues will be mentioned regardless.

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zoompf code quality testing tool

The performance of an application is the crucial aspect of making the user experience enjoyable, so developers are encouraged to take every action and step possible to ensure that their application is running at optimal performance reports. Otherwise, you’re risking of losing out on revenue, feedback, and product enjoyability. Zoompf is an enterprise-level performance audit platform for integration within the app and mobile app development workflows. Audit your code to understand the root issues of slow performance and what can be done to fix them.

All errors are explained thoroughly and provided with concise guidance on how to resolve slow performance for that particular issue. You can audit your whole website to understand what could be causing slow loading times across the many pages on your website, the automated platform can also identify any new performance issues that arise, alarming you about them before they get too messy to deal with. Full mobile support is available to really help with tightening the performance of your mobile apps. Your code, like JavaScript and CSS can be automatically optimized with you ever touching it. There are so many areas in which Zoompf stands out, and their product shines for those who want to work hard on web performance and general app performance.

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gocover code testing tool

GoCover will do code coverage tests for any library that was built with Go.

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Inch CI

inch ci code testing tool

Documentation will always remain an integral part of code development, especially where open source projects are being discussed. Inch CI helps you document your Ruby, JavaScript and Elixir code and also gives you a small badge that you can add to your GitHub’s project page so that everyone knows you’re putting in the hours for properly documenting your code.

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coverity code quality testing tool

Coverity Scan helps more than 8000 open source projects to maintain code performance, and security. Supported languages are JavaScript, Java, C and C++, and also C#. Coverity scans and audits your code for potential security risks, reporting back a concise analysis report that explains where the problem originates from, and how you can resolve it.

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webceo code testing tool

Code quality and code testing reaches outside of internal workings of code. Well, technically they’re always there. Categories like testing your website performance against common search engine ranking signals, and also performance signals exist. With this types of categories, you’re working directly with the output of your code within the browser. You’ll always be coming back to editing the code directly anyway. Running a website also involves running tests for optimal search engine performance. It’s the most organic way of attracting visitors that convert into paying customers. Web CEO can help with doing proper website and marketing analysis. This gives you insights about the potential fixes that could be applied to improve your website’s visibility.

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browserling code quality testing tool

Browserling works similarly, but much more sophisticatedly. The main selling point is the capability to test any website against any browser, and any operating system. This kind of approach can be useful in testing your website and seeing how it performs on different browsers. Everything happens in real-time, and all browser experiences are replicated on real and live machines (virtual of course). Browserling doesn’t waste time to update their availability of new browser updates as well. You can always keep checking back to see how well your code performance in comparison to an older version. An API is available to plug into for developers who’re keen to build a testing app on top of Browserling.

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loadfocus code testing tool

With all the ways to test your code, stress testing is one of the best when it comes to performance. You can have all those great tools tell you about code errors and bugs. But in the real world, it’s the real-time stress tests that matter the most where performance is being analyzed. So LoadFocus is a great fit in that department. Dive deeper into the documentation of the API to understand the flexibility of LoadFocus for mobile and web application testing. You need to carefully analyze the load times of all your webpages and implement industry leading strategies. This will increase your performance by outstanding margins.

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gtmetrix code quality testing tool

GTmetrix is a website that we have used in the process of understanding why our websites load slowly. It also shows which resources on our websites consume the most resources. Moreover, it shows resources that have a big effect on the overall loading times of a web page request. Simply enter your website URL (or your clients) and get a detailed report of your web performance for your website. If it’s terribly bad, you will know that it is time to investigate the code quality. It’s also time to implement additional tools that have been created to specifically help with web performance.

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beanstalk code quality testing tool

Beanstalk lets you do all the code editing, code management, code testing and code maintenance in the browser. It’s a full-fledged code editing solution for the browser. It has an in-built with modern features to support code quality and analysis. Beanstalk could easily replace your coding environment whenever you’re on the go, and away from your main work machine. The Code Review feature has been particularly acclaimed by industry leading software developers who have decades of experience in testing. That’s a review you can’t put a price on.

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